The Artist is President

I celebrate this Inauguration Day by becoming the President of Myself. I’ve already impeached the other Presidents by electing myself as head of my own office. There’s no possibility of voter fraud and no need for conceptual democracy. Every decision is an executive order. I am the boss of this place. I am my own Constitution. I rewrite it however I want to. I am a woman of color but that doesn’t matter because those distinctions are not what makes someone better fit to rule. I have no distinctions because I am the distinction. I am whole and complete and thus need no Cabinets to hide anything away in. My House is all colors as my vision is not white and black. My House is not divided; I represent a singular totality. I exist wherever I want to exist, which is always here and now. I am a self-sufficient organism that works through the biological and energetic reality of interdependence. I abide by the laws of Nature, therefore my rule is always just, fair, and honest. I am the President of Myself that always was, is, and will be.

Everyone can be the President of their Self. The choice is yours alone.