Bonded Hares and Beyond: The Bodhisattva from Lepus

Rabbits to Earth, Rabbits to Earth! How on Earth did The Rabbits of Earth get here?

Image (detail) from Urania’s Mirror
Image (inverse) by IAU and Sky & Telescope Magazine via “Lepus (constellation)” Wikipedia
Image (detail) by Till Credner via “Lepus (constellation)” Wikipedia



To find out one must go down the rabbit (worm that flies in the night) hole

From one celestial hare to two earth-bonded ones

The Bodhisattva from Lepus (aka Yettie and Sassquatch) : the case of a Single Enlightened Being incarnated gratuitously as…a bonded pair of rabbit twin sisters

Consequential constellations continue with the Double-headed Rabbit :

Where Rabbits Rock in the Opposition of duality :

And are expert demonstrators of Pythagorean theorem :

While also being Guardians of the Temple of the Y2k Beanie Baby Cult :

To ultimately be an embodissatvament of perfect divine love

Logically (or Lagormorphically) when rabbits leap down from their constellation Lepus they anchor their portion of Heaven onto Earth

Bringing the message of the Yettie/Sassquatch Bodhisattva :

 Perfection within mortality and duality through divine love.

But wait, there’s more!

Dreihasenfenster (Window of Three Hares) in Paderborn Cathedral, Germany. Image by Zefram via“Three Hares” Wikipedia

The (human-created) Three Hares meme : The eternally recurring nature of spirit represented by a trinity of rabbits cycling in an endless fertility dance

Image source: Chinese Puzzles

The Three Hares leap from ancient times across many cultures. Early manifestations of the motif dated circa 300 AD can be found in the Mogao Caves in China. However the origin of the image probably predates this. The depiction to the left is a pottery shard from Egypt or Syria circa 1200 AD. (Chinese Puzzles). Other notable examples appear from similar time periods in disparate locations: Turkmenistan, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Germany, France, and England (Ancient Origins). Any “specific” interpretation of the symbol remains elusive and up for speculation. If one is curious it is worth regarding the recently published book The Three Hares: A Curiosity Worth Regarding (2016).

My depiction of The Three Hares leaping out of white outerspace / black innerspace by the silver-bodied / gold-lined six-pointed vehicle. They are formed by the encasing golden light with their shared ears (antennae), creating the trinity of primary colors (red, yellow, blue), which sprout the bodies of secondary colors (orange, green, purple). All of this is made into three-dimensional and auditory reality as a bass drum which beats the primal creation sound of the universe

Image source: “Recycling Symbol” Wikipedia

In contemporary times this commonplace symbol representing the re(incarnation)cycle denotes that matter is neither to be created or destroyed

Embroidered Chinese emperor’s robe by an artist from the Qing emperors’ court, 18th century via “Moon Rabbit” Wikipedia

In less contemporary times the Chinese envisaged a white rabbit on the moon churning an elixir of immortality

Image (detail) from Atlas Coelestis (1729)

…and the heavens portray Orion (née Osiris, God of the Dead) standing upon the immortal spirit of Lepus…

…while Canis Major (née Anubis, God of Death), man’s best friend, is hot on the heels of the rabbit, faithfully guided by his strongest sense, his brightest star

Image: Plate 30 of Urania’s Mirror

And yet…

Image source:

Where is Orion now in this pyramid of life and death?

Image source: the American dollar

No matter: humans have recently invented their own scheme of consumption :

Image by Deror [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons

(Hint: It’s all in the–fat, sugar, saltstars!)

Image source:

(Wow, that’s illuminating!)

(But hopefully we are not biting off more than we can chew…)

Image source:

Because its all wrapped up in warp and woof that has something to do with our beloved rabbits and the quest for The Holy Grail…

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Image source: Fictional Characters Wiki

“That’s all folks!”