E is for Evil, F is for False, G is for…

ON THE FINAL DAY OF FEBRUARY (2/28/2018) United States President Donald Trump and a handful of Congress convened on Capitol Hill to discuss the latest American tragedy: the Valentine’s Day massacre in which–as the widely reported version goes–a mentally-unstable recently-expelled 19-year-old opened fire with a AR-15 semi-automatic rifle at his former Florida high school, killing 17 and injuring 15. I happened to be trolling You(r)tube in Cali at the time when the govern-mental meeting add-dressing the incident was going down in Washington D.C. and also going up as a live stream on Youtube’s home-front page. It would have been just past noon at My House and around 3pm at the White House. I decided to check in by checking it out and rounded up some screenshots of the real-time video (t)rolling. I captured shots at moments when words spoken by people in the video shot out at me. A shot-by-shot display with their key bullet points in quotations are delivered below (a historical recording of the full meeting can be watched here):

One of the most important points which rang out throughout the meeting was the need to “act”. This however was in addition to the concern of the possibility of “doing something that does not give the intended result”
A Congressman who brought his homework to the table regarding past school shootings suggests its important to “go and spend some time thinking”
Another Congressman brings his understanding to the table: “I understand Mr. President that you met with the NRA”
And when discussing all the potential sharp shooters out there, the President retorted: “They are cowards and they aren’t going to go in when they will wind up dead”. Referring to the installation of defense in schools, one Congressman mentions “having teachers armed with guns firing back”
The President concludes: “Cowards can be stopped with deadly force”
I want YOU to stop cowards with deadly force

According to snopes.com, 18 school shootings have occurred in America since the beginning of this year. NOTE: this year began on January 1st, as it always does. In case you aren’t picking up the statistics, this equals roughly 3 shootings per week for 2018. However “a shooting” is defined (as is apparently up for debate), all incidents are narrated to be acts of violence done by people the President blankets as “cowards”.

The President looking a wee bit…cowardly?

With his repeated mention of “cowards” during the meeting, one starts to wonder where Trump is getting his information (or is this a smelly case of whoever smelt it dealt it? Or rather, it takes one to know one?). Though Trump often airs an air of confidence, at the meeting on the last day of February Donald showed no trace of real or fake smile. By the evidence of his body language–by which he largely kept his head down, eyes averted, and arms tightly crossed over his chest–Trump was obviously really uncomfortable in his current position. (But who knows, maybe he just needed some soon-to-be BM (Bayer-Monsanto) MiraLax). What do humans instinctively do when they feel vulnerable? We cover our stomach area. So why was Trump lacking his usual on-screen bravado and feeling so vulnerable (aside from the fact that he has a degree in economics and is not qualified to be dealing in criminal justice matters)?

By my stars! The skies are secured by the bars of white-on-red. (Is this racist or what?) Can you see between the lines? For a flag it looks sorta…false

One peculiarity I chanced to notice at the meeting was the mention by one Congressman of the fact that White House Reps had met in that same room right after the 9/11 event to discuss what “action” was needed. During that meeting 16+ years ago, they “made a decision, as a nation: we’re going to secure our skies” (Because, apparently, we have not just one sky, but multiple). Our skies were subsequently secured by the War on Terror instigated in the GWB era and (as if that hasn’t droned on long enough) with the rise of the drone in the Obama era. Though these elements of fo-reign policy are still in effect, WHY was 9/11 brought up in that context in this meeting? Aside from both incidents being horrific spectacles, what does an attack from the skies by foreign terrorists have to do with a school shooting by an American citizen? This juxtaposition triggered some loud but unclear alarm bells in me (and what’s more annoying than an alarm going off and not knowing what it means?).

Securing freedom in our skies @ #nationalcounterterrorismcenterwikipedia. Is that eagle a sitting duck or what?

Alarmingly, in addition to continuing to “secure our skies”, it appears now we must secure our schools–with deadly force. Because apparently, the logic of the President of the United States dictates that that is how you deal with “cowards” (i.e. perpetrators). Trump stated at the beginning of the meeting that, in lieu of the fact that “we have to act”, “we must harden our schools against attack”. This involves allowing “very talented people” within the school system to wield guns, because “We can’t just be sitting ducks”.

Depending on your real/fake news source, “action” by the Government is likely to involve gun control measures (fox5sandiego.com) and removing gun-free zones (westernjournal.com). Whatever the real “act” playing out is, there remains deeper warp and woof to be unwoven as to why 9/11 was shot out in the meeting: since hidden threads were pulled to weave 9/11, does the mention of this tapestry hint that this school shooting had some embedded hands pulling triggers? Though I am not in a hold up to shoot a definite yes/no answer, the skies are clear and secure that the Valentine’s Day massacre didn’t reign down innocent as cupid’s arrows from above without warning. Aside from a possible Mandela effect, eye-witness accounts and other not-so-coincidental incidents (reported for instance in this article on thedailycoin.org) hint at other possible stories and timelines (one student witness saying that since they had already been doing active shooter drills, “I thought, ‘I don’t know if this is real or fake’” and that “it was just so real but it felt so…fake”). This being such a tragic event, its amazing how another student witness could hold a smile at the mention of two shooters, as can be witnessed here (I wonder if they came from two separate skies?). It’s also amazing that that same witness knew the “suspect” (to use her air-quotations) in a school of almost 3,000 students–and was casually walking next to him during the shooting! (Rolling…shoot! Cut–action!). There’s some interesting comments on this video and this one too. And to take it back exactly four years to the day, NBC news published an in-depth and graphic article on schools staging realistic active shooter drills (nbcnews.com), in which the students are told that they will “see bad guys with AR-15s shooting blanks”. This article really rounds up some relevant pointers, although this one probably takes the cake. Even if this incident wasn’t so questionable, as can be gleaned from “main stream media” like this nytimes.com article and also “alternative media” like this article at zerohedege.com, their were definitely many real and fake red flags waving. And still are.

Does seeing the Truth make you want to rip your eyes out or what?

But is this a case of Oedipus Rex in which–even though the pro/an/tag-onist was told his fate ahead of time–there was no escaping The End? It’s a sphinx of a riddle in and of itself. From the black/white dual/dueling perspective of the bipartisan (dis)belief system, it appears that many who believe in culling guns are Democrat / liberal who blame Republican / conservative whenever a shot is fired. Many who believe in second amendment law are Republican / conservative who blame Democrat / liberal for false operatives. And guess who Government as a whole blames? “Foreigners”! (i.e. Terrorists, Immigrants, cosmic aliens from another galaxy etc.). In other words: don’t look at us (we are just in charge)its Them!

Shot from the 1954 American science-fiction horror film Them! Do you think that giant ant is a coward? Image: thevaultofhorror.blogspot.co.uk
Whether it be terrorists or guns, get rid of “THEM” and “others take it’s place!”

But what happens when the pinned perpetrator is a mentally-unstable 19-year-old American citizen (i.e. US)? WHO or WHAT can we blame now? Is it the mentally-ill teenager (oh, wait, he’s legally a voting-age adult!) who allegedly committed the act; the drugs he may have been taking/given; the people who were informed but didn’t act; the FBI; the Police; the Media; the guns themselves; the bullets; the makers of the guns; the people who sold the guns; the school system; the second amendment? Is it all of the above? (We trust God above is exempt from this blame game!). Good old Abe Lincoln (who is no stranger to bullets) has some foresight that shoots straight to the heart of some matter:

We have, as all will agree, a free Government, where every man has a right to be equal with every other man. In this great struggle, this form of Government and every form of human right is endangered if our enemies succeed. There is more involved in this contest than is realized by everyone.

–August 22, 1864 Speech to the 164th Ohio Regiment

Abe really took a bullet to the head for that one. In 2018, down the center of the barrel, this fires down to that which lies beyond all the false, made-up dichotomies of gun control vs second amendment rights; armed teachers vs  sitting ducks; legal vs illegal drugs; illegal citizens vs native aliens; tax payers vs limited liability corporations; Democrats vs Republicans; cowards vs you name it. It shoots down to being a game of hot potato (where the buck $top$). Right or wrong, Left & Right, the American Government is proving itself in effect to be ineffectual at managing its “enemies”which come by its own making and demise. The evil has landed; the enemy is fully within.

Though at the meeting Donald exhibited signs of discomfort on his Presidential pedestal (but, to give him a break, who doesn’t these days?), an article published 1/24/18 on Foreign Policy in Focus has a balanced perspective on what, specifically but also in a broad sense, is even more wrong with Donald than mere incompetence. In short–and this is not a long shot–it comes down to a four letter word: Evil.

Donald Trump as Donald Trump campaigning in 2016. Do you think he’s a lot happier now that you can call him President?
Jack Nicholson as Joker in the 1989 Batman movie. He says, “Jack is dead my friend–you can call me Joker. And as you can see, I’m a lot happier now” after which he pulls out a gun and shoots another baddie







But what exactly constitutes “Evil”? According to wikipedia, Evil, in a general context, is the absence or opposite of that which is described as being good”. It often revolves around “unbalanced behavior involving anger, revenge, fear, hatred, psychological trauma, expediency, selfishness, ignorance, or neglect”. Aside from any resonances that definition may have with the character of Trump, to bring it back to a more objective perspective a la “foreign” policy: “Bringing the world to the edge of nuclear holocaust, destroying the planet for future generations, and engaging in ethnic cleansing in the here and now are evil. And Trump, his pinkie finger pressed to his lips, has decisively shifted U.S. policy in these directions” (fpif.org).

Evil seems to be the diagnosis that fits the patient. It is an explanation that covers all the bases of the Administration–left, right, up, down, around, in and out. As for the elected face “Donald Trump”: he’s an archetypal silver-screen-worthy villain. And what are villains classically motivated by? The desire to rule and destroy (at the same time) at everyone’s expense (the buck $tart$ here!). However, since the villain from the satirical comedy Austin Powers doesn’t understand the American monetary system, Dr. Evil is not a Trump-worthy comparison. The Joker, who uses cunning tricks to win sinister games but also has “a desire for unbridled chaos”, is a more adequate doppelganger. The problem is that in this “real” world, this not a joke: the silver-screen villain has–the narcissist that he is–fallen in love with his (hideous) reflection in the mirror, taking his act seriously with his script to the (wall) streets (and then back again on the screen in a live stream! What nerve!). And this supervillain has got a stocky gang on Capitol Hill backing up the playing out of the script. However, what this script is seems to be constantly being re-written (and/or undermined). As can be concluded from this year’s State of the Union address (which I wrote about here), in just one year the Trump Administration has taken leaps and bounds (sans hopping up the Wall) to re-cast many players in Washington. And though currently both House and Senate are majority Republican, what’s going down in D.C. is not simply deeds being done by “the Republicans” on the stage or “the Democrats” behind the curtain. Evil is Evil. It will take on any guise it wants to to further its agenda. Remember the Joker? He always wore a smile.

Time stops here: Cover of a Time weekly magazine from 1954 (same year Them! came out), featuring a real photograph of an atomic bomb “test” result. Guess who detonated the “test”?

As for my chosen non/partisan American/citizen opinion/vote, I assert that just as how nuclear bombs are an a-bomb-in-nation and should not exist, guns should not exist. Period. Preventing tragic narratives doesn’t boil down to a matter of controlling guns and/or having every American armed with one: some creations (abominations) of mankind do not need to exist. We managed fine without them for tens of thousands of years. It is up for analysis whether we have evolved by the revolver (sorry, Darwin, but your monkeys-with-tools theory is likely to get shot down). Just because it is possible to create some mechanically complicated mastermind technology that can do inhuman(e) feats in the physical

As a resident of the state whose flag bears the extinct California grizzly bear walking over the extinct title “California Republic“, I lay the claim bare that one should not bear arms against bears. Case extinct.

world (including blowing it up), doesn’t mean you should create that–second amendment right or left. And as for you happy hunters out there playing “games”, I suggest finding a more constructive hobby (go learn to use a “Native” American bow and arrow! Or better yet: use your all-American football prowess to tackle that extinct California grizzly bear with your bare hands! Take a selfie and shoot that Kodiak with your Kodak!). And for those pilgrims who gotta have your taxidermy trophies to impress your relatives on Thanksgiving, you can get some decently-priced stuffed jaguars straight from the Amazon (made in China! So exotic!).

When technology exists that creates the potential to do harm, that’s when Evil steps in and takes a shot. I surmise the Founding Fathers who collaborated on the United States Bill of Rights in 1789 (ratified 1791) didn’t (couldn’t) foresee the future we are in now (and even if they had been informed via oracle, could a written document prevent the future-present we are in now?). However, it’s worth noting that the “right to bear arms” actually originated from the English Bill of Rights which existed 100 years prior to the American one. Meaning: the second amendment came from the very Government future-America was striving to be independent from (it’s a small world after all!). And yet: Did school shootings happen in 18th century America? (I know they didn’t have semi-automatic rifles or Youtube back then). Fast-forward to 21st century America: Do we really want to be armed against ourselves (i.e. shooting ourselves in the foot)? It seems to me, in Truth, there are other lessons to be learned. Reality IS, and humans are still making weapons which–by design–eventually end up in someone’s hands (idle hand’s are the devil’s workshop).  But of course, none of this actually matters to Government, because their agenda does not involve preventing tragedies. Historically, on both sides of the political coin, the agenda has involved creating them.

Image: truthandshadows.wordpress.com

Though I have been specifically making rounds at the American Government, Evil is actually reigning bullets all over planet Earth. And with over 7 billion homo sapiens currently existing here, there’s got to be at least a few Grade A Supervillains scheming evil plots. Maybe even–to use Trump’s quote-worthy phrase–“thousands and thousands”. But to shoot out a few: we heard North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un in his New Years address boasting about his button of destruction apparently conveniently installed on his desk (newstimes.com) (push my buttons and I’ll push this one!). On January 30th, President Trump gave his State of the Union address in which he announced (among other things which can be read about at factcheck.org) that America is to “rebuild our nuclear arsenal”. On March 1st, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave his equivalent address in which, through a nifty digital animation, demonstrated the latest characters of Russia’s nuclear cast, the star being a nuclear-warhead-carrying intercontinental ballistic missile unabashedly (NATO nick-)named Satan 2 (nordic.businessinsider.com), though originally dubbed RS-28 Sarmat (after the Sarmatians). Yes, this does seem to be an erection of my nuclear dickhead is bigger than yours. More specifically, as can be gleaned from this article written a year ago: I have several hundred more explosive penises than you. And in case you are wondering what other countries reportedly have rockets in their pockets, wikipedia has some info. But its OK, because America has teenagers with guns as defense! Oh but wait, America also has teenagers rallying against guns! (We’re all just one great big nuclear family anyway!). Defense or not, the human species seems to be off-fenced within an escalating stalemate (this town ain’t big enough for the three–two–one! of us)a race being held only at arms length yet encompassing the Whole Wide World.

Screenshot of the animation from Putin’s address illuminating how his new nuclear missiles can encircle the globe. The full 1 minute animation can be watched on Youtube here

And if that little shot of the animation isn’t convincing enough (he said its not a bluff!), CNN pointed out that in the animation the missiles appear to be heading for Florida:

E is for Evil. F is for False. G is for Government.

However, Ergo sans Ego, to get deeper into the state by bringing back time in 1864:

There is more involved in this contest than is realized by everyone

In conclusion: ABCD (And Bombs Come Down)

But wait, its not over yet: Where are all the Superheros

And what would George be saying right now? Perhaps he could offer a different interpretation:

Image: publicdomainclip-art.blogspot.co.uk