The Hat That Was, Is, and Will Be…


In the beginning, a basic green cotton ball cap and green Latin alphabet embroidered lettering were manufactured in China, later to be purchased with American debt money via an Amazon cre-debt card at a generic (St.) Michaels Arts and Crafts Supplies store. The real bird feather and red acrylic paint I already had on hand, and don’t remember where they came from. These “raw” materials were then assembled and manipulated by an “artist” (i.e. a trinity of me, myself, and eye) to create the final product above, featuring words which can be found on the greenback of a $1 and a $20:

Raw artist materials laid bare on raw recyclable cardboard
Reading inside the skull inside-out: Inside view of hat revealing the hand-sewing of letters

The machine “embroidered” letters which I organized into words were technically of the “iron on” variety. However, not having faith in that modern technology (its so 1950s!) and also not wanting to stick them on with a bar of soap (that didn’t work!), I decided to thread the eye of the needle and stitch each and every one on by hand (myself!). It took the time of ripping through several Alice Cooper records to sew on all 12 letters one-by-one, stitch-by-stitch. As the letter “T” is repeated twice in the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST“, I twice listened to the song “Elected“. However, I don’t understand how the Forbes billionaire list works, since there is no #666 nor #777–although Trump, being @ #766, might qualify for both those lotto numbers. I may not be e pluribus unum of the billion dollar babies club, so I will not be getting my ass to Mars or attending the re:MARS “event” in June 2019–but it doesn’t matter because I already did a painting in June 2018 titled Re: Genesis. And so sorry, Bozo, even though you are clown #1 on Forbes now it looks like I beat you back to the beginning first. And as for the ending, well, I’ve got a hat to wear it up.

Tony the Tiger campaigns a box of Frosted Flakes née Sugar Frosted Flakes and makes them great by telling you “They’re Gr-r-reat!” in this pre-Twitter television commercial. Tony the Tiger 2020?!?!?!?
Sans hat but sporting frosty hair and a striped tie, the President points upwards in this Twitter video about things like Army Dreamers on 12-19-2018 while declaring that “they’re up there looking down on us, and there is nobody happier…” and “they’re all coming back…we won, and that’s the way we want it, and that’s the way they want it”. Because “they”–whoever “they” are–must be Gr-r-r-eat (with a big G!). In the meantime: He wants to build a wall so that America will have something to project its shadows onto
First meeting: After getting his shadow sewn back onto his feet by the demure but knowing Wendy, Peter Pan projects it onto a striped wall . Although that’s a very sharp design, it’s actually more beautiful when its rainbow. Artists do it better. Maybe we are all just In Search of Peter Pan

In the text for the hat above I completely avoided the Tony the Tiger rhetoric. I probably will wear the hat to breakfast however, and it will be Great. The slogan I appropriated on the hat can be found on the backs of certain Federal Reserve Notes such as the $1 and $20 bills and also various metal coinage. Each word in the 4-word phrase means something, if not a multiplicity of somethings. There are limitations however as it is not Out of God but In. It’s been thousands and thousands of years so we all know by now what “GOD” is (right?). Just in case we are still uncertain about words, below is a contemporary dictionary definition of “god”:

Screenshot taken 2-3-2019

As can be read above, there are at least 4 definitions (pillars) of “god” in Entry 1. It can be safety assumed there are many many more, however–just as it was assured on 1-14-2019 by #4 “a powerful ruler” that there were many many french fries (and quarter-pounders for some quarter-back TigersIf only Tony had been there on your mark to serve up some Frosted Flakes for desert!). At the same time–yet half way around the world as in some sort of quantum entanglementa statue exhibited in the Holy Land ignited rock-throwing and controversy in more ways than one. On 2-2-2019 Trump trumped out of the woods on Twitter in Jupiter, Florida playing golf with Tiger Woods and some other golf goofball guy (while looking a little bit like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man). And although the President said many more interesting things than the lie LIII Halftime shitshow (which has gotten rotten ratings on youtube as per like/dislike votes, followed by some beautiful comments) in the exclusive Face the Nation Super Bowl interview which aired out yesterday (not today), the take-out line @ 6:30 was and is We have to protect Israel…We have to protect other things that we have”.

As for “TRUST”, this could be referring to…

Screenshot taken 2-3-2019. I could have taken a screenshot from Merriam-Webster, but I like to cherry-pick my definitions based on the ones I find that prove my point best

…OR (Ore?)…it could be referring to a different type of “TRUST”–one in which people dealing with things which created the Federal Reserve and its bank notes might “invest” in:

Definition of “Trust” from, which has something to do with “property” (i.e. real estate) and “assets” (i.e. other things that we have)

Either and both ways, the slogan “IN GOD WE TRUST” really must be (trust me!) the motto of the We the People. And even though the public education system in America evolves children through the Theory of Evolution with nifty pen and ink drawings (hey, even I could draw something like that featuring stick figures in kindergarten!), according to Wikipedia accessed on 2-3-2019, 79.1% of the population is “religious”, with a whopping 73.7% being of some Christian denomination. 76.6% of Americans follow one of the three Abrahamic religions–a lineage which makes up more than half of what will soon be 7.77 billion humans (together we are billionaires!) on Earth ( Various polls listed on Wikipedia roughly show that between 63-89% Americans believe in “God”. An article from 2017 on goes deeper into the polls. However, even the reported ~5% of “atheists” in America cannot escape the slogan above, for it is written on and and sewn into everything you buy and sell.

There is only one hat like the one above. There will never be another one like it…in this case simply because I will not be making another one
The first, one, and only big “G” is featured on the front face of the one dollar bill. However, G and other Presidents didn’t face the nation on fiat money until the 20th century (, around the time of the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank circa 1913

So if you don’t trust in an Old Testament God or alternatively a New Age Guru, you still must by debt and default trust in the Money God. No one in this debt economy (so efficient!) evades this reality–so why not wear it on your head? Like how the roses in Alice in Wonderland were painted red by a deck of playing cards simply because they were told to do so by the Queen, I painted a white feather red because it just had to be that way. If I decide to be Yankee Doodle I might just call it Macaroni–or better yet: become Macaroni. However, that might be dependent on whether or not I have waffles or spaghetti for brains.

Pre-Presidential George earns Father’s trust as he says he “cannot tell a lie”. Image:
I painted the feather red because I wanted it to be in the image and likeness of the feather in Peter Pan’s hat. And it was so


While young George in America chopped down a cherry tree, a deck of cards in Wonderland paints the roses cherry red


Pre-photoshop images do not tell lies–and neither does He. Image:

Is this really “G” rated entertainment?

As above so below, and the conjunction of opposites. So “Who is Pan?

As Peter realizes in the “You Can Fly” scene: “This won’t do. What’s a matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust…Oh! And something I forgot….Dust!”

Pixie dust aka star dust!

Following the second star to the right and straight (and narrow) on ’till morning (as the morning star) is how you get to Never Never Land
Another flute player who came from Neverland was Lord Krishna. Image:









The constellation Cygnus (meaning swan) forms the Northern Cross, which is the backbone of the Milky Way ( Image (from Urania’s Mirror):
Peter plays his pan flute while surfing a pair of swans on his way back to Neverland rocking out straight on through The Big Sky









Peter chases after his shadow which at one moment in the shadow scene appears like a rabbit on the wall
A dust bunny in the sky: Sirius A with its companion second star to the right Sirius B chases after its shadow, leaping Lepus. Image:

Although Sirius is a star of Biblical proportions, many people notice that the Star of Bethlehem could have been an astronomical event involving a conjunction of Jupiter as the morning star and Venus as the morning star ( In most recent times ( this conjunction (which happens in different spots in the sky every few years) occurred around the time of the 1-20-2019 Super Bowl Blood Wolf Moon eclipse ( This time around around the Zodiac, Jupiter and Venus converged in the middle of Sagittarius featuring the Teapot near the location of the Galactic Center, which, as the center of the Milky Way, is a supermassive black hole (i.e galactic vacuum or tornado) surrounded by interstellar dust. As the center this (G) spot could mark the beginning and the end of the universe.

The teapot must be what pours out the Milky Way. Image:
Photo of the Galactic Center illuminated with star dust. Image:

The backbone T cross above, with letters Alpha and Omega. Pyramid “A” to thread mega “O” of the eye of the needle. Images:
The crux ansata

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last”

Towards that beginning and end, we might all capstone it off with some word-for-word and root-for-root thinking caps on. And so it was, is, and will be very good timing running up that pyramid again…

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: what it means to you is your 2020 vision

First Addendum (unbeknownst to me until) 2-8-2019:  On 2-5-2019, the day after the article above was published and after I finished a painting, a big event ( ( ( along with a document was signed into existence with the name of “God”. What this actually means now or in the near future is not known to me. However, while the mirror provokes one to take look at oneself, the hat above is not meant to imply trust in so-designated “world leaders”.

Last Addendum 2-10-2019: