17 Years of Smoking Mirrors

INSTEAD OF LOOKING INTO THE PAST TO REMEMBER 9/11/2001, why not look into the smoking mirror to see the present on 9/11/2018? This isn’t suggesting forgetting the tragic historical event involving the complete destruction of the Twin Towers which served as the trigger to shoot off the War on Terror; on the contrary, it is bringing the past into the present so that it can be examined in light of current evidence and scientific circumstances.  After all, the smoke still has not cleared from the minds voting Americans–and perhaps that’s because there is still smoke in the mirrors. Plus: 17 years later, the smoking gun gets bigger and bigger. No really, pull my fingerpull it! Hey, GWB et al: ever heard the phrase whoever smelt it dealt it? Deal with it, America! You are so proud. This is no joke. There is only the looking glass of the present. Pictures are worth millions: keep an eye for selfies and those who wear indigo suits and dresses. Although the whole suicidal truth is not fully out, still we must “Never Forget“. I approve this message:

Smoking Mirror / 9-11-2018 / spray paint, acrylic, paint pen on framed mirror / 22″x15″ / Celeste Evans