Singing in the Equinox with Crystal Sound

Happy Spring Equinox!

I celebrate this day of equal light and dark by playing a quartz crystal singing bowl, tuned to the note (B) and color (violet) of the crown chakra. I sound this note of the last of the 7 chakras on the last day of the Zodiacal year. With endings always come beginnings.

Quartz is an amazing earth substance which clears all energy fields, it is piezoelectric: it can transform energy electrically, physically– it’s not just metaphorical or metaphysical. Applying pressure to quartz (i.e. playing a singing bowl) creates electrical signals. This affects the electricity in the body and the surrounding environment.  You get “in tune” and balanced through this vibrational healing.

 I am accompanied by my rabbit Yettie and an amethyst crystal, a rock which holds and emanates the frequencies of the crown chakra. It activates spiritual awareness and connects you to your highest self. It is purple because during its formation in the earth, it received gamma radiation from surrounding rocks. Gamma radiation is not literally related to gamma brain waves, but both are very fast waves within their energetic domains, electromagnetic radiation and brain activity (which are electromagnetic and quantum). Gamma waves happen when many parts of the brain connect– a synchronization which generates expanded awareness and higher cognition.

May everyone have a beautiful and blessed day.