Grilling Front Page Foresigns

This post is unceremoniously dedicated to Labor Day

This front page design of Barron’s weekly financial newspaper caught my conscious attention enough to move me to rescue it from its recyclable fate
Turns out this wasn’t the first article to give a heads up

THE PREMISE OF THE COVER OF THE INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEK ARTICLE of Barron’s is summed up on the page for the online shop of The Wall Street Journal, through which the issue is sold for an unlucky $13. The screenshot above reveals the premise following the word “Cover:”. (By “high-quality stocks” do they mean beef stock? Too bad Trump Steaks went extinct in 2007!) But what exactly is it a cover for? Since I didn’t manage to find the inner meat of the paper issue, having only scavenged the cover, I have relied on the sharper cover image, with additional subsequent internet searches, to tell me what’s up. And it turns up that what’s up is what’s going down.

Unfortunately, in his short and sweet tweet The President forgot to mention what the expert financial advice in Barron’s delineates: “Why The Bull Market Could End in 2020“. However, since this President bears a degree from Wharton, we can assume that he’s not sitting on bulls**t. To quote pre-Presidential Trump from his own book, “The New York Stock Exchange happens to be the biggest casino in the world” (The Art of the Deal, p. 197). And yet still I don’t know why in honesty he would be congratulating someone named “America!”!

Too busy honoring the flag at half-staff to notice what’s up ahead… Too Big Too Fail / 2018 / oil on raw canvas / 5″x15″ / Celeste Evans

The Titanic was thought to be too big to fail–and yet, outside of patriotic ideologies, trolling the icy waters of the real world, it did fail. Unless of course you are talking about the 1997 Hollywood blockbuster film which made the #2 at global box office spot at $2.187 billion, only outdone by Avatar in 2009. But whatever: Stanley Kubrick had already won the game of televising reality back in 1969 by making the film commonly known as the Apollo 11 moon landing.

THE TURKEY HAS LANDED: The notion of a “final countdown” spills the beans of fated time, which can be read above your head in the stars. The stars are where the underlying market trends can be read overhead. The outer planets–Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto–while all being invisible without a telescope, present the longest and farthest reaching influence on global affairs. Of interest to the “bull”: Uranus, the planet of revolution and unconventionality, entered earth sign Taurus the bull, a beast of burden representative of personal finance and possessions, on 5-15-2018. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was starting in 1934, coinciding with the elimination of the gold standard and the Great Depression in the U.S. Today, Labor Day 2018, Uranus is retrograde (appearing to go backwards in the sky) at 2 degrees Taurus, having gone retrograde on 8-8-2018. It will retrograde back into Aries starting 11-6-2018 (which is voting day). Uranus will go direct in Aries on 1-7-2019, re-entering Taurus on 3-6-2019. Uranus will also be in retrograde in Taurus on the day of the 2020 election. Uranus will remain in Taurus until 4-25-2026. In short: this is gonna be a long bull run! BUT WAIT: hear that Tweet again: according to The President, it already has been! To take the way back machine: I just wonder what the Paleolithic peoples were going through economically when they painted the Hall of the Bulls.

The stars: a heavenly map above of circulating time and trends below. The pyramids: a terrestrial map of the stars. The economy: a corporate map for the too-big-to-fail pyramid which is headed for the tip of its own iceberg

Look up! Taurus the bull and other constellations depicted in fresco on a domed ceiling at Sainte Croce in Italy
Stars behind glass: Sirius depicted in animal form on a large globe at the Vatican







But to keep it to the avant page (i.e. reading a book by its cover): That front page of Barron’s mentions both a bull and Sirius. Outside of contemporary fluctuating trends (i.e. the bull market and Sirius XM, which boasts a monopoly on satellite radio) what does the bull have to do with Sirius? A lot more than meets the eye: through its connection to the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, Sirius is also related to bull worship and Taurus. Isis was often depicted with a crown of bull horns upholding a sun disc. This was not her only representation however, as she was also depicted (perhaps in her earliest incarnation) with a throne on her head.

Image: Isis is the female figure on the right in this presumably solid gold and enameled trinity statuette, allegedly located at the Louvre in Paris. However when I trolled the Louvre for five days in May 2018, even doubling back several times into the Egyptian exhibits, I did not find this piece. Upon later investigating the broader Louvre collection of Egyptian artifacts which can be browsed via wikipedia here and here, it is clear that much of the Egyptian sections of the Louvre were closed when I was there. This explains why I kept bumping into locked doors when the exhibit halls should have, according to the map, continued. Was there something inappropriate about the artifacts behind the closed doors, as can be questioned by this fragment titled “Domesticated Monkey”? I wonder if the closed doors had anything to do with The Carters filming their music video APES**T at the time I was there? However, no Egyptian artifacts made any appearances into their video.

Speaking of things that are hidden...As shown in the diagram below from the book The Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel, Sirius is the Alpha and Omega of the stars. The bull of Taurus is of import: according to this diagram, the constellation above marked the location of a sun temple below, which is also represented by Isis’ crown of horns and sun disc. The shape of the bull horns also mirrors the shape of the Omega, upside-down.

Considering these ancient and recent considerations, it seems that it would be wise to invest in the idea that the bull is soon going to prove to be too much to bear. The economy, being such a Wild Wild West (spun into the World Wide Web) and “free”–yet inflatingly ever-costly–“market”, is a bull destined to buck us all off into the jaws of some sort of bear. As for the buck, well, its just gotta stop somewhere. 

The stakes are down? But it’s not “America’s Greatest Steaks”!

So where are all of our buck$ stopping/going anyhow? To find something out, I decided to take a look at the latest installment of the National Defense Authorization Act, named after John S. McCain, who just so happened to have died 8-25-2018, 12 days after the act was signed on 8-13-2018. Because the Act outlines expensive defensive expenditures, it is related to the Department of Defense Fiscal Year 2019 Budget, which can be read about at the website with the defensively redundant url The signing of the NDAA was accomplished towards the end of a 35 minute video shot at Fort Drum military reservation featuring The President, the Vice President, some other characters including members of the light infantry mountain warfare unit the 10th Mountain Division. Hence: the best non-fake news source you can consume regarding the Act is the real video. (SPOILER ALERT: The happy climax happens too soon @ 5:03, when the Commander in Chief is cued on stage to “Hail to the Chief” (It’s all downmountain from there, folks!)). The most revealing parts are in the video are presented at the beginning and the end (the middle meat being sentimental patriotic filler). In the beginning, Vice President Mike “Pence” talks about his certainty that “soon we will erase ISIS from the face of the earth” (with his personal pink eraser I assume). A few notable middle morsels include The President declaring that military might is more important than jobs, but also that “America is a peaceful nation”. Updating the the historical timeline 0n to 2018 reveals that America boasts a meager 17 war-free years out of its 242 years of official existence since 1776. To bring it back to the buck: It’s calculated that the U.S. government is and always has been heavily investing in the spoils of war. With the new figure 716 billion dollars, 686 of which is going to defense, the buck of war isn’t stopping. In fact been beefing up from last’s years budget of 639.1 billion. I wonder where that new 76.9 billion is going to come from? Maybe the Independence Day issue of Barron’s will tell you where to put your money (and its not necessarily where your (steak-eating) mouth/vote is!). Then–almost magically–once 2019 rolls around (as it will), that proposed extra 76.9 billion will have manifested as if by a great calculator in the sky. That’s only one of many possible parallel world explanations however.

Put your money where your mouth is: he’s lookin’ seriously spacey after some all-American pep talk about “space”

Because it gets really far out–out of this world, in fact–as mentioned toward the closing of the speech. With regards to “artificial intelligence capabilities” America will be “reasserting America’s legacy of leadership in space”, because of our “foreign adversaries” who have already weaponized space. At 28:00 The President does go on to say, in Trump’s characteristic script off-roading: “I mean, you look at what they are doing, they’ve given me rundowns, I’ve seen things that you don’t even want to see, what they are doing, and how advanced they are–we’ll be catching them very shortly”. Obviously he is admitting that he has been given a “rundown” by “foreign adversaries”. What he doesn’t reveal is who those foreign adversaries are. At this point it he speech, he is talking about outer space (not terrestrial terrorists or even “The Russians”). In simplistic appearances, could this part of the speech be hinting at extra-terrestials/dimensionals–who in the words of The President “want to jam transmissions”? But Trump assures us, that “we will be so far ahead of them, in a very short period of time, your head will spin“. (And so the earth keeps turning round and round…). However, we mustn’t get paranoid: all of this vague talk could be a massive fear-inspiring bluff for a planned fake alien invasion soon to hit the screens of the skies of planet Earth. Meaning: if its not real aliens, it could be fake ones!

Will the 6th branch of the military grow out of this mountain? Note the upright and inverted pyramid (mountain) shapes made by swords crossed in blood over a blue sky. Image: wikipedia

According to speech, the reasoning is simple: “Space has become a war fighting domain”. Since when? I thought space was just….space? I.e. empty and devoid of life? The President goes on to parrot his Vice President who said the same things on August 9th, which can be watched in this inspiring video compilation from DOD News Now. The segway into space issues is the cue to announce the (much laughed at) United States Space Force–the proposed 6th branch of the military. At Fort Drum, The President drums it home that the next great chapter of (re)writing (making up of) America’s “history” will be done through this “new” Space Force. One little detail he *conveniently* left out is the most probable reality of the United States already having some sort of “Space Force” for decades–at least since WWII. Hence, if taken as more than another fear-mongering tactic by the United States Department of Defense, we can deduce in foresight that this new “Space Force” is going to be a revelation (revealing) of what has already been in hiding existence. At any rate, going into space sets the non-existent gold-bar pretty high.

But this is getting ahead of The President, as he concludes by assuring us that “America is respected again…it is in the air“. IF all of this babbling is just beefed up bluff for the next story of rip-off pyramid-scheming infrastructure (involving hotel casinos in space), its a huge and vague bluff at that. Plus: in the video it can be noticed that Trump’s demeanor and aura noticeably changed upon signing the Authorization Act. He takes his job–which involves signing contracts–religiously seriously. It’s as if he was signing a covenant. In contrast, I don’t get the impression that the young and bright-faced, camouflaged-outfitted clone-drones surrounding The President picked up on any alien hints dropped in the speech.

@ 33:33 the President signs the bill and says the word “okay”

Upon surface surfing the web for more clues to the “Space Force”, I noticed that this Fox News online article had some interesting “Sponsored Stories” that can be seen but not clicked on in the screenshot below:

Talk about diarrhea of the mouth!!!! Psych! What a way to out your brain!

 So, I guess, in conclusion: the bull is running back out intothe final frontier…

Perhaps money no longer grows on trees…so we are going back to space to get it where it came from!

Addendum to pre-conclusion:

Though I am obviously no financial advisor (I’m just an “artist” and amateur astrologer), I do have some emblematic imagery depicting advice on “How to Prepare”. The first image is a drawing done in 1856 by Benson J. Lossing, based on a proposed design by Benjamin Franklin in 1776 for the Great Seal of the United States. According to, Benjamin “chose the dramatic historical scene described in Exodus, where people confronted a tyrant in order to gain their freedom”.  Thomas Jefferson adopted the motto of the rejected design for his personal seal, while also being a primary composer of the Declaration of Independence.

I created the minimalist contemporary seal design below as a reflection of the seal above, updated for 2020:

Beating to your own drum: The seal above is made up of acrylic paint and paint pen on a used acrylic drum head, 12″ in diameter. Instead of going all the way to Fort Drum to make a speech about authorizing the expenditures of billions of dollars of defense mechanisms in space, this emblem can be used to bring the message of some of America’s most profound Founding Fathers into the 2020 future. Postmodern 21st century schizoid homo sapiens is often jolly and proud about the idea of rebelling against “God”. God is so old hat! (Like, get with the Times, bro, Science is the new Religion!) Sadly, this infantile “rebellion” (oddly reminiscent of so called fallen angelics) ultimately results in a willing servitude to earthly Tyrants–or perhaps more globally, collective tyrannical forces. (No way, the G is Government stands for God?!?!) What “God” means is up to the individual–and thus, so is the whole game. However, rebellion against a “God” force–or the higher power which creates life on planet Earth–simply leads to a reliance on some other “authority” to turn the tables of fate in the office of human influence. If you don’t decide for yourself what to do, someone else will! This is not solipsism, suspicion, or superstition–this is how the world cookie crumbles. As usual, what this means, and what you do about it, is up to you.

Think twice about who you give your cookies to. Image:

In regards to the sitting President who was the primary host for The Apprentice (whose theme song is “For the Love of Money“), it is worth watching “a very old story, one that goes back almost 2,000 years”: (no, its not the crucifixion), but the episode in Fantasia “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, in which Disney superstar Mickey Mouse is but a mere apprentice (and janitor…cleaning up the swamp?) to a greater sorcerer. Upon trying his amateur gloved hand at imitating magic (in an effort to perhaps make the sorcerer’s abode great again), Mickey wreaks havoc and chaos in the form of mindless, destructive, anarchistic brooms and water buckets:

In the words of Donald Trump on The Apprentice: I thrive on energy. This isn’t a game–I’m not playing games. Who will succeed? Who will fail? And who will be the Apprentice?”

The Art of The Deal / Sept 3, 2018 / oil on canvas / 5″x7″ / Celeste Evans

Let us not be confused by worshopping the golden calf as money as the fake bull market. Perhaps the best not-to-script anecdote The Donald inserted in his speech at Fort Drum was: “It’s always hard to beat the enemy when you can’t see it”. The design above is a foresight revelation for the 20/20 future, a suggestion to make sure your eyesight is a great 2020 for 2020.

Post Post-Addendum

On a more personal (non-bank) note: after posting this article I re-remembered this particular dream I had on 3-4-2017, which I had written down with an accompanying sketch. Unlike most things, it’s free.

3-4-17. I dreamt of an earthquake on the beach which was my backyard. People panicked, and all stampeded towards civilization. I followed suit, but after getting blindly tangled up in the wormball masses, becoming denser and more chaotic, I found my childhood backpack. I found an oversized shirt inside it and put it on over my underwear, which was all I was wearing. Then I turned around back to the beach. There I found some people standing around calmly, at the beach, which was also my backyard. Upon looking out towards the mountains, I saw, against deep dark grey and indigo clouds, a glowing triple rainbow. Against this dramatic backdrop appeared a giantess ghost goddess, with long wavy hair and wrapped in glowing garments, sitting as if on the base of a mountain. On her lap was perched a large clear plastic container full of cash. She began to speak; I thought she was going to proclaim mass extermination of humans for their own good, as I was interpreting the rainbows, dark clouds, chaos, beach, and her appearance as a blessing in disguise: a doomsday scenario out of which greater greatness would come. However, when she spoke she spoke of her box of cash, which was all the money taken away from the world. She said that for our own good she has taken it all away, and we would have to survive without it. Myself and the other calm people on the beach who had not succumbed to the impulses of the masses were instructed to willingly give up our money, as she would not forcefully take it away as she did for everyone else. However, if we didn’t hand it over willingly, we would have to write her an I.O.U. I interpreted this as a karmic debt, which I did not want to incur. Myself along with the others on the beach began to hand over what cash we had on us, depositing it in locally passed around smaller clear plastic boxes. I had a dollar and some change, which I put in a ziplock bag and into one of the boxes. My best childhood friend had a string of rainbow Christmas lights in a ziplock bag which she deposited in one of the boxes. I asked her why and she said that the goddess also wanted us to give up global holidays in favor of localized celebrations. None of us on the beach were under the illusion that we were giving up anything of real value.

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