Coin-traceptive Planning: Empire-Worth-i.e. Holy-$&!% Current-See

Commemorative currency for circular circumstances and tautological tutelage

ABOVE IS AN IMAGE OF SOME TOO-BAD-TO-BE-OR-NOT-TO-BE-TRUE yet recently came-true coin-traceptive dreamage damage: the “commemorative” coin issued by the American government via the Only Original Official White House Gift Shop® ahead of the planned/cancelled “peace talks” “summit” between American Tyrant President Donald J. Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Snoke Kim Jong-Un. The made-up meeting set-up for 6-12-18, has so far as of 5-24-18–in light of thine public eye–been thrown under the bus by the POTUS. (What bus that is, and who’s driving it, I don’t know). However: the already-minted coinage is going to coin-tinue to exist anyway, as, according to the Only Original Official White House Gift Shop® (established 1946 by the permanent order of President Harry S. Truman) it is still legitimate “because the theme is coming closer to peace and celebrates the act of communication among countries” ( Since Trump and Jong-Un apparently are countries (coin-tries?),  the coin exists in lieu of a purported meeting between two countries in physical space/time. Why would entire countries go to lengths to stage an in-person play when they can just cast a tacky coin representing the play? Kind of like (hold on to your hats for this one folks!): Why would a President even bother following through with the Word given in the Beginning when thousands and thousands of head adornments can be cheaply fabricated and embroidered with a campaign slogan and subsequently sold to the mass public to be advertised on their foreheads? And who needs to talk when you can Tweet? As for the “reason” behind the cancellation of the meeting: Whatever the President’s piehole inputs to media outlets comes out of the verbial oven as a cake which is trying to be eaten while talking. The real dis/in/tention behind such characteristic black magic buck making (like the recent Challenge coin) is more than a tweet of something sweet which doesn’t exist. We must truly be living per/in a reverse historical time–period–of no-time if events can be coined–literally–to commemorate it before it has happened–and which–in or out of deed–might not happen at all. It feels that history–like UFOs crashed on Earth–can be reverse-engineered.

Gold aureus coin of Emperor Hadrian from Rome 134-138 A.D.

According to the informational placard at the “Beyond the Nile: Egypt and the Classical World” exhibit at the Getty Center, the coin shown above was minted to commemorate Roman Emperor Hadrian‘s visit to Egypt in 130-1 A.D.. It depicts “the river God Nilus reclining on a sphinx before a hippopotamus and a crocodile”. Whether or not Hadrian (whose tomb peacocks guard the Fontana Della Pigna at the Vatican, as mentioned here) actually visited Egypt isn’t worth much, as we now have a gold coin commemorating/representing (the idea of) that event. What is significant is the Egyptian-Greco-Roman connection: a lineage which reveals a timeline of continuous usurping of power and culture continuing into the present day. Today, we see this continued power play demonstrated in the creation of the United States-North Korea “summit” coin: a superstitious object instigating inflated power dynamics between nations. However, this type of attempted tact in 2018 ends up being tacky at best. Plus: Why would a country with a Freemasonic upbringing be pulling a Roman Empire on itself?

The papal regalia and insignia, with papal tiara (a la Fontana Della Pigna), silver and gold Keys to the Kingdom ending in round, inverse, hollow coins. Image: wikipedia

In 332 B.C. the Greeks (who had been coining money since 700 B.C.) under Alexander the Great “conquered” the older and more established Egyptian civilization (which had no monetary system). The new currency of exchange flowed into the Roman Empire as it in turn “conquered” Grecian rule of Egypt in 30 B.C. All of this occurred before Jesus Christ threw a wrench in the whole monkey plot circa 33 A.D. Not only did these pre-Jesus governments install sewer systems of coinage drainage, it drained the worth out of Egypt as a cultural and spiritual emptying of the Nile civilization into the bowels of Roman divide-and-conquer.

Put some Euros in this machine at Notre Dame and out comes a (worthless) coin with the Pope’s face on it

Although the Empire under various leaders took over and under the legacies of ancient Egyptian civilization, stealing and hoarding its artifacts, usurping its images, idols, customs, and installing pharaoh-ship for its own aims, the true magic power of that ancient culture–still a mystery today–was not successfully acquired by the newer civilizations. And the crucifixion (instigated by Jewish officials and carried out by the Romans) of Jesus King of the Jews didn’t help the Roman government’s reputation. So the Empire usurped the image of Jesus as well, turning itself “Holy” and Christian to boot. Roughly speaking, the power seat of the Roman Empire–after it “fell” multiple times over like nuclear bomb droppings–eventually settled into the Holy See seat of the Roman Catholic Church i.e. Vatican Empire.

Standing room only: Since this is historical “art”, does Duchamp’s urinal constitute some kind of Holy See seat of the Art World Empire? After all, you can only look-see at it. Holy $&!%, 101 years later content has really gone down the contextual drain. Fountaine / 1917/1964 / Marcel Duchamp / Pompidou Centre




So how does this relate to past and present day America? In a nutshell, “America” is a product of the divide-and-conquer colonization tactics which have occurred around the globe before and after Jesus. In the territory of the “New World”, the Holy Roman Empire via Spanish Catholic conquest colonized what is now Central and South America. Both the Spanish and French infiltrated North America, but it was the British that ultimately officially “colonized” the United States of America in 1776 (while declaring themselves “American” and independent from the British). The spiritual-religious lineage of that independence certainly has something Freemasonic about it. To drop another hint: elements of modern day Freemasonry can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilization.

100s of photos have documented President Trump’s hands forming an inverted triangle. Is this a peculiar quirk of his, or does it perhaps signal a certain allegiance? Though some say this is a Freemasonic gesture, other articles like this one say it may allude to a more sinister ideology. Image:

Perhaps these brief outlines of lineages of conquest help reveal why–millennia after the Roman take over of Egypt and the creation of the Catholic Church, and centuries after the creation of the seemingly secular though also seemingly Freemasonic United States–Pope Francis looked unhappily “stoned-face” when the Trump family visited the Vatican in May 2017 (as can be seen in this article). Perhaps the fact that Central America was colonized through the Catholic Church partially explains Trump’s merciless anti-Mexicanism. To bring it back to the commemorative coin: aside from all the more real nuclear bomb mumbo jumbo (and aside from both of Korea’s intentions), it seems the current POTUS would like to get a non-affiliated Asian nation (with nukes) on a “Make the World America” bus–which, as can be deduced by current collaborations between America and Israel–has Zionist collaborations.

Earlier this year an Israeli organization minted 1,000 coins featuring a double-portrait of Trump and Persian ruler Cyrus to commemorate Trump’s de facto recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Image:

What coining of such old and new exchanges will “amount” to (as in: a mount; mountain; summit; sum it up) remains to be added up. Connecting these wide observations, it can be pieced together that contemporary future-oriented tug-of-war power plays go back and forth far back into “history”–back to the creation of coin money; to the conquest of Egypt by the Greeks and Romans;  to the crucifixion of Jesus and subsequent creation of the Church; and of course, the Bible before and after Jesus. And this isn’t even to bring up the Middle East–a player which completes the trinity of the Judeau-Christian-Muslim pyramidal scheme and whose inclusion in this round about game remains to be discussed.

Aureus of Tiberius, the Caesar who reigned at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion. Image: wikipedia

But what to make of all this history circling the drain as colonization circumnavigates the coin, coming back around the globe to bite us as the ouroborus does unto its tail? As the players of the world game keep dishing out their fake currency and worthless words, there remain many dots to be connected.

The Tribute Money / ca. 1740-5 / Giuseppe Bazzani / oil on canvas

The painting above depicts the Biblical story of government officials/spies asking Jesus whether or not Jews should pay taxes to the Roman dictator Caesar. They were essentially trying to trick Jesus into giving a response upon which they could arrest him. To their surprise, he responded, Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”, referring to the fact that the coin, bearing the head of the Caesar on it, belonged to him (go a-head, have your “taxes” as you created them). You may be able to buy your share of kingship on earth, but the gates of heaven are not coin-operated.

Joan of Arc receiving direct inspiration from a higher source in this painting from 1874 by Jules-Eugene Lenepveu on a wall in the Paris Pantheon

When in Paris recently I came face-to-face with many depictions of Joan of Arc, who in 1920 became canonized by the Roman Catholic Church as the patron Saint of France. The widely spread story upholds her responsible for leading the French victory over the British in the Hundred Years War, having miraculously done so by the divine channeled counseling of various Saints. The Church/British government burned her at the stake on May 30th, 1431 (587 years ago to the date of publishing this article), at the age of 19. Besides wearing men’s clothes, her worst “heresy” or crime was rejection of church authority in favor of direct inspiration from God ( Like many spiritually-guided people who have been martyred (not the least being Jesus), she is now safely canonized (as in a canopic jar) within the realm of Church authority and administration.

In many cathedrals in France, you can literally pay tribute to her by putting 2 Euros in a wooden box next to her likeness. Once you do that, you can light a candle and place it among other lit candles. Functionally speaking, the money goes to the Church of course (which will render unto itself only that which is of itself, of course). Since money is money is money, I decided to deposit the only American $1 bill I brought with me into Joan’s box at Notre Dame, and subsequently lit a candle which I placed in the top right spot of the left box of lit candles. I figured a paper bill with the head of former British, later American Freemason First President George Washington would pay a more relevant spiritual tribute to Joan’s likeness and incur greater interest for past, present, and future situations than a plain 2 Euro coin. In retrospect, I should have gotten one of those coins made with the Pope’s face on it and deposited that in the box. And yet, I’m just waiting for a real coin or dollar bill to be made with Trump’s face on it. Too bad I didn’t have one of those summit coins on me! Who knows, depending on how the past is reverse-engineered from the future, maybe that tacky commemorative coinage will be worth as much as a solid gold toilet someday!

America” the solid 18-karat gold toilet installed at the Guggenheim. I’d like to toss a summit coin for peace into that wishing well! Image:

The solid gold toilet shown left was created as an interactive art piece by contemporary Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan in 2016. It was installed in a restroom of the Guggenheim museum on Fifth Avenue in New York for one year in 2016-7 (, during which more than one hundred thousand visitors ( waited upwards of two hours to use it. Solidly, the toilet cost more than $1 million to make (, but is possibly “worth” around $2.5 million (  In 2017, after completing its residency in the museum bathroom, Guggenheim officials offered the toilet on a loan basis to the White House. This was to be in lieu of an 1888 Vincent van Gogh painting “Landscape with Snow” which the newly minted President Trump had requested to decorate the Executive Suite, and which the museum declined to supply.

Landscape with Snow / 1888 / Vincent van Gogh / oil on canvas / Collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Image:

Despite the existence of gold-gilded skyscrapers ( operated by the multi-billionaire businessman-turned-President, “Make America Great Again” Trump didn’t fall for the trump card of the gold toilet throne named “America”. Perhaps the reverse/perverse alchemy (a la turning a “shit hole” (to use his phrase) into a gold hole) of the object was not to his Freemasonic taste. Though he declined this golden opportunity worthy of the Greek king Midas, would he have accepted an offer of one of Duchamp’s urinals (one of which sold at auction in 2002 for $1.85 million ( Or could it be that a painting is more valuable than gold (or at least a gold toilet)? Indeed, this seems to be the case: According to Wikipedia’s List of most expensive paintings, number 18 down the list is a van Gogh which sold in 1990 for $82.5 million, having value adjusted for 2018 of $137.7 million (imagine how many gold toilets you could buy with that much $$$!). But no matter: in 1933 the U.S. relieved itself of the gold standard and flushed it down with Executive Order 6102. But where exactly did all that gold go? Could it be that the President already has numerous gold toilets installed in secret lavatories around the country?

When are they going to find King Tut’s gold toilet in the bowels of the Sphinx? Image: wikipedia

Below is a detail image of an oil painting done by Salvador Dali in 1930 titled Specter of the Evening. Though the meaning(s) behind the painting is(are) up for subjective interpretation, the form in the detail below is suggestive of a conglomerate of melted coins, without the coins. Golden coins which no longer exist have been displaced and replaced by keys and ants, having melted into an outer shell shape which encases their now negative existence. The two Keys to the Kingdom are locked within this dysfunctional and irrational structure. Ants, some of the smallest insects on Earth, exists in giant colonies in nature. Perhaps “human civilization” has been created out of a conglomeration of hum-ant colonies conquering forms and creating structures of vapid currency, precariously pretending that circular tautological gold can open the gates to Eden. Such belief and betrayal is appearing to look more like die hard attempts at die casting coins rendered from and unto the Lake of Fire. What will the coin be commemorating the specter of the evening’s end?