An American Lady in Our Lady of Paris

11 MONTHS PRIOR TO THE FIRE I was at Notre Dame Cathedral, when I took the photos revealed below. Although the cause of the fire most likely will never be found out, it should be noticed that it ignited at the beginning of Holy Week on Holy Monday. Whether the fire was accidental, intentional, or fated, the important thing to notice now is that the result could have been a lot worse (but it wasn’t). Religion aside, Notre Dame is one (of many) of humanity’s finest works of art that is was experienced by 13 million people per year while being the most-visited monument in Paris ( It is optimistically projected that the cathedral will be closed for 5 years–although some say it will be closer to 15 to fully “rebuild” ( During this time the massive stone building which is also a resonance chamber, channel, and receiver/transmitter of collective, human-generated energy (which was built over some sort of pre-Christian sacred site and in front of which is the Point Zero in Paris) won’t be functioning the same way it did before the fire opened its ceiling to the sky, coming up out the the water to reveal heaven opened. It is now and will continue to be something else–and what that something else is and what must take place after this depends upon how people think, talk, and experience it. People create, sometimes destroy, sometimes rebuild, themselves. The foundational story of Christianity–which is the crux of the matter–is after all one of transformation. I am sharing these photos, starting today on Good Friday, for the posterity of Humanity, which depends upon remembrance of things Past, paying attention in the Present, deciding consciously that there is a Future, and to act accordingly.

Notre Dame Cathedral and the Seine river on the evening of 5-10-2018
As seen from Boulevard Saint-Michel
Early morning, before the city is awake
Later morning 5-7-2018
The West facade (front) of Notre Dame, with its two towers, one Rose window, and three portals (left to right) of the Virgin, Judgement, and St. Anne. The facade functions as a book of stories in stone
Gallery of Kings: at the bottom of the photo are the 28 “kings of Judah, descendants of Abraham and human ancestors of Mary and Jesus” (…)
Mother Mary and Child with two angels in front of the 33 ft West Rose window, which depicts Zodiac-related scenes and dates from 1225 AD
The towers are 227 feet tall and were completed between 1240-1250 AD
South side seen from Quai de Montebello on 5-7-2018
The apse at the north end. Almost a year ago on 5-6-2018 there was restoration work happening
Outside the Treasury, which before the fire housed many treasures including what is celebrated as being (part of) the original Crown of Thorns. I’d really like to see pieces of the Holy Sponge, assuming they didn’t all end up full of holes and back in the sea…

Evening Mass on 5-7-2018
The main altar with a version of pietà and a gold cross which survived the fire’s wrath

The dragon at the base of the bronze crucifixion statue is an atypical feature
Joan of Arc, canonized in 1920 as Saint (Martyr) of France
A statue and window representing what (I think, sans fact checking) is Saint George
The Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament
Coronation of the Virgin window with a chandelier like a crown of stars
Star of David window
Bleeding pelican in the chapel of Saint Denis
Adam, Eve, the Serpent and the Tree window created circa 1230 AD
Madonna and Child standing on a crescent moon on the ceiling
Looking towards the South Rose window

South Rose window from 1260 AD depicting Christ surrounded by 12 disciples and scenes from Matthew, and also other characters such as martyrs, angels, and saints. Below the rose are 16 prophets (
South Rose window from outside
A wooden polychrome relief depicting The Last Supper
Depiction of Jesus performing the Washing of Feet
An undated art nouveau-style mural “based on drawings from 1860” in the Chapel of Saint Mary Magdalene depicting “Mary” washing Jesus’ feet. The problem with this image is that it is contextually incorrect: “Mary” who washed Jesus’ feet was not Mary Magdalene, but Mary of Bethany ( ( A “conflation” of different Marys of the Bible was made “official” in 591 AD by Pope Gregory I,  which rendered “Mary [Magdalene] not only guilty of pride, but lust and greed as well” ( Also because of this there is now centuries of false depictions of her in art and a confusion of the roles of women in the Biblical narrative, which in turn distorts spiritual truth. This twisting of narratives (creating fake news) helped to falsely support the Church’s presentation of women as original sinners. Back in 1518 humanist scholar Jacques Lefèvre d’Étaples (who I am a descendant of) took up the (controversial) task of demolishing the Mary conflation in the treatise The Three Maries Debates, which was deemed heretical. It wasn’t until 1969 that the Church finally gave in and admitted that the three Marys were not one. Sadly more bad depictions continue to this day as Hollywood furthers the lineage of deception by creating God-awful films which parade a mask of “progressiveness”…but are actually just functioning as more propaganda (i.e. the movie Mary Magdalene, released in America last Friday and distributed by The Weinstein Company–which would of course support a “feminist” film, right?). Don’t waste your hard-earned free-world American money on “entertainment” that is created to deceive and distort your perception and understanding. 
Oil painting in the North Transept from 1635 by Laurent de la Hyre of “Saint Peter Curing the Sick with his Shadow”, as written in Acts 5:15. Peter Pan also had a notable shadow and did miraculous things
The Portal of Judgement as written in Matthew, installed 1220-1230, on the West (front) facade
6 of 12 apostles, from left to right: Bartholomew, Simeon, James the Lesser, Andrew, John and Peter
The other 6 apostles, left to right: Paul, James the Greater, Thomas, Philip, Jude, Matthew, upholding scenes of judgement. This year on April 11th–4 days before the fire ignited–the copper statues of the 12 apostles and 4 evangelists flanking the spire on the roof of the cathedral descend[ed] to earth for the first time in over a century as part of a restoration” ( In addition to this having been “a serendipitous twist of fate” (, you know there must be something up when saintly people in any form descend from the sky giving the “public a ground-level look” (
Archangel Michael judging souls while Satan tries to steal them. As written on page 201 of Jesus and the Essenes by Dolores Cannon, “There is no Hell other than that you create yourself. It is the image that you project, that you foresee…No one punishes you but yourself! You are your own judge. Does it not say, “Judge not others, lest ye yourself be judged”?…You are your own self’s judge