The Most Expensive Painting (in the World)

Painting of Wall / 2-28-2019 / pencil and oil on raw canvas / 6″x12″. Painting of Wall is based on this Twitter tweet from 12-21-2018. The “powerful Wall” in practical reality apparently looks like this. The back of the painting says “This painting is dedicated to all of the money that doesn’t exist”. This painting (painted only with the color Cassel Earth and walnut oil) is on many technical and conceptual grounds arguably the worst I’ve ever made–and just happens to be the most expensive to buy

Pre-disclaimer: I really should be charging a $400,000 speaking fee for saying these things–but instead I’ll bear my burden by upholding Freedom of Speech over Feedom of Speech. Disclaimer: Unlike the most expensive painting ever auctioned for ~$450 million (which I wrote about firstly here and lastly here), legally speaking, the painting shown above hasn’t yet been exchanged for its exorbitant price-tag. But the potential (like the “Secure Fence Act of 2006” (…top-democrats-vote-border-wall-2006/)) is there–and it will not be sold/bought for less than that (because its “My Way“). The Wall (née Mexico–United States barrier)–which in a virtual reality game would constitute defence–is being manipulated into offence. Just as it always was and still is not going to happen that Mexico will buy a fence that is on American soil for any amount of money (although some Americans bought/voted for that idea (and the Prez still presses it)–because Americans can and will buy anything!), I have net-zero delusions that anyone would or will buy that painting I did. At least this way I don’t have to pay income tax on it, and it will remain offensively on my wall, for better or worse. Maybe if I declare an “artistic emergency” I can funnel funds backwards from the higher education system from which I got my degree, like a waterfall in reverse…Except that I won’t be accepting tribute money. The significant price-tag tagged onto the insignificant painting is more a commentary on the irrelevancy of art within the walls of the art world than on the insignificant price of a significant structure.

The same painting photographed hanging on different colored walls. This exposition is of course just for display effect, as the walls are not for sale. If you wanted to, you could look at the painting wearing rose colored glasses. Or even sunglasses, night goggles, or best yet: a 99-cent pair of 3-D glasses. Although it is not a “3-D” painting, it might look the most real with those on. The last one on the green wall would be the most environmentally friendly

It does not matter to me that it only cost ~$13 to make the whole kit and caboodle–because with “art”, the cost of making its worth. I suppose I could just say $8,000,000,000 – $13 = cost of labor…but that would mean I’d be making/charging the amount of Earth’s population (nearing 7.77 billion) an hour. I could then win some made-up award for youngest billionaire artist etc. etc., which would make the whole world proud. At the end of the world auction cycle–if there is an end–it is still a 12″x6″ painting, and will remain that size and form until it is desecrated or disintegrated back into the dust of the earth. Still, it all exists semiotically, and many many people may look at it, believe it, and dream things about it too. Most ironically for me is that I was wholly ignorant of the “prototypes” in San Diego which came “tumbling down” yesterday as I did the painting today. My painting is based on a tweet anyway which will most likely not be demolished from Twitter history.

There are 7 painted slats with 6 raw canvas spaces in between to mimic the 7 red and 6 white stripes on the American flag

Since the American Dream citizenship package includes having “security” paid for by other nations (it was a dream, after all–wakey wakey sleepy heads!), maybe a country with a history of investing in walls that also has a lot of assets and less debt like Israel (which is-real, right?) will buy it? Maybe that’s already happened in some round about way through “mergers” and “investments” we just don’t understand. After(w)all, that country–via SpaceX Corp from California and some “nonprofit” disguise outfit–just sent off “beginning” to the moon. The total cost of that “inexpensive” mission in which the moon is the “end” is around 100 million. The next big step for mankind must be to build a wall on the moon (to keep aliens off!). I’m sure the Space Force signed into action 2-19-2019 ( is already planning that one, since apparently Space is “increasingly crowded“. So its gonna need walls to keep people running in/out of Space which is running out…Which also MUST mean that Time is running out as well–because the space-time continuum must continue. The main problem with that conundrum is that you might hit the walls of time when traveling up to the speed of light–and then you won’t continue. More practically speaking: I wonder if, as the 6th branch of the military (correction 3-4-2019: extension of the Air Force), space-fighting soldiers will be given moon rocks as firearms. I hope the human race doesn’t get overzealous and start trying to throw rocks at the speed of light. CERN might already have that and other things down. As for me, I’ll soon have to trump my own game and make the most expensive painting in the universe. What that would be let alone cost I haven’t a clue, as it is the type of thing that might involve unrolling and rocking the scroll of Revelation.

But even snazzy new real estate ventures or ads for adventures in space won’t be enough to cover the cost of the world which is amounting to $50,000,000,000,000 this year. If  only I could sell a painting for that much and subsequently bail the world out of its own jail, I would. This year the U.S. finally made it over the 22-trillion-dollar-debt hurdle. Where all the trees come from that this money is being “borrowed” from is a mystery to me. Perhaps they are the estimated 800,000 acres a day of rainforest being cut down (–because money, just like the fruit of temptation, comes from trees!

Trees growing out of the facade of Trump Tower New York in the form of an stepped and inverted pyramid. This reflective (mirrored) skyscraper was completed in 1983 and cost $300 million. Is this artfully symbolic of a different type of green new (or old) deal? Then there’s the Trump World Tower which opened in 2001, presumably before 9/11, a day on which a sober-sounding Trump stated in this smoking gun video, “this country is different today, and it is going to be very different than it ever was for many years to come “

Industrial profits and farts aside, trees inhale C02 and exhale oxygen. It should take only a few oxygenated brain cells to understand that cutting down swathes of rainforest is going to increase CO2 levels on planet Earth. If you want to get technical and nationalistic about it, there’s However it doesn’t take politically-motivated corporate-funded climate “scientists”/lobbyists to determine that very big and old trees are being “accidentally” cut down ( Everyone will PAY (pun intended) attention if and when their bank account is “accidentally” cut down.

It’s green. Unless you are the Grinch or Oscar the Grouch, you are not green. Mirror of Providence / 1-13-2019 / spray paint; paint pen on mirror / 10″x8″ Celeste Evans

To help along these problems, one of the the Greedy Green New Deal’s proposals is to cut down gassy cows for good–because Fast Food can just get the cows for its hamburgers south of the fence from the Amazon (via trains?). The real “smart” solution would be to design a car engine that burns methane and then harvest the cow gas to fuel those cars. That would cover a lot of ground (beef?) in being a progressive use of natural gas and free sustainable energy. The main deal with the GND is that it wins the award for what would crash the American Economy hardest and fastest–while simultaneously not accomplishing any of its ideas. I suppose political puppet AOC in her youthful greenness is just playing the live fast crash young card. That canned Deal belongs composting in the green yard waste can. Maybe they are trying to create a Perfect System within/without Capitalism. Balance those propositions with an older generation’s Neocon agenda and you’ve got a last supper take-out Whole New World order from Amazon Go. Sit back in your suicide self-driving automobile with that patented New GMO Green Eggs Happy Deal and McAmazon Hamburger as the Amazon is still replaced with farting cows and people are shipped off into outer space by an alien in human skin with a bionic left eye.  That Bozo is really starting to look and sound like Marshall Applewhite 2.o. Should or should not these alien corporate “entities” who hold all the world’s “wealth” then be held accountable for (what) their worth? So this must be where the money is both coming from and going, right? What goes around comes around? And even though the sitting President sits down on saying climate change reports are “fine”, he’s going (in)to the trouble of having an “ad hoc” group paint a different picture that suits his suit ( Since the respective climates of warming Earth and Cold war are accelerating, we might as well be Walkin’ on the Sun. Because since Let’s Rock “Lately I’ve been thinking about who’s in charge /About who they are /And are they looking down and laughing hard / And are they aliens or robots or humanoids or gods / I think I’m just paranoid…”. But hey it’s okay because “Hey, I know what you’ve done / It makes it that much better to defeat you. Most logically: since the Amazon rainforest is being destroyed, you better believe that it’s corporate shadow twin which bears the same name will be as well. And upon many other shadows there will be a domino effect. Or perhaps more aptly a Jenga effect.

Both steel twins which cost $400 million total ($2.27 billion 2018) were demolished in the World Trade Disaster of 2001. Smoking Mirror / 9-11-2018 / spray paint, acrylic, and paint pen on framed mirror / 22″x15″ / Celeste Evans

Back in the “Land of the Free”: I understand topically where the money for the “steel slat barrier” is coming from, but I don’t know where exactly the steel itself comes from (uh…from steel trees in the Amazon? Isn’t that where everything comes from these days?). It’s too bad the American government in charge didn’t re-purpose the steel from the 9/11 disaster instead of immediately selling and shipping it to China and India in an effort to get evidence off the scene of the crime clean it up as quickly as possible as they did. That would have “saved” a lot of “money” in this future timeline. It was an expensive job after all. And still is.

Are you a victim to your own self-created image? Political Re-correction / July 2018 / Paint pen on 5″ mirror / Celeste Evans

And still: Even if the wall/fence/barrier at the border wasn’t being added to with more solid steel, there are many many more walls within each and every citizen within America. There is a simple reality that walls like “racism” and “immorality” do not come from physical structures, but exist within people. This is why revoking the 1st Amendment via censoring “hate speech” does not do the do-gooding it claims it does: all the “hate” spoken is still within people, especially if they are silenced. Take a Look Around: This is exactly what the, shall we say, “groups” that design and controlsocial programming networks“–the very virtual places where the “hate” is being delivered–are generating. Communist China (population 1.42 billion)–a global leader in “technology” and “artificial intelligence” (save Weird Science for America)–is a leading example of this type of Firewall. As on the internet, the walls of the mind are invisible. And still there are walls within walls within walls within We the People which keep us from seeing that speech within. Instead, those traits and thoughts which we don’t like about ourselves get projected out like a shadow onto a wall. And in turn those images appear from behind the walls of your screen. “News” Media and Entertainment industries manufacture fake images and fake idols which you worship and believe in. Victimhood is virtueless: example example example. These types of examples are fueled by a self-aggrandizement masquerading and parading as victimhood and entitlement while blaming others for the problem. There are REAL problems out there in the big bad World (example example example example example example)–but many people in American Disneyland of the Brave would rather vote to watch Hollywood-funded walls of fashion casting spells and wars on their screens as savers to maintain a celebration of celebrities and ignorance as bliss. Chickens come home to roost. And since time has just about stopped or exploded (clocking in at one minute to midnight), karma arrives near the speed of light in one minute or less–or at least as fast as a missile can hustle.

What the Hollywood sign might actually say if it was real. First Sign Correction / Nov. 2018 / oil on canvas board and frame / 6″x8″ Celeste Evans
The Hollywood sign might be within range of many many missiles. God is watching. Last Sign Correction / Nov. 2018 / oil on canvas / acrylic and oil on canvas board and frame / 6″x8″ Celeste Evans

War is being waged and enraged within The People. The walls are within; the external media manifestations of these walls are shadows being used to distract and divide you, yourself, and you–and everyone around you. An insidious and manipulable divide is constructed within America’s psyche. We the People on one side condemn We the People on the “other” side. This conflict emerges as an engineered standoff between Elephant vs. Donkey, or “right wing” vs. “left wing”. No individual can fly like a free eagle with only one wing (And yet it takes two to tango). In some fantasy song you might be a Hero With a Wing. In America’s current song there are leaders which are self-proclaimed Nationalists and others which are self-proclaimed Socialists…each with their own hordes of followers/believers/voters. What this has to do with National Socialism today is up for discussion. This isn’t a picture that’s brand new to the shores of America ( What we really need to listen to is a Rational Anthem.

What’s on the other side of the Medusa coin? Frozen Asset / 2018 / acrylic and paint pen on canvas / 3″x3″. Celeste Evans

Right and Left are two sides of One coin and current-see. E pluribus unum. American “wealth” is spent collectively netting, trolling, and trilling 22 trill and counting in debt. But it’s not all sold yet folks: Now it’s time to sue. However much money is redistributed via “suing” becomes a moot point when you take note that $6 bill of that $8 bill for the Wall is coming from a military budget for “national security” of  $716 billion in 2019. And yet…what is a national emergency anyhow? PLUS: there must be something really amiss when it only costs $300 million (~777 mill 2019) to a build super fancy ~666 foot-tall skyscraper while some hundreds of miles of “steel slat barrier” iteration cost $8 billion. Even if every single penny for the Wall were to come from that gushing fountain of a fund, that would still leave ~$708 billion (of non-existent money) to be “spent” on things which (unlike a fence) actually hurt people and destroy stuff–with nuclear bombs being a top contender for the worst offender. According to Arms Control Association, the United States and Russia are near neck-and-neck in the “arms race”, hording over 6,000 nuclear weapons each. With these figures, the cold-warmer-hot war does seem to be poised to operate by the Law of Karma.

Lyrics from “Cold War” by Oppenheimer Analysis (1982)

However, never fear: there has been and still is good news brought to you by Dolores Cannon in this video

One reason history repeats itself is because when it comes back around, it is repackaged. If the package looks and sounds good (as it is designed to!), we buy it, believe it, eat it, and even vote for it. We fall into the tempting smoke screen as it mirrors our internal fears and desires. We see what we want to see, even when the walls we celebrate or protest are see-through. When the real walls of ignorance come down, people are going to be shocked at what they find, at what they didn’t and don’t know.

Post-disclaimer: What’s worth more than $8 billion USD is your sovereign and priceless right speak your truth.