Rocks ≠ Firearms


Earth is rock and water, Sun is fire and air. Landing on Planet Earth would not produce the same effect as landing on the Sun. Earth is the 3rd rock from the Sun. Earth ≠ Sun.

The most basic alchemical symbols of the four elements demonstrate that they are–as a rock to a rifle–fundamentally different substances. Image:
Fire can only exist underwater in a painting. Ariel wants to know “What is a fire and why does it–what’s the word–burn?” even though Sebastian warned her “Under the Sea” that “the human world–it’s a mess
What is a firearm? Screenshot of your free definition of “firearm” from

It’s a bird, its a plane, its a….firearm! A meteor is a fiery rock which is thrown through space by the arm of God. This celestial weapon is one among many justifications for the creation of the U.S. Space Force. Hey…whatever happened to all those government-issued Goodwill moon rocks? I hope they didn’t get thrown away–they could be used by the Space Force as authentic space weapons! Conspiracy alert: If the rocks are M.I.A., they can’t be interrogated as to whether the Moon is older than the Earth, among other strange possibilities that might be written in stone. Image:

ON 11-01-2018 U.S. PRESIDENT Do. Trump made a definitive shout out regarding the throwing of rocks by members of the “migrant caravan” that has been snaking its way up Central America to the States: “Anybody throwing stones, rocks…we will consider that a firearm, because there is not much difference if you get hit in the face with a rock” ( ( ( The problem with this statement is that in physical reality, there is a difference between getting hit in the face with a rock and getting shot in the face with a firearm. I’m sure the NRA is pleased that they might be going out of business as people begin to choose free rocks firearms over manufactured ones. (Way to put yourself between a rock and a rifle!). However: it turns out that, for many logical and practical reasons, stone throwing in the United States can be considered a felony. However: throwing words around and saying “When they throw rocks…I say consider it a rifle” is a bit of a blind money shot in the dark. Will The People who want to shoot down the 2nd Amendment want to make owning rocks a crime? Not yet the issue, however, as the breaking news on FOX5 San Diego on 12-10-2018 was that there was a lone “migrant” arrested for throwing rocks at “border wall contractors”. Though the story was serious, the incident wasn’t, as  “No contractors or border agents were injured and no property was damaged” ( Maybe those border wall contractors could use those rocks as the cornerstone to The Wall? Better tread lightly, however: earlier this year on 7-25-2018, God used a firearm in the Holy City when the Western Wall “spit out a stone” (

In addition to attempting to change a rock into a firearm simply by saying it is so on television (abracadabra!), the current Administration–at the mouth of Trump(et) (as or so it sounds)– is attempting to make high-level nuclear waste more earth-friendly ( ( Don’t get too optimistic, however: this won’t be made possible through any intelligent advancement in green technology (unless were talkin’ greenbacks): rather by “reclassifying” the dangers of “nuclear waste” and burying it away (out of sight (are you) out of mind!) in the Earth we can “save billions of dollars” (on the surface of things) and “decades of cleanup work” (that probably doesn’t work anyway). An official advocate for nuclear power and society suggests that “From an environmental point of view society has better things to do with billions of dollars—for example deploying more low-carbon energy (including nuclear) to address climate change.” ( So the solution is to make nuclear waste cheaper so we can create more nuclear waste which will magically “address climate change”At whatever interest rate, things are certainly adding up (or subtracting down) to be a battle of mouths issuing (s)words. However, stones with new names will not be firearms.

Screenshot of definition of “nuclear waste” from
Something (in) common: This cockroach likes Coca Cola as much as you do. They too have been used in experiments involving Nano-DNA. Big Bug III / 2014 / acrylic on canvas / 48″x42″ / Celeste Evans

In the meantime we might as well jump to reclassifying humans as cockroaches a la Kafka’s Metamorphosis, because those bugs may (or may not) be more likely to survive a nuclear fallout/holocaust. At any rate, cockroaches are more economical and have been thriving on this planet in many shapes and sizes for at least 300 million years (–and yet have never, during that span of time, invented nuclear power waste. Humans, however, have not only figured out how to split atoms (“the smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter” (wikipedia) or “the basic building blocks [rocks?] of ordinary matter” ( in order to release its energy for use, but also how to split DNA (“the molecule that contains the genetic code of organisms” (wikipedia) a la genetic engineering. In addition to this, radiation–nuclear and otherwise–effects DNA. Could it be that words are like atoms or DNA as building blocks of human consciousness? After all, spoken and written language is a code.

Two designs, same soup. Capped off with a Coke can that looks like it was used as a weapon and you get a pyramid of red and white against the backdrop of a painting of basic building blocks. This image is worth whatever it means to you

I suppose we could just skip ahead all the hair-and-atom splitting definitions and just throw in the can and start throwing cans of Coca Cola or perhaps Campbell’s Tomato Soup (but which is more dangerous: opened or unopened?). After all: the soda and/or tomato puree in those cans, if left unopened, will remain preserved for many years to come–and may (or may not) survive a nuclear fallout/holocaust. But what about getting really future primitive and throwing GMO tomatoes at those performers on television you don’t like (that can’t happen on Farcebook!). Since a GMO tomato may or may not be a health hazard, it also may or may not be a weapon. Still, it might be too far fetched to simply be able to fetch a can of soup to be a firearm from your 99 cent store for a mere 99 cents. The NRA would not be pleased about the discovery of these new cheaper and readily available weapons–and probably neither would Christie’s art auction house, as this dangerous looking Warhol soup can print sold for $11,776,000 in 2006.  According to, in 1962 one of the 32 Warhol’s original Campbell’s soup can screen prints was worth $100, while a can of the same soup went for $0.20. In 2012, the same screen print was worth $9mil, while a can was $0.99. However, you can bridge the financial chasm and buy some prints and other Warhol-esque paraphernalia on ebay. Today, the artist may be dead but he’s having a resurrectrospective at the Whitney (

Like a nesting Russian doll, King Tut’s sarcophagus (a word which means “flesh-eating stone“) is composed (rather than decomposed) of three separate priceless coffins. The artistic rendition (replica) shown above of the innermost shell can be seen (not touched!) at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. What was inside the original final innermost coffin was a not-so-glamorous ~3,333 year old mummy with an erect penis (

At the end of the mess, for better or worse, art is still art and nuclear waste is still nuclear waste. Plus: there is more than just Wikileaks that is leaking. And–like cockroachesthis waste truth isn’t going away anytime soon. Even if nuclear waste isn’t leaking into the ground (it is not exactly written in stone), all of us will be in the ground along with that nuclear waste eventually. And depending on your condition and what methods of embalming are employed, your body might be there in some form or other hundreds of years into the future! Plus: With an estimated annual worth of $20 billion, you will provide great revenue for the American Funeral Industry ( Forbes offers some intriguing insights on these matters in this article (contributed by someone with the last name “Boring”) which kicks off with a quote from former television actor and 40th President Ronald Reagan: ““A government program is the nearest thing we’ll ever see to eternal life on earth” (Note: as a member of “a government program”, he speaks for himself). What would King Tut think if he truly came back from the dead today?

What looks like a mini mummified person is actually a rare “corn mummy“, on display at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Made of a mixture of mud and corn seeds wrapped in linen, its probable function was as a magical object to aid the growth and resurrection of corn crops. What would the Egyptians think of GMO corn seeds? 

Perhaps Trump’s knock-your-socks-off rocks-to-rifles talk is a non-apologetic attempt by person with worldly power to play Sorcerer in manifesting an inverted “Philosopher’s Stone“–which would do the opposite of granting eternal life. The anti-alchemist? Voldemort wishes he could get his paws on some moldavite! However, alchemy isn’t all about elementary magic involving peculiar combinations of stones and fire: it also utilizes images and sound (as can be seen/heard on this webpage). In addition, don’t forget to “take that progress and stick it under a rock!”.

A better idea as to something to do with your time allotted on Planet Earth is to “Take an egg and smite it with a fiery sword” as prescribed by Michael Maier in the 1617 alchemical manuscript Atalanta Fugiens

I guess I’m just simply not a believer that a rock has evolved into a firearm. We are all entitled to our beliefs–especially in America–Land of the Free–in which we can all own (certain) firearms (but not for free!). To echo the President–but on entirely different matters: “One of the problems that a lot of people like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence but we’re not necessarily such believers” ( The “belief” he admitted he doesn’t have seems to have to do with the recent report issued “by 13 federal agencies projecting the severe economic costs of climate change as coastal flooding and wildfires worsen, and hurricanes are becoming more severe”. Taking that sentence for its word means it is the

Forget rock-throwing! Try some of this!

“economic costs” that are the concern–not, for instance, the fate of the marine life which will be effected by the use of air-guns (why not rocks or firearms?) for seismic surveys to locate possible oil reserves in the Atlantic ocean ( Elementally speaking, we have air-guns (might these be a type of firearm?) to be used underwater to locate resources in the earth. To get alchemical a la turning $h*! into gold: For a cheap, natural, readily available renewable energy source, look no further than the deal Crazy Hakim has to offer in the original 1992 Disney movie Aladdin. It’s probably at least as clean as coal, if not more so (leave it to Science to sort that one out).

A 12-pointed star drawn over a 1921 aerial photograph of the iconic “Triumphal Arch“, which began being constructed in 1806 at the center of the juncture of 12 radiating avenues (wikipedia). In September of this year, Washington D.C. witnessed a similar type of “Triumphal Arch” erected on Capitol Hill (–a replica of the Arch of Palmyra destroyed by ISIS in 2015 (

Rock throwingwhich has been around at least since the advent of humans–has not been limited to America’s problems: recent uprisings (protests, riots, and/or $h*t$torms, depending on your opinion)  in Paris witnessed not only rock but also glass bottle throwing (, water canons, firecrackers, teargas, and plain old fire as well ( (–some of which ignited at the Arc de Triompe: a historic national monument which stands at the center of a 12-pointed star formed by 12 radiating avenues.

Only 32 weeks ago on 5-9-2018 at the Arc everything was chill…WTF happened since then? The climate must have changed…

These protests erupted mid-November in response to a “gas tax hike” (why don’t we all just take a hike?) in which “taxes have been raised on gasoline and diesel fuel, principally as an environmental measure to encourage less use of fossil fuels” (–or, as the French government along with the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) likes to phrase it, as a “carbon tax” to help with global warming caused by fossil fuel emissions. Apparently organizations like CPLC have scientifically and mathematically concluded that adding taxes equals subtracting carbon (CO2) (they must be some wizards of finance to figure that one out!). The equation is actually not quite that simple however, since corporations and companies–even those with high carbon emissions–would be exempt from the tax (

Good thing the Arc de Triompe is made of stone, as it can’t burn down by basic fire or be shot down with firearms. However, it can be vandalized with spray-painted words. Image:

However, the Paris demonstrations (which as of writing continue into their 5th week ( demonstrate that The People aren’t buying it. According to this “alternative” media source, “Macron is very hesitant to give up his implementation of the carbon tax because implementing the carbon tax was the prime reason Macron was ushered into power by the elite in a rigged election.” Getting hit in the face with a rock sucks, and “elected” leaders like Macron (former employee of Rothschild & Cie Banque) are finding (funding?) themselves on T.V. to be between many rocks and many hard places.

“You should not have to get worked up about a simple Bruce Willis premiere” because as shown in this ad which was displayed on Paris transportation in May 2018, the star doesn’t use rocks or firearms. You don’t have to see the movie however to have your fantasies and wishes on this matter shot to death, as implies why the image above is fake media advertising

This pitch which is a pinch shoots itself in the arm anyway when you read the full 31-page Paris Climate Accord and realize that it is a joke if taken seriously as a way out to help combat “global warming” and other “irreversible threats” to humanity. It’s hardly worth shooting out the details of this discord built upon repetitious “requests” “invites” “urges” “stressing” “emphasizing” “recognizing” “acknowledging” and “agreeing” on a whole assortment of bureaucratic structures  involving “Ad Hoc” groups and thus “for this”–the entire world. Why not make a Quid Pro Quo (Latin for “a tit for tat”) Administration? You gotta hand it to the authors, whoever they are: the Accord is full of discordant but catchy phrases that might was well be double entendres such as “enduring benefits”, “climate finance”, “capacity-building”, “double counting” “transparency framework”, “technology framework” “gender-responsive”, and even suggestions that I had no idea had anything to do with climate issues, like “the goal of gender balance” (but Miss Spain recently got that covered in the Miss Universe pageant!). Some articles help clarify redundancy by clarifying that The purpose of the framework for transparency of support is to provide clarity on support provided and received  by relevant individual Parties in the context of climate change actions…”. And it is all wrapped up in a convoluted framework of 29 articles sealed in Paris on 12-12-2015 that are supposed to take affect starting in 2020, 2025, or 2030, to lower “anthropocentric emissions” (something really stinks…) which would magically lower the global temperature 2 or 1.5 degrees, depending on how you count it. I just hope the United Nations didn’t waste a bunch of trees and hence cause a rise in CO2 emissions by printing out hard-copies of all 31 pages for each of the 195 nations involved, especially since the “agreement” could have been reduced (pun intended) into a less-than-one-page resume. Only three nations on Earth–Nicaragua, Syria, and the U.S.–appear to be declining to “agree” to this global plan in which the U.S. might be a lynch pin.  We all like to believe that said “climate finances” are actually making a dent in CO2 emissions–or even more broadly, helping to “fix” the economy itself. Believers and non-believers alike might find this Dilbert comic strip funny–or not. So who’s benefiting? It must be Santa Claus: he’s got the global-warming-proof suit which enables him to descend down every single household chimney on the globe in a single night distributing toys probably made in China but probably bought on After all, according to, China and the U.S. are the world’s biggest CO2 emitters.

This 1640 oil painting Magdalene with the Smoking Flame by Georges de la Tour can be contemplated at the Louvre, Paris. If sea levels rise, will this painting be underwater like it was in The Little Mermaid? After all, in 2016 it was threatened due to Seine river overflow (

To bring it back around to rock-throwing (after all, the Earth still orbits around the Sun!): on 12-18-2018 former Presidential-candidate and non-scientist Al GBore came out on with the claim that the Central American migrant caravan is being caused by global warming ( (Side note: Is it just my imagination or is it painfully ironic that the woman pictured in that article is wearing a Frozen t-shirt?). Gore’s sentiments stack up to be more convenient lies–unless you convert the harsher term “global warming” into the more soft-gore “climate change”–with “climate” being economic climate and “change” being pocket change (the same kind of “change” the Obama campaign was built on). Change within the new “this-is-not-the-Obama” Administration as per National Security Advisor (aka Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs) John Bolton excludes climate from its list of causes of “terrorism”, while implementing a “six-prong counter-terrorism strategy” (, which may mean “more US surveillance of global travel and banking”. (Should National Security be renamed Central Scrutinizer?) However, all of those strategies recently went into the garbage, as it was announced 12-19-2018 that President Trump has ordered a rapid withdrawal of ISIS-fighting troops from Syria–a move which Lindsay Graham dubbed “An Obama-like decision” or “mistake” in which “ISIS folks have got a shot in the arm, and Turkey is lick’n their chops” ( (shot not by rocks I assume…and are we talk’n porkchops?). At least Putin approves (! And according to the conclusion given by Donald in a 1:19 Twitter video on the matter, others approve as well: “I’ll tell you [points upwards]: they’re up there looking down on us, and there is nobody happier…” and “they’re all coming back…we won, and that’s the way we want it, and that’s the way they [looks into the sky and points upwards] want it“. To bring it back down to Earth: Let us remember that Syria, along with the U.S. and Nicaragua, did not sign the Paris Climate Accord.

No $h*! $herlock!

Although Gore would probably disagree with Bolton on that matter, they still both remain examples of American politicians who are maintaining a record of sounding like a broken record on repeat. Gore continues to bore on about everything and nothing being caused by global warming, while Bolton bolts onto his favorite terror-inspiring subjects–but when asked about any other topics, gives a “I don’t think” deer-in-headlights response. As seen in this Fox News Alert, Bolton, when grilled about what he knows about protests happening in the Middle East, replies, “they are not doodoo” (2:18). Newscaster Bill then asks him “would you admit that you are using the strength of the American economy as a weapon? (rock or firearm?) in which Bolton concludes “we’re gonna make ’em see the light” (3:26). Apparently this is “a complete reversal of American policy” (4:10). Regarding the recent revamping of the original Paris Accord which occurred just last week (, some people notice that “The world has changed. The political landscape has changed” ( What this actually means for @realPlanetEarth remains to be seen.

A spectogram visualizing invisible Schumann resonance on 12-19-2018 into 12-20-2018. Image:

Planet Earth–like the human heart and the brain–exhibits its own electromagnetic frequencies (waves; rhythms) which are measured as Schumann resonances. “In a nutshell, the Schumann resonances are the name given to the resonant frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere, between the surface and the densest part of the ionosphere” ( Some people believe that the average 7.83 Hertz frequency characteristic of the Schumann resonance is the Earth’s physical “heartbeat”–but this frequency–which may be accelerating in recent times (–is actually measured between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere as “a repeating atmospheric heartbeat” ignited by thunderstorms, lightning, and solar radiation ( The “Basic Theory” outlined on Wikipedia states Lightning discharges are considered to be the primary natural source of Schumann resonance excitation; lightning channels behave like huge antennas that radiate electromagnetic energy at frequencies below about 100 kHz”. Earth also has a magnetic field which likely has to do with its solid iron core surrounded by liquid metal ( Although iron is not the most conductive metal (, you could build a lightning rod with it. We can at least infer that the Earth’s magnetic field–which may be weakening at an accelerated rate (–interacts with atmospheric frequencies. In addition, just as how “one person’s heart signal can affect another’s brainwaves (, planetary frequencies affect the individual human–and vice versa (

Diagram of the biological electromagnetic field generated from the heart, which is “the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude that the electrical activity generated by the brain” (
Computer simulation of the normally invisible Earth’s magnetic field ( This magnetism and Schumann resonance frequencies affect the human organism and human behavior (










The Great Pyramid of Giza as it stands now. Can you believe that the general population of the 21st century still doesn’t actually know when or how it was built (even though History books lie open)? Recent investigations, revealed through both mainstream and alternative media channels, shed some light on the mysteries of the Great Pyramid. Wouldn’t it be ironic if what we have been told was a monumental tomb for a dead king was actually a generator for energy (life)? Image:
The image on the left is a close-up diagram of the inside of the Pyramid of Giza ( The image on the right is a diagram of “a simple lightning protection system” ( Whether or not two-and-two actually go together remains to be seen. If the Pyramid uses lightning, would it constitute a rock that is a firearm?

A technology slightly more recent than the pyramids involving energy generation and wireless transmission of energy is the Tesla coil. Invented in 1891 by Nikola Tesla, “The concept behind the coil is actually fairly simple and makes use of electromagnetic force and resonance. Employing copper wire and glass bottles, an amateur electrician can build a Tesla coil that can produce a quarter of a million volts” ( Claims resound today that many of Tesla’s inventions would allow humanity to tap into sources of “free energy”. One such invention he called “a “Self-acting Engine” since it could run indefinitely from the solar energy stored in the air” ( If this technology was functionally employed, it could–in theory–be a death ray to the current industries of energy (fossil fuels, nuclear power, coal, solar etc.)–and would also shoot down the “energy crises” narrative. However, in an analysis of the “Tesla papers” confiscated after Tesla’s death, John Trump (uncle of Donald) concluded that Tesla’s “thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character,” but “did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.” ( Since I have no way to know if this is soundly true, I’ll instead pull a Donald and crack a joke like he did about Pocahontas in asking: But John,Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?“.

Considering the 3rd definition: Is Donald Trump a lightning rod?

Since I am not even an amateur electrician, I am left hanging on the cliff of speculation on technical matters. I can’t connect copper wires, but I can connect (and disconnect) the stuff of consciousness: words and images. These two things may seem insignificant compared to the matters of physical energy resources–but what is it that is being wirelessly transmitted to your precious pocket-sized digital screen that you look at everyday like a mirror with which to see the world? It fascinates me that seemingly unrelated worlds are colliding at this time–as can’t be missed in the March 2016 erection (ahead of the November 2016 election) of a giant head of Tesla on a cross at the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in Montenegro (–a tiny country in the Balkans which I never hear about in the “news”.

The left image is of a type of energy transformer which Tesla invented (c. 1919 AD) and which includes an iron core, two screws, fuses, and generates a 220 volt lighting circuit ( The right image is of King Tut’s wooden gilded mirror case (c. 1333 BC), formed in the shape of an anhk–a type of a cross like the Venus symbol which the ancient Egyptians held to represent life and resurrection.
The Tesla coil: a rod which generates violet lightning! Image:
Iron metalwork on a closed door of the Louvre’s back courtyard, depicting the motif of the winged lightning bolt. The main entrance to the Louvre museum is a giant glass pyramid
A Roman 1st century AD marble bas relief of a “putto” (a male child cherub akin to cupid) carrying Jupiter‘s thunderbolt, at the Uffizi Gallery, Italy



Not as impressive to the eye as violet lightning but perhaps more practically significant is Tesla’s alleged “advancements in AC [alternating current], which not only sends power out, but also brings power back to the source” ( Rather than being a dead-end street where energy flows from transmitter to receiver, this energy could renew (resurrect) itself through itself (“Self-acting Engine”). Could it be that currently the problem with this potential of energy generation is that it would feed directly into a “free energy” market which would collapse all other energy markets? Don’t throw rocks at the messenger–this is just globally-conscious market speculation!

“There was given unto me a measuring rod like a staff” –Revelation 11:1

The messenger ruling with a metal scepter, a measuring rod like a staff: Roman Mercury (Hermes in Greek and Egyptian) is the representative of finance, commerce, travel, communication, and guide of the dead. As a wing-footed messenger he wields a caduceus: a winged staff with two serpents entwining like DNA, alternating current, or perhaps wave interference
Don’t tread on it! Mercure Inventant le Caducee, by Henri Chapu, Paris 1891, now at the Musee d’Orsay. P.S. never forget the cold wrath of the stinging carnivorous bearded fireworm














She gave birth to a son, a male child, who ‘will rule all the nations with an iron scepter’ Revelation 12:15 NIV

From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of ironRevelation 19:15 ESV

And those who have the keys to the kingdom can lock and unlock the gates of Heaven and Hell as well. (Image from a display in the Alchemy Exhibition at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum).
An advanced ape rocking out on a rock-lobster violin as depicted in one of the earliest alchemical manuscripts, Aurora Consurgens. Is this more technologically advanced than a lobster telephone, which, like Mercury, has to do with delivering messages?

To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations–that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’Revelation 2:26-7 NIV

It turns out the word “rock” constitutes not only an object but a verb (an act) as well–which inevitably throws a whole new spin on what would happen if you got hit in the face with “rock”

According to The Word in The Revelation, there’s something which might be called a Rock and Roll Call:

This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.
Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.
And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps.
And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth”
Revelation 13:18-14:1-3 NIV

The “celestial musicians” depicted above in what is known as “Christ with Singing and Music-making Angels” (left panel) by Hans Memling circa 1490. They rock and roll down to Earth at the end of time bearing weapons of mass destruction: musical firearms. Image: (post-restoration)
“Let’s shoot them with the bop gun!” (Right panel. Image: (pre-restoration)

Freedom and the agency of central intelligence is within anyone hearing the rock and roll of revelation

“Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear”

The central panel featuring Salvator Mundi wielding the lightning rod crux of the matter extending through the atmosphere at an axial tilt on the world sphere which is rendered clear as crystal

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within You”