Contact with Havalah

A FEW MONTHS AGO I EXPERIENCED a waking “vision” which, I now better understand, was more than what it seemed at the time. At the time it was what it was, and still is, but I didn’t even consider it enough to bother to write it down. Hence, I don’t know exactly when it happened, but in linear time it was some months ago. Over the months that progressed up until writing this now, information came into my awareness which, to my surprise, relates to what I experienced. This prompted me to make the oil painting shown above and also write this article.

Being someone who constantly works in the visual realms, “seeing” things within is basic. This is one of many reasons why I don’t watch tell-lie-vision (or any shows and hardly any movies) as I am developing moving images in my head all the time which are usually better than the projections on the light-up screen. However, this “vision” which occurred while taking a bath a few months ago was not like the ones I generate myself while imagining something. Whereas imagination is generated at least semi-consciously, this other type of “vision” happens spontaneously, cannot be ignored, pushed away, or altered with mental determination. It is so high-definition that it makes Avatar look like a 16-bit 1990’s video game (fourth generation was my generation). The quick oil painting I did (shown above) is adequate, but it would take the effort and skill of Da Vinci, Botticelli, or Vermeer to produce a true-to-form representation of what I saw. Not only did this “vision” completely fill my field of open-eyed inner sight (through which I could still perceive my surroundings behind), I could not get what I was seeing to go away. It appeared so swiftly and without warning that if I didn’t say “whoa” out loud I certainly said it within. And although I was seeing it with my eyes open, it was not occurring in my 3rd dimensional bathtub space–it was as if a translucent screen was rolled down in front of me, and a scene from a higher dimension was being projected onto it.

You have three eyes–use them all! Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus faience amulets, at the Louvre

When I do have “visions”, and also often when being in the dream state, I retain the functioning of my logical, rationalizing left-brain, so I usually question and analyze what I am seeing/experiencing while it is happening. This time I found myself being provoked into mild annoyance, as what I was seeing looked a lot like a stereotypical “alien” (although much prettier, friendlier, and of an indigo-blue hue).  Although as a child I had seen some standard Hollywood movies featuring aliens (i.e. E.T., Contact, Star Wars, and 2001) and some of the old black and white ones, I never was particularly interested in aliens or science fiction. The way television sci-fi registered to me seemed simultaneously mundane and overblown. My childhood interests involved whatever was going on on planet Earth–plants, animals, dirt, rocks, clouds etc.–and also animal spirits like dragons. As a child I watched my parents watch Star Trek (The Next Generation), failing to comprehend why anyone would want to be stuck in a space ship traveling from planet to planet through the void of outer space when there was a perfectly good planet right here to be explored. Why on earth would the “final frontier” be outer space when clearly we are already on a planet already in space?!?! Aside from my brief obsession with the late 90’s pop sensation behind “I’m Blue”, I never really felt significance around the “futuristic”, technological, non-earthly depictions of possible realities. However, this “alien” looking visage–who was female–was much prettier than the little grey people and especially E.T. (who I always felt to be really ugly!).

My not-so-great photo of a bioluminescent comb jelly at night off the island of St. Croix, 11-27-2018. Although the photo only picked up the cyan tone between green and blue, the clear jelly was emitting all ROYGBIV

During this “vision” experience there were things that I saw and things I was informed about via a knowing. Although I speak in words in this article, there were no words heard. Nothing that I saw or experienced provoked fear, nor did I have a sense of awe–I was mostly in neutral. She appeared sitting on a throne shaped like a pink shell. Her right hand was raised, waving. My rational mind again started to protest, annoyed that it looked again like a stereotypical alien hand with three (or four? I couldn’t completely tell since it was moving) long and rounded fingers. Her eyes were huge, almond-shaped, and black, and somehow I knew she didn’t really need them to see. It was as if her eyes were giant pupils to take in light, verses human eyes which only have a small dot of black in the center. Enrobing her sitting form was a stunningly beautiful clear shall which pulsated faint rainbow rays–exactly like a bioluminescent jellyfish. Last year I had held a bioluminescent comb jelly in the Caribbean, so I already knew what that was like. A knowing informed me that this garment could be removed but it was plugged into her energy field and was thus alive and interactive. None of what I was seeing was “biological” in the flesh/blood sense, nor was it occurring in my 3rd dimensional field. Her image/form exists in a higher dimension and that is where she stays as such. She informed me through knowing that she sits in that pink shell throne in order to contact me (or perhaps other 3rd-dimensionally incarnated beings?), and at other times, she is traveling through the stars as energy, light and sound. Behind her shell-throne was the vacuum of outer space glistening with stars.

The Birth of Venus / Sandro Botticelli / c. 1484–1486 / tempera on wood. Photographed on 11-12-2017 at the Uffizi, Italy. At ~5.6’x9.1′, its a fairly large painting
Detail of Madonna and Child Enthroned with Four Angels and Six Saints aka Altarpiece of San Barnabas / Botticelli / tempera on wood / c. 1488, photographed at the Uffizi 11-12-2017

Her image and energy was certainly one of love and beauty. This is notable since the goddess of love and beauty, most commonly known as Venus, is often depicted riding a shell on the sea. It is worth mentioning again that I had the “vision” while immersed in a body of water. Although to some it might seem uncouth to compare the Roman goddess Venus (of fertility and sex) to the Roman Catholic image of the Madonna (the fertile virgin), in art the Madonna is often depicted with a shell above her head.

There aren’t as many paintings of “aliens” as there are of the Virgin Mary with her child. I particularly like this c. 1445-7 tempera painting by Domenico Veneziano, known as the Saint Lucy Altarpiece, photographed on 11-12-2017 at the Uffizi, in which she is depicted in a shell pink dress and wrapped in her characteristic lapis blue shall.

During the “vision” experience I was informed via knowing that she had a non-verbal message to transmit to me. I heard a faint high pitched tone issue from her open mouth, which was very small and dark. The sound faded into silence and I was informed via knowing that she was singing specifically in pure sine waves. These waves of alternating current could form into light in the shape of DNA. The frequencies were (mostly) beyond the range of human hearing (audible examples can he heard here and here). A sine wave at 528hz is known as the “love” frequency which is emitted from many things–from chlorophyll to bees to the Sun–and was even demonstrated to have cleaned up oil around the BP oil spill and also heal DNA ( “Scientists” (aka “advanced” humans) who don’t understand that sound underlies creation (and effects genes) are really missing the boat (or ark, shall we say). To their credit: there are some scientists walking the earth today who understand that invisible frequencies do effect biology–for better or worse. There are also those who understand how brain waves create our reality.

Light coming from above as a dove going into her crown charka. Gabriel delivers words into her throat chakra. Apparently this is how non-sexual conception occurs. The Annunciation / Tommaso del Mazzo / tempera and gold leaf on wood / 1390-5 / photographed at the Getty on 5-4-2019

There are mysteries within the dogmas of exoteric religions which have yet to be decoded and cracked open like an egg. The idea or belief of the virgin birth is one of these mysteries.  For even if this is to be interpreted as pure metaphor or fable, what is the purpose of the story? There are thousands of depictions and paintings all over planet Earth of the Annunciation, but I particularly like one I found at the Getty (detail shown above), because it shows words (sound frequencies/waves/particles/codes) being spoken by the angel Gabriel while the dove (Holy Spirit) comes down bearing rays of light (light frequencies/waves/particles/codes). Both angel and dove are spirits of communication (messengers delivering the transmission of conception, conception having to do with the initial idea). Thus she is impregnated by a transmission of light and sound.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light — Genesis 1:3

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God — John 1:1

I didn’t start thinking about any real-world (i.e. historical or artistic) connections until a few weeks ago. I was prompted to dive into re-remembering the “vision” after I stumbled upon an article featuring illustrations of beings which look far too similar to what I saw to be a coincidence. This prompted me to look more intently into different star beings. Since she did not tell me who or what she was (although I didn’t ask), she could be a Sirian blue being, an Andromedan, or likely an Arcturian. She likely has to do with connecting to one’s higher self and maybe evolution involving advanced blue beings.

Sometime ago, I was thinking about the “vision” in a partially meditated state, and I decided to ask within what her name was, if she had one. So I proceeded to ask: “What is–“. But before I could even state the question, I was interrupted by a familiar male voice who said: “Havalah”. I saw it spelled out in those letters in my mind’s eye. I was slightly annoyed that I couldn’t even finish the question before I received an answer, but the answer stuck. I was surprised to hear that particular voice, and I had also been partially expecting (or wanting?) the name to be something more alien-sounding and harder to pronounce. It was spelled out in plain English alphabet! However, I had never heard or seen “Havalah” as a word or name anywhere, so I wrote it down anyway. Then I forgot about it, but a few hours later I saw the piece of paper with the name, and decided to look it up on the internet, not really expecting anything. Again, I was surprised to find that it is actually a real name, spelled just like that. According to (this being the first site that appeared in the search engine), Havalah is the Hebrew name for Eve, which means “life”.

How this relates to the connections among my “vision”, Venus, and Mary could be thought about when considering the idea as Mary as the “second Eve” or “New Eve” (also explored here , here, and here). Mary is also known as Stella Maris (Star of the Sea), the star referring to the North Star. There is also the consideration of relations between Venus and Mary Magdalene. I approach these ideas as a receiver operating outside the dogmatism of religions, as my investigation into everything put forth in this article was instigated by my personal internal “vision” which occurred spontaneously.