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Singing in the Equinox with Crystal Sound

The Artist is President

Introspective Insights: Gemini Lunar Eclipse

Earth Wins

Mercury Returns

Renegade Reflections…

Mia is MIA (but leftover her corona)

Contact with Havalah

Growing a Coral Reef (in the garage?!)

An American Lady in Our Lady of Paris

The Great Fake was Hurled Down

The Most Expensive Painting (in the World)

The Hat that Was, Is, and Will Be…

The Eclipse of the Feminine

The Recursive States of Metamerica


Phantom Messiah and True Teeth

Rocks ≠ Firearms

The Rooster Crows: Waking up to Breakfast in America

Beneath Two Sacred Crosses

Spyhopping Above the Waters of Unconsciousness

Paradise (in the) Lost and Found

Beyond Two of Swords

Crushing (after Cursing with) the Serpent’s Head

It Was Written: Isaiah 59

Will the Read Salvator Mundi Please Reflect Yourself

17 Years of Smoking Mirrors

Grilling Front Page Foresigns

Now the Painting Blooms to Life

Jesus, Another Sebastian…82 Years Ago

Venus de Milo (Restored)

Living in the A.D.: Independence and the Abomination of Desolation

Seehearfeelsmelltaste the Rainbow

Coin-traceptive Planning: Empire-Worth-i.e. Holy-$&!% Current-See

Captive Portraits

Rounding-Up BM Merge-atory with a Royal Flush-Down

Peacones continued…

Thinking with Rodin’s Roses

Rabbit Hunting in Paris

May A-sense-ion Be With You

Of Pineals and Peacocks

What the Fed? The Nerve of the Reserve (and the cost of feedom)

Eating Easter Eternally in Eden

Not so (fair) Brawny!!!

E is for Evil, F is False, G is for…

A Bubble Bursting: The Left-Hand Entrainment of American “Pop”

Tooth for an Eye

The E-State of the Dis-Onion

What Media? 2-Dimensional Ex-peri-hence Ex-trap-olated

To Know

St. Thomas Fire: Illumination via Incineration

Eastern Sierra, Western Logic

Bonded Hares and Beyond: The Bodhisattva from Lepus

Signs per the Clock: Contemporary Hieroglyphs of a Post-post (Post) A-pop-elliptic World

Earthly Flowers

Flowers of Earth…Earth to Flowers

Surrealism Unconscious in a Post-Historical Epoch and Beyond

Evolution in Reverse: The Darwinism of Critique

iSelves is Plural for iSelf


Passing Thought-Clouds of Doubt Over The Artist “Is Present”


To Be or Not To Be? I can’t believe it’s not Art!

Ojai’s Shifting Waterscape: Past, Present, and Future History Springs Forth

The Joshua Tree Lifecycle: Many Years Growing

Beauty of the Moment: Integrating Separate Realities

Hornworm Arrival!

Big Bug IV (The Static Fly Paradox)

Hitting the Nail on the Head (@ The Hammer): What Makes It Art?

Art from Vision; Ritual as Catalyst; Cakes All the Way Down

Where are the Tomato Hornworms When You Need’em?

Cockroaches, Coca Cola, and Human Evolution

After Death: Into the Great Beyond Through Painting

The Problem with Image Over Substance