Earth Wins

In the beginning, the results were already in:

View from Pine Mountain, CA

There is no higher authority on Earth than Earth itself

Red Rock State Park, CA

Humans did not elect life into existence, nor can they elect out of it

Rose Valley trail, CA

The path of beauty is always here to be tread

Rose Valley Falls, CA

But your fall from grace occurs when you worship and elect false idols

Underwater at Saint Croix, Virgin Islands

Under the sea you can see what you couldn’t see before

Bottlenose Dolphins near Anacapa Island, CA

Hearing voices which speak with intelligence greater than your vote

Sand made of coral on Buck Island, Virgin Islands

Remember: “Castles made of sand fall in the sea eventually”

And Icarus fell when flying too close to the Sun

Sleeping Great Horned Owl

Athena’s bird sleeps by day and awakens at night

Moon and Venus conjunct

Walk the unbeaten path, beating one’s own drum: Earth cannot be beat

Ancient Bristlecone Pines

Planet Earth wins the Election!