End Game: Highlights from “Conclusions”

90 YEARS AFTER ITS 1st PUBLICATION, The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall is still somewhat of a secret–which should, most certainly, be taught to all ages in this age. Below you will find excerpts from the “Conclusion”–the end–of that book. Italics and bold I added for aesthetic emphasis. I have included images which I sense resonate with the text. I have also included summarized abstract interpolations of interpretations of the texts as updates for the 21st century (in parentheses).

In “Conclusion”:

“Philosophy bestows life in that it reveals the dignity and purpose of living. Materiality bestows death in that it benumbs or clouds those faculties of the human soul which should be responsive to the enlivening impulses of creative thought and ennobling virtue. How inferior to these standards of remote days are the laws by which men live in the twentieth century! Today man, a sublime creature with infinite capacity for self-improvement, in an effort to be true to false standards, turns from his birthright of understanding–without realizing the consequences–and plunges into the maelstrom of material illusion. The precious span of his earthly years he devotes to the pathetically futile effort to establish himself as an enduring power in a realm of unenduring things. Gradually the memory of his life as a spiritual being vanishes from his objective mind and he focuses all his partly awakened faculties upon the seething beehive of industry which he has come to consider the sole actuality. From the lofty heights of his Selfhood he slowly sinks into the gloomy depths of ephemerality. He falls to the level of the beast, and in brutish fashion mumbles the problems arising from his all too insufficient knowledge of the Divine Plan. Here in the lurid turmoil of a great industrial, political, commercial inferno, men writhe in self-inflicted agony and, reaching out into the swirling mists, strive to clutch and hold the grotesque phantoms of success and power.”

Austin Osman Spare / 1911 / from The Starlit Mire: “Out spake a Star: ‘Be silent, thou that slipped! The mud that caused thy fall still mirrors ME'”

(21st century: remote cruise control days spent on discount standards and material deluge-zions. The birthright of earthly ears, an un-end-during power in the seething teething buzzing cellular tower of Baby loins. From Beast to beast he falls, lured by his self-inflicted and tautological power of success.)

“Ignorant of the cause of life, ignorant of the purpose of life, ignorant of what lies beyond the mystery of death, yet possessing within himself the answer to it all, man is willing to sacrifice the beautiful, the true, and the good within and without upon the blood-stained altar of worldly ambition. The world of philosophy–that beautiful garden of thought wherein the sages dwell in the bond of fraternity–fades from view. In its place rises an empire of stone, steel, smoke, and hate-a world in which millions of creatures potentially human scurry to and fro in the desperate effort to exist and at the same time maintain the vast institution which they have erected and which, like some mighty, juggernaut, is rumbling inevitably towards an unknown end. In this physical empire, which man erects in the vain belief that he can outshine the kingdom of the celestials, everything is changed to stone. Fascinated by the glitter of gain, man gazes at the Medusa-like face of greed and stands petrified.”

Medusa / Caravaggio / 1597 / oil on canvas on wood / 22″x24″ / Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy. image: wikiart

(Himself: the answer to it all–he already knows “it all”! The all-alter, a blood-stained empire of desperate institution, erected as a petrified Medusa selfie.)

“In this commercial age science is concerned solely with the classification of physical knowledge and investigation of the temporal and illusionary parts of Nature. Its so-called practical discoveries bind man but more tightly with the bonds of physical limitation, Religion, too, has become materialistic: the beauty and dignity of faith is measured by huge piles of masonry, by tracts of real estate, or by the balance sheet. Philosophy which connects heaven and earth like a mighty ladder, up the rungs of which the illumined of all ages have climbed into the living presence of Reality–even philosophy has become a prosaic and heterogeneous mass of conflicting notions. Its beauty, its dignity, its transcendency are no more. Like other branches of human thought, it has been made materialistic–“practical”–and its activities so directionalized that they may also contribute their part to the erection of this modern world of stone and steel.”

(see.) Darwin
(fried) Nietzsche










(Commercial-Religion: man-made materialistic plastic and con-tracts of real-fake media-estate erected “practical” stoned to death in steel.)

“All over the world men and women ground down by the soulless cultural systems of today are crying out for the return of the banished age of beauty and enlightenment–for something practical in the highest sense of the word. A few are beginning to realize that so-called civilization in its present form is at the vanishing point; that coldness, heartlessness, commercialism, and material efficiency are impractical, and only that which offers opportunity for the expression of love and ideality is truly worth while. All the world is seeking happiness, but knows not in what direction to search. Men must learn that happiness crowns the soul’s quest for understanding. Only through the realization of infinite goodness and infinite accomplishment can the peace of the inner Self be assured.”

image: wikipedia

(The World: ground down for something practical–so-called civilization–seeking happiness in a crown of Self assured-mass.)

“The great philosophic institutions of the past must rise again, for these alone can tend the veil which divides the world of causes from that of effects. Only the Mysteries–those sacred Colleges of Wisdom–can reveal to struggling humanity that greater and more glorious universe which is the true home of the spiritual being called man. Modern philosophy has failed in that it has come to regard thinking as simply an intellectual process. Materialistic thought is as hopeless a code of life as commercialism itself. The power to think true is the savior of humanity.”

Einstein in 1921. image: wikipedia

(True power: a Mystery, rise, again, the power–to think. To think!)

“War–the irrefutable evidence of irrationality–still smolders in the hearts of men; it cannot die until human selfishness is overcome. Armed with multifarious inventions and destructive agencies, civilization will continue its fratricidal strife through future ages. But upon the mind of man there is dawning a great fear–the fear that eventually civilization will destroy itself in one great cataclysmic struggle. Then must be reenacted the eternal drama of reconstruction. Out of the ruins of the civilization which died when its idealism died, some primitive people yet in the womb of destiny must build a new world. Foreseeing the needs of that day, the philosophers of the ages have desired that into the structure of this new world shall be incorporated the truest and finest of all that has gone before. It is a divine law that the sum of previous accomplishment shall be the foundation of each new order of things. The great philosophic treasures of humanity must be preserved. That which is superficial may he allowed to perish; that which is fundamental and essential must remain, regardless of cost.”

Atlantis as depicted by J. Augustus Knapp in The Secret Teachings

(Idealism: died by its tomb of destiny–fear–which ruined a civilized world. In the womb divine law must be preserved–regardless of superficial perishing).

“The twentieth century makes a fetish of civilization and is overwhelmed by its own fabrications; its gods are of its own fashioning. Humanity has forgotten how infinitesimal, how impermanent and how ignorant it actually is. Ptolemy has been ridiculed for conceiving the earth to be the center of the universe, yet modern civilization is seemingly founded upon the hypothesis that the planet earth is the most permanent and important of all the heavenly spheres, and that the gods from their starry thrones are fascinated by the monumental and epochal events taking place upon this spherical ant-hill in Chaos.”

Ants on Skulls / Salvador Dali / 1948. image: more ant-related images

(Civilization’s Fetish: its own ignorant fascinations and impermanence ridicule earth’s starry thrones.)

“From age to age men ceaselessly toil to build cities that they may rule over them with pomp and power--as though a fillet of gold or ten million vassals could elevate man above the dignity of his own thoughts and make the glitter of his scepter visible to the distant stars. As this tiny planet rolls along its orbit in space, it carries with it some two billion human beings who live and die oblivious to that immeasurable existence lying beyond the lump on which they dwell. Measured by the infinities of time and space, what are the captains of industry or the lords of finance? If one of these plutocrats should rise until he ruled the earth itself, what would he be but a petty despot seated on a grain of Cosmic dust?”

From National Geographic: Q: “How do starry-eyed dung beetles get around during the day?”A:”On a roll! Dung beetles use cues from the sky to roll their dung balls in a straight line away from the dung hill.”

(Cosmic Dust: to dust petty despots fillet their own oblivion in space, lying as a lump of time, captain of grain. This tiny planet be but so–what?)

*     *    *

(Agendaddendum: Attention! You wanna be your end game (endgame)? Because–apparently–“After the storm, something was born on the 4th of July”. Ooh, Big (oh brother) Reputation, aah. Is this the A-Team? To rise against a swiftly-tailored end game megadeath?)