Introspective Insights: Gemini Lunar Eclipse

The origin and initial draft of the following text was received and written by me immediately upon waking on 11-24-2020

Sidney Hall - Urania's Mirror - Gemini
Gemini from Urania’s Mirror, 1825. Sidney Hall, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

THE FULL MOON ON 11-30-2020, residing at 8 degrees Gemini, will undergo a subtle penumbral eclipse peaking at 1:43 AM PST. The eclipse, although visible only as a thin veil, intensifies the reflective emotional energies of the Full Moon. Gemini, a mutable air sign represented in Greek and Roman mythology by the twin half-brothers Castor and Pollux and ruled by Mercury, is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac–the 1st being Aries (masculine, ruled by Mars), the 2nd being Taurus (feminine, ruled by Venus). Gemini is the first sign featuring two characters, exemplary of the first split into duality. It is both the separation of one into two and the joining together of two into one constellation. This separation and union (Solve et Coagula) mirrors communication (Mercury’s expertise), in which there is a back and forth (mutable) movement between speaker and listener. The image of the twins represents the duality of heaven and earth, immortal and mortal, what is hidden and what is seen (eclipsed and reflected). Dualities within the mind and intellect will be brought into the embrace of the full light of feminine reflection and introspection, bolstered by the shadow of the Earth, for this lunar eclipse. The shadows of masculine consciousness (Sun) will be filtered through the grounding energies of Earth to be seen on the receptive face of the feminine (Moon).

In the Tarot, the Major Arcana representing Gemini is The Lovers. This is the 6th trump card, and the first to feature more than one character. Although the title suggests two people, there is a third being who is the angel of the Holy Spirit, the divine guidance mediating the two. Within The Lovers exists the masculine and feminine duality which is the foundation of our individuated human experience in and of the world. It represents union of dueling aspects of self and mind, of consciousness and unconsciousness. As stated in The Qabalistic Tarot by Robert Wang, “this card does not represent the mundane love of two persons. It is, rather, the dualities of a single individual, willfully united in pursuit of Divine Love” (p. 216).

Rider-Waite version of The Lovers held up to the Tree of Life (the oil painting Continuum II, by Celeste Evans, 2008) on the 17th path, connecting the black sphere of Binah above to the golden sphere of Tiphareth below

On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, The Lovers is the 17th path, also known as the “Disposing Intelligence”, which connects Binah (“Understanding”, Saturn, the highest feminine Sephiroth) to Tiphareth (“Beauty”, Sun, the Higher Self and Christ Consciousness). 1+7=8. The infinity symbol is the number 8 on the horizontal plane; the 8th path is the Sephiroth Hod “Splendor”, ruled by Mercury. The movement downwards into physical creation from Saturn to Sun occurs through the unbinding of limitations of original formation (Saturn) giving way to the unified illumination of the Central Sun, lighting up the entire Tree from its center. It is the heart of the Tree. Certain esoteric traditions have deemed the path of The Lovers (along with Temperance) to be the most difficult path to traverse, as it demands repeated processes of separation and union as executed by the doubled-edged weapon or sword Zain, the Hebrew letter associated with this card. This path entails a cutting away of separate ego identity to manifest a Self and union greater than the dualism of ordinary consciousness. It must be guided by the Holy Spirit above rather than the ego below, and involves a complete stripping down of what was, a transparency, and a nakedness for a return to a pure state of Being which was manifest as the Garden of Eden.

The version of The Lovers from the Hermetic Tarot features Perseus freeing Andromeda. This depiction reveals another dimension to the 17th path, which has to do with Hieros Gamos

The esoteric title “Children of the Voice Divine” beckons a return to this honest childlike state in which divine communication and guidance is the mode of connectivity in life. However, this is not easily attained or maintained within this currently distorted human reality. The Lovers asks the one who walks this path to always be making decisions–decisions which involve cutting through and away what is not pure or true, to machete the lies, deceit, and manipulation, completed by a ridding of whatever is blocking a state of union within self. “The process of this Path is a very active one, for the self-control and will (Mercury) which directs the movement and integration of the opposites is not passive” (p. 218 The Qabalistic Tarot). It is the path of a spiritual trail blazer. Both Gemini and the sword Zain represent air–the power of the mind–which must be utilized well and correctly to maintain bi-hemispheric coherence within the brain, bringing and bridging the two to operate as one. The individualized masculine/feminine aspects come into matching harmony through dissolution of old form (Saturn) entering into the zero-point consciousness at the center of creation, the Central Sun. This center point could also be the Galactic Center, which astronomically resides in Sagittarius, the opposite sign of Gemini. Sagittarius is represented in the Major Arcana as Temperance, residing on the path which connects Tiphareth (Sun) above to Yesod “The Foundation” (Moon) below. In this way, Temperance is a card and path which mirrors the energies of an eclipse, with the tempering energies of Earth mediating Sun and Moon, conscious and subconscious.

The Earth angel in Temperance is also the Holy Spirit in The Lovers

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is casting a shadow on the Moon, from the light of the Sun. The full reflective feminine powers of the Moon are intensified through the Earth, and the Earth is absorbing the opposing powers of Sun and Moon (masculine and feminine). This is a time to reflect and introspect upon the dueling aspects within one’s life that need to end, need balance, or require reconciliation–especially within the mind and thought processes. Mercury and the Holy Spirit are the reconcilers of opposites. Peacemakers. What needs to be cut away with the sword of the intellect to make room for greater union and the evolution of the embodiment of one’s whole Higher illuminated Self? What aspects of oneself need to be separated from past limitations (Saturn) in order to exist at the zero-point, the center of one’s own world (Sun)? What in your subconscious mind is being eclipsed and hidden from conscious awareness? How are your thoughts (air) interacting with your emotions (Moon)? What are the stories (communications) you are creating and perpetuating that no longer serve your best interests, that are holding you hostage, that you need to let go of to reclaim your personal wholeness and individuation?

This is the last lunar eclipse of 2020–closing out a year of 4 lunar eclipses. The answers to these questions and reflections will be made available to one’s conscious awareness by the next full moon on 12-30-2020, occurring in Cancer. The intensified energies of The Lovers brought to light and shadow for this eclipse will continue to be re-calibrated, guided and voiced into Earthly fruition through and until the next lunar eclipse, which will occur in Gemini’s opposing sign of Sagittarius on 5-26-2021. It is also relevant to mention that the North Node, a mathematical point related to the orbit of the Moon which designates the soul’s journey and purpose, entered Gemini on 5-5-2020, and will remain in that sign until 1-18-2022.