Mercury Returns

In early 2019 I created messenger Mercury’s winged helmet. Since I created my own hat for my own campaign I won’t be voting for the POTUS next month. Don’t worry! I won’t be voting for any “opponent” either. The debate was very productive, as can be gathered from this summary of the debate’s crucial highlights. During the Vice (they have so many vices) Presidential debate, God sent down an angel (or as some have noted, agent Beelzebub, who notably commands disease) to land on Pence’s head. I just wonder if that fly sensed any Presence of a Brain (lyrics). Perhaps the fly Hit the Nail on the Head, of which my hat has a thing or two and more to say.

I start this post with a screenshot of the word renege from It is a word which I did not learn until just now, upon starting this post, when looking up the phrase “going back on your word”. I am going back on my word stated in the last post (originally written as the last one I would post), a post which has the word renegade in the title, a word which is sort of a noun-version of renege. As is obvious now, that was no longer the final post. Time isn’t stopping any time soon or not soon. It’s not over yet; maybe it has barely even begun.

“The Mobius Band”, a Daum crystal sculpture attributed to Salvador Dali made in 1971 as an edition of 150. This one, which I photographed 5-16-2018, is located at the Dali museum in Paris; the wall information, written by Robert Descharnes, reads: “The Mobius band or strip, named after the German mathematician Mobius (1970-1868) is a surface with only one side and only one boundary. It was used by psychiatrist Jacques Lacan to study the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious. The Mobius Band holds an important place in the Dalinian universe; for the artist, it is “the archetype of classical androgyny that all religions worship as god”

This can and often does lead one feeling exhausted from having to run as fast as you can to stay in the same place–and run even faster if you want to get anywhere at all, as the Red Queen informs Alice in Through the Looking Glass. Such it is living in a world of “facts” in which things are never crystal clear (or even clearly opaque), and–despite the recent revelations of quantum science–the ignorance of scientific materialism still runs the hive-mind of the populace. Too timid to have their minds stripped down to bear bare reality (which, like the mind, is not solid), the masses continue to run into tighter and tighter spirals around an empty point (what’s the point?), obedient dogs chasing tails that are made-up (tales). It doesn’t have to be this way, but there is no telling when or if this dizzying trend will stop.

Back to my starting point, that I am reneging what I stated in my last post: that that was going to be my “last post”. I suppose in some broader sense, it was truly my last post until I posted this one. So for two months it was the “last post”. But like the idea of the “last Jedi”, after which there would be no more Jedis, that was just an idea with no merit or weight to it. I suppose I had to try it out to see how it felt–see if I really could or would just not post anything ever again. I will confirm that everything in that last post other than it being the final post (i.e. the end–silly me, endings only happen in movies!) is true, especially the end in which I reveal that everything comes from and goes back to Love. Love is the ultimate reality; it is what encompasses All. However, Love is not all there is. Love is the first and the last which contains every deviation in between. Free will allows humans to deviate from Love. To return to Love is to return to oneself in the Now–however the Now presents itself–Now. This involves getting into what is real by getting beyond the fantasies of the programmed individual and collective minds. There’s more going on and coming up than a red white and blue themed party in which everyone is duped into believing a majority is deciding who gets to wear a smart pin on their jacket next year.

Pin Painting, 2018, 2″x2″. It’s just an image

As I began writing this on 10-5-2020, Pluto came out of a 5+ month retrograde period. This is significant globally, especially as it now completes an intense triple conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn–both of which also came out of retrograde within the past month. For myself, this Plutonian shift has been felt significantly, and is intimately tied to Mercury returning to its starting point in my natal chart on the day of publishing this post, 10-11-2020, at 11 degrees Scorpio. Mercury, the messenger of the gods who wields a staff of entwined serpents, flies betwixt the realms of hell, earth, and heaven to seek information and deliver messages globally. This planet of communication returns to its original position in an individual’s natal chart every 10-11 months. Time flies like a spiral, and melts like a Mobius strip. Heads up!: in 3 days, Mercury will go retrograde in Scorpio (whose modern ruling planet is Pluto, reveler of the hidden). On the day of the American Election (11-3-2020), Mercury will go direct in Libra, the sign of balance and justice. Lamentably, this does not mean the election results will result in balance and justice, as this is not possible given the underlying circumstances. The scales are already favoring agendas beyond the segregation of Left-Right, a tug of war which is divide and rule.

Photo taken on 11-6-2018 of display element at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum describing the principle of Mercury in alchemy. He has many things to say that will kick the butts of all liars and deceivers. Mercury, who in some alchemical illustrations is depicted as the third element uniting masculine and feminine manifestations, conducts the ceremony with the caduceus wand which depicts the DNA-woven dual energies of creation. This depicts the sacred marriage of the King and Queen brought together through the mercurial powers of communication.

The American Election looms day by day, being woven into the fabric of some time. It is a time in which We The People are expected to cast a vote reflecting our candidate or party preference, casting it off into a supposedly (not really) democratic system in which we are “given” a “right” to a voice–a voice in the form of a (pre-scripted) “vote” between two supposedly (not really) opposing candidates. No amount of fanfare, political rhetoric, broken-record comedy or emotive propaganda will blind me into thinking that Biden is significantly different from Trump (or that anyone else on the ballot will trump either of their heavily-funded respective popularity). They are both fired for eternity in my mind. If it’s not clear through my non-emoji usages of “__” and (__), I don’t buy into the narrative (fairy tale construct) we are told and sold, the narrative which states that the President of the United States is “elected” by all the voting-eligible individuals of the country drawing a line with a blue or black pen on a piece of paper that is inserted into a machine that looks, sounds, and acts suspiciously like a paper shredder.

You’re vote may get counted in the polls–but, as it was in the 2000 election between Bush junior and Gore, there may be a wee “fluke” in the state of Florida in adding up the math. Politics are so professional: there are no “accidents”! Choice is an illusion. All “opposing” political parties are at the mercy of (or in cahoots with) more powerful people, organizations, intelligences and influencers which operate outside the bounds of the elementary school game show that is partisan politics. The game is counted–and not by your vote. This is not unique to America. By a small majority (but a majority no less), The People of the UK voted to become independent of the EU 4 years ago…and yet still governmental pawns behind the podiums can’t seem to make the vote count. Your vote will be (already is!) overridden if it does not serve the interests (key word: interest)–of powers that have been for a long time.

I won’t be voting for any Presidential chess piece in this election. I’m voicing my perceptions and research on this page, here now. My voice has nothing to say in the form of a giving it away to support either mask behind the podium (they both win for having equally big masks). The political circus that most Americans watch on some form of technological screen is the show–the people acting on that show in front of the camera behind your screen are not the producers or writers. The show you are shown–which operates through your “personal” social media as well–is there to disguise and distract you from bigger operations at play. And no, the Russians don’t need to collude or interfere to make this happen…but apparently forces within the bounds of the U.S. government needed to have the former director of the FBI, made into “special counsel for the Department of Justice”, do a hokey four-volume investigation “report” regarding this alleged conspiracy (finally the Left had one of its own!), in order to (not) unseat POTUS (Holy See, imagine if this happened to the Pope!), but most likely in order to distract/entertain American viewership for several years. If Russia had interfered with the election, they would have done so using their super-psychic super-powered spies–and hence, there would be no tangible or written evidence to be found. Even the Deep State has deep fakes. Better speak your truth now, as the ability to speak and write freely is being insidiously and not-so-insidiously threatened more and more, day by day. The behemoths who create and lord over “news” and internet media, with programmed talking head thought police, cult classic worthy propaganda, algorithms and spider bots to boot, are hounding individuals who say anything about their manipulations, who put to death their mainstream narrations (fairy tale lies). 2020 is censoring speech like its 1984, hounding heretics like its the Spanish Inquisition circa 1666.

The White House isn’t un-wholy different from the Apostolic Palace. Detail from The Greater Seal / 2018 / Celeste Evans

During the “Holy Inquisition“, “official” inquisitors (authority figures working for the Establishment/Institution) inquired (questioned) anyone they decided (via their “authority”) who questioned the official (mainstream) narratives (lies). Anyone that did not agree with (submit to) their official rules were silenced, shamed, imprisoned, tortured and/or put to death. Most 21st century humans know that that history happened because of control, corruption, lies, deceit, greed and many other evil ways coming from the ruling institutions in charge at that time. Sadly, people today don’t necessarily know better about the present. They are blind to what is unfolding all around them. The trend continues in which those who question authority and the mainstream narration that ushers from holy offices and orifices get condemned in some modern way. The dissidents who free their minds from the enslaving ideologies and fake identities of established politics, education, science, medicine, and ways of living (especially any “new norm”) will always have the lying tales of the inquisitors on their tails, with hoards of pitchfork-wielding serfs, the mindlessly screaming mainstream-believing followers to back up their pathetic efforts of silencing those who speak for true freedom–a freedom which is not given (as a “right”) to you by some document written centuries ago, upheld by “elected” authorities with a flag pin pinned to their suits. It is a freedom that comes organically from within, which is spoken, and which you already possess if you are willing to own it.

I’m alive now, and my life–as does EVERYONE’S life irregardless of skin color–matters. Did the person Barack Hussein Obama II really make America great again (i.e. with “Change” and “Hope”)–or did his nice smile just allow all of his well-meaning Leftist supporters to sleep through 8 years of the same war-mongering, domestic and foreign economic plundering and crashing, racially dividing, bipartisan hair-splitting, and hip propaganda, with policies and maneuvers that have occurred and continued throughout ALL presidencies for a long time–at the very least, the whole time I’ve been alive as I am, which in the grand narrative isn’t that long (not long after the election “results” are over I’ll be 31). Relax: the reality under the skin would have been no different (perhaps worse) with Hillary and her impeached husband (friend of Jeffrey Epstein!) in the Oval orifice office. Round and round it goes.

It’s dismaying to me how many people around my age thought (and probably still think) that Bernie Sanders was/is some kind of savior alternative to run-of-the-mill politics, and likewise that “Socialism” (or some fantasy ideal of it) is a positive alternative to “Capitalism” (or what we are told is the basis of America’s economy, but which I’ve heard sharper people substitute the word cartelism). Somehow what is labeled “progressive” praises an ideology which is as regressive as the Soviet Union circa the earliest of the 90’s. It’s nothing new–and historically was tried, predicted to demise, and then died. Vladimir Lenin supposedly said: “The goal of socialism is communism“. Not too far away is totalitarianism. Some voters in the U.S. today naively support this fantasy, which makes me wonder if they would be happier living in Communist China, with its technocratic surveillance and social credit system.

In America, Donald Trumpty Dumpty, Joe Bides His Time, and Bernie burning-the-candle-at-both-ends Sanders are like an unholy trinity of different faces of the same white male patriarchy that many supposedly oppose. I use the phrase white male patriarchy tongue in cheek, since these issues, although thousands of years old, are only skin deep. And yet today people are encouraged (via mind-control terms like “political correctness“) to feel obligations of “guilt” for things they themselves are not personally guilty of. You are allowing yourself to be bullied by false concepts and ideas being spewed out of a media machine that does not function to inform you about what is happening, but rather to manipulate your thinking and perception. Resulting is a produced collective delusion filtering down from hidden/masked locuses of control (illusion of choice) to individuals (consumers/serfs), making everyone feel powerless and guilty of something they aren’t guilty of. It’s time for tables to turn: for those who have been inquired by the “official” inquisitors to speak up with their own inquiring of what we are being “told”. Question authority and everything else as well.

“Establishment–it’s just a name for evil”–John Lennon

Through manipulated words and events propped up by made-up offices of hierarchical authority and cheered by celebrity puppets, people believe and perceive there is something wrong–with themselves and the world/planet. Out of fear, insecurity, and a general sense of not knowing what to do, the populace blindly protest things they don’t understand–as it is with climate “change” (nee global warming), having ballooned into a (falsely) apocalyptic faith made popular by convenient liars like Al Gore and child false prophet Greta Thunberg. I really can’t believe her tune, and the comments in this video reveal how many people aren’t buying her acting skills, or lack thereof. Nothing Al Gore prophesied came true when it was supposed to, and the fervent, paranoid hype about 10 years to change climate change or else lines up with Agenda 2030–not coincidentally. Does innocent Greta cover one eye because it helps her magically see invisible CO2, like some illuminat(i)ed saint, as her PR mother claims she can? There is an agenda but it is not to save the planet. Understand globalism and you can understand the world. Instead, feeling confused from an overdose of too many Tweets, people come crying and begging for censorship by Googley-eyes and Facadebook to save them from themselves and to determine what is hate speech (what it really is: a 2020 term for 1984 Newspeak). However, lines drawn in the sand get washed away by the oceanic tide churned by a machinery, which, like the moon, operates through people subconsciously.

Back to the pale patriarchy: Barack, Hillary, Kamala, Warren, and AOC, despite superficial appearances, are no exceptions to a system whose head can be found on the $1 bill. All candidates say (either yell into the microphone, Tweet like there’s no tomorrow, or, with basket cases like gentle Joe, muffled even without a mask) the same promises (lies) with different words: I’m going to defeat ABCDEFG…and make America great (democrat-run, republican-run, more socialist, more capitalist, with the art of the deal or newly green with a deal, something it never was is or will be) again (because I’m ABCDEFG…). It never rolls down from Capitol Hill that way. And yet every time–as long as your chosen candidate gets to be the chosen one–you “hope” things will roll out as they Tweeted they would/wouldn’t. What happens instead is that the well-meaning populace is duped into believing appointed figurines who serve (as acting stooges) some other agendas (like 9/11) they aren’t telling you about, and which, as history has shown, is not actually for your benefit (like 9/11). Voting is sometimes propped up on promises of ending war…only to reveal two terms of replacing American troops with American drones to continue the same war efforts, but with a different face. Face it: this is the reality born by politically informed and motivated ideologies. The Pretender will “keep you in the dark” (lyrics) and use predictive programming in music and other videos. “Democracy dies in darkness”.

That’s really dark…

Ever notice how authorities calling the shots for war never actually shoot in the war, anymore? That was so 1776. A clever cartoon named Uncle Sam told you to do otherwise; another more hip one tells you to OBEY because of “Hope” and “Change”. Instigators of propaganda do what they can to club your mind, actions, and voice into submission for their benefit. The false certainty in Sanders’ mediocre propaganda didn’t work anyway, nor was it true (“Trump’s worst nightmare”? He slept through it like a well-behaved baby). People put their eggs in a basket tied to a hot air balloon (it’s full of hot air). This ridiculous circus is not only put on by oldsters as it includes young and naive (groomed) political puppets like AOC. It bewilders me how members of the Left question every hair on Trump’s chinny chin chin but don’t ever ever question why Hillary didn’t run in this election. I confess now that I voted for Hillary in 2016–not out of belief in her, however, but out a sense of peer-pressure (gotta fit in!), some fantasy ideal that if a woman is President, then sexism will be cured, and also not wanting that casino guy to be President. I’m never voting in that way again. Who is it that is “a Neocon, a war hawk, a liar, an unindicted criminal, and a Wall Street puppet” (source)? If you are on the Left, you shout: Trump! If you are on the Right, you shout: Clinton! Congratulations: you are both correct! Donald and Hillary are all of those things (and more), in their own individual (puppet-ed) way. Bernie Sanders and other “alternatives” (who never ever get to the endgame) end up being ruses in the illusion of choice. Both Right and Left voters content themselves through avoidance of looking at the false foundations of their respective houses built of sticks and straw. It’s only the third little piggie who is able to outwit the big bad wolf.

Those who govern this world only pretend to care about you to get you to vote for them and in so much as you will go along with their plans and plots and schemes. “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact.” –from 1984, by Eric Arthur Blair (pen name George Orwell). Is the “1%” going to let go of control of worldly power (trillions and trillions of buck$, ever-merging corporate monopolies, mansions of empty real estate, entire countries, oil reserves, federal reserves, militia and police (fusing more day by day), news media entertainment et al) willingly to end poverty and ignorance (which they don’t have a problem with because they themselves are not poor nor ignorant)? Has this ever been happening? For thousands and thousands of years those with worldly power must maintain levels of poverty and ignorance to keep their model of society rolling up the pyramid. And round and round it goes…and yet still very few KNOW. As John Lennon admitted: “If anybody can put on paper what our government and the American government and the Russian…Chinese…what they are actually trying to do, and what they think they’re doing, I’d be very pleased to know what they think they’re doing. I think they’re all insane” (video). That was in 1968. 1980 was 40 years ago. The time is always NOW to KNOW–to find out and know “what they think they are doing”.

It was all based on this illusion, that you can create violence and overthrow what is, and get communism or get some right-wing lunatic or a left-wing lunatic. They’re all lunatics.” (source). And also: “Lennon did not waste time trying to rationalize why politicians were acting out. Although he did not understand their motives, all he knew is one thing: The people running our society are “maniacs” and they are acting to achieve “maniacal ends (source). Other short videos featuring Lennon speaking on such matters are here and here. It’s time for people to understand for themselves the motives of the “1%” system, motives which are unfortunately serving “maniacal ends”. This vintage video clip (created by a Hollywood insider) drops a hint.

I forgot to laugh when I found out about a trend of belief regarding some patriotically-misguided fantasy that Trump is “draining the swamp” (he’s been filling the swamp) by doing some kind of magical or managerial underground coup through “sealed indictments” to arrest the elite sex traffickers (whom he himself has rubbed elbows with), or that he’s going to “fix the economy” by reinstalling the gold standard (by installing gold toilets in the White House?). Your patriotic participation in these fantasies involves “trusting the plan”. We never actually get told what “the plan” is, but the video propaganda for Qanon is so slick and enticing I almost thought it wasn’t like another Hollywood flick. Maybe “the plan” has to do with the plan–I mean pan–demic? I could be grossly off base, but it really reeks like Qanon is a psyop, a very effective and deeply connected one, most likely created for political purposes and to distract people from seeking deeper truths. I was fascinated and dismayed to observe on the internet groups of “spiritually minded” people supporting Trump’s maneuvering as something heroic, as if he’s a renegade in the system. He’s just another player, puppet, and controller in the unfolding of an agenda which involves Biblically destroying Al-Aqsa Mosque and replacing with with the 3rd temple. The real clues and cues keep adding up via maneuvers like making Jerusalem the capital of Israel, moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and taking over Golan Heights. The “peace plan” is not about universal peace. Just keep “trusting the plan” and for sure, the plan that you are anything but privy to will roll down from the sky which will at the same time be rolling up like a scroll as you scroll right on down your censored and monitored social and non-social media news feeds. Stop dependently drooling for Q drops (they are there as a distraction) and look at the actual events that are unfolding. This isn’t “theory”–it is what is happening.

“It has frequently been observed that terror can rule absolutely only over people who are isolated against each other and that therefore one of the primary concerns of tyrannical government is to bring this isolation about. Isolation may be the beginning of terror; it certainly is its most fertile ground; it always is its result. This isolation is, as it were, pretotalitarian; its hallmark is impotence insofar as power always comes from people acting together, acting in concert; isolated people are powerless by definition.–Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

The Knight of Swords swoops in to cut through illusion

Covid-19 is revealing itself to be the type of event that minds who have ventured outside the mainstream bubble mind were expecting. This plandemic is anything but “accidental”. It is not what is being portrayed by the “officials” and “authorities”– the politicians and their governments THROUGH the Media (of which Hollywood production plays a huge part with so many celebrities and televised faces promoting scandal–its so realistic!), the select health “professionals” and “experts” with millions of dollars to their names. The most “expert” of all might be Mr. Bill Gates, a supposed pioneer in “global health” who actually knows nothing about human medicine or health, being instead a computer geek born of a prominent family who historically promoted ideologies such as eugenics (a term now cleverly disguised as “population control” and “reproductive health”) (Meet Bill Gates). (Credit: I type these words on a lavender-colored $250 Windows 10 HP laptop made in China–thanks Bill! Why don’t you just stick to computer science?) Mr. Gates–the second of only two centi-bilionaire extraordinaires (the other being Amazon chief Jeff Bezos)–and his many affiliates and organizations, have ideas for the globe that have absolutely NOTHING to do your natural state of health–but rather a new normal state of biosecurity.

One of the most notable developments that has (not coincidentally) occurred during Covid-19 was the publication of a patent numbered WO2020060606 for a “cryptocurrency system using body activity data” published on 3-26-2020 by Microsoft (official page here). Those hip to numerology and/or Bible studies won’t fail to notice the triple digit hidden in plain sight–a number which also recently reappeared (5-1-2020) as H.R.6666, “The Covid-19 Testing, Reaching, and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act”. I mean, really? The numbers are so obviously there on purpose its a joke that people don’t notice. In tandem with these numbers is the Quantum dot “tattoo” for biometrically identifying people who have been vaccinated which was *conveniently* publicly announced by Bill and Melinda Gates in December of 2019–right as Covid-19 was just barely being announced to have mysteriously erupted in China. Do you want your body to be monitored and owned by a technocracy? That tattoo reminds me of how people were tattooed with their concentration camp number during the Holocaust. In 2014 I saw Holocaust survivor David Faber speak about his experiences for over an hour at my high school auditorium. I saw the tattoo on his arm which designated Auschwitz. Afterwards, I had to leave biology class early that day because I couldn’t hold back the tears.

What I am saying is not paranoid cynicism, as the connection I am inferring was also inferred in a video of Mr. Gates recently–of which the comments reveal how most people aren’t fooled. However, that video isn’t worth watching because the important piece was edited out; but no worry, you can find the original version here. Gates is cajoled by a Hollywood pundit “comedian” to not provoke the “conspiracy theorists” (i.e. people who figure it out themselves) with such terms and conditions. However, the term “final solutionwhich Gates uses to describe his vaccine does not refer to a “theory”, but a historical nightmare orchestrated by elected eugenicists with a merciless agenda. No one who is a “philanthropist” (a word which denotes a lover of humankind) would use that term to talk (and then laugh) about helping the human population. I can’t stomach it. The Devil hides in plain sight–and laughs in your face. Those people on television are wearing a mask even when they aren’t wearing one specifically mandated by Covid-19. Did I mention the notable “event” that occurred only a few months before Covid-19 went public, “Event 201: a global pandemic exercise”? It’s seriously time to wake up fast people. History repeats itself because each time it is unmasked, the hidden machinery behind world events manufactures a new mask to hide again its creations of needless nightmares for sleeping humanity. You must stop believing in the mask.

As Morpheus tells Neo about The Matrix, “It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth…you have to see it for yourself”

Besides being orchestrated to justify Gate’s unnecessary fantasy of total world vaccination, the scamdemic is also for the purpose of wrecking the global economy for a global economic reset aka “The Great Reset” (your guide here). There is so so much more to say about this, from the not-new plan to do away with physical cash to the newly announced palm purchasing system by Amazon (“He required everyone–small and great, rich and poor, free and slave–to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark.“–Revelation 13:16-17). There’s no question that small and even great businesses are deflating and is inflating like a virtual balloon destined for Mars. For this post I won’t be going down the economic rabbit hole any further, but leave its threshold by mentioning that the American economy is not controlled by the federal government but rather the Federal Reserve System.

Indeed, your health might be in danger–but not because of a virus that you catch and die from if you don’t put a muzzle on your face and stand six feet away from everyone. The mainstream News obsesses over issues of race and historical slavery in America…and *conveniently* forgets to report the crucial historical use of the mask: that black slaves were forced to wear them. All races around the globe are now being forced to don masks (and even encouraged to use it as advertising and make it fashionable! I seriously want to puke into my mask, but then I might be accused of having Covid…), because we are told morals like “its for our own good and the good of others“. Too bad “masks” and “social distancing” don’t work. Newsflash: the dramatization of deaths being reported throughout the Media (when tens of thousands of influenza deaths happen every other year, just not reported on the news every day like it is now) is created by a few factors: like how 94% of Covid deaths had other medical conditions, hospitals and doctors being ordered to label Covid as cause of death even without testing and irregardless of any evidence or real science. But even that doesn’t matter because the tests don’t actually test for a virus. Which logically explains why people who have no symptoms whatsoever (i.e. are perfectly healthy), go get “tested” and get a positive result (a false positive). So if you don’t put a piece of cloth over your breathing holes, or physically–I mean socially!–distance yourself from your fellow humans, you might get bacterial pneumonia and you will test positive for Covid-19 anyway! You’ll be saved from all of this however if you allow doctors who follow order$ like obedient military men to inject some mysterious, highly technological fluid (only the gods who created it know what its made of) into your human body which in biological reality needs no vaccine to function healthfully. Do you really want to be a guinea pig, giving your body and life away to experimenters whose idea of “human health” is rooted in the pseudoscience of eugenics? You must be willfully blinded by “science” (Scientism: the mainstream religion of today) if you are unable to hear the logic of what is being stated and instated. Why is there such hysteria to censor the minority of people who are against vaccines? Why not just let the unbelievers (“science deniers”) get sick with the second wave of Covid that is being “prophesied” from on High–and then this would prove that the vaccine worked? It’s pseudoscience backed by big names, big bucks, big tech, big media, and the blind faith of manipulated minds.

Big Pharma and the vaccine industry are now gleefully in the midst of a rat race promoted and funded by the face of the second wealthiest person on the planet, who is as much of a philanthropist as the Pope. Centralized Religion, Science, and Health (hello NWO) function through DOGMA: “a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true“–definition from Google. People believed in the Pope for thousands of years because they were scared into submission. People believe in a vaccine NOT because it works but because they are scared into submission. It comes down to FEAR. Holler all you want that its the latest and greatest medical “science”, but there’s no actual proof that a vaccine works any more than a piece cloth. A guinea pig you will be in a laboratory of mad scientists. In the meantime, women are worried about having access to birth control blocked as Obamadoesn’tcare is rolled away by Trumpy Dumpty. However, with the upcoming vaccine, you may be sterilized in the process (so no need to worry about having access to birth control!). But don’t worry: the White House and military is currently mobilizing for Operation Warp speed to get you a vaccine swifter than you can get a Happy Meal at the drive through. If Event 201 isn’t enough of a smoking gun, Here is a guide to open your eyes to origins of the pandemic. 2020 is coming to a close: Open your eyes to 20/20 vision now.

The test results are in: it’s a whole lot of b.s.

It will be so easy for the official liars to hail a resurgence of Covid (a la Covid-21) when people all over the globe are having symptoms which aren’t actually coming from a contagion, but rather from the very vaccine injected into their veins mandated by the government that was miraculously designed in a few months for a virus that isn’t scientifically diagnosed. If that doesn’t go as planned, we have 5G being installed at a school near you, so even those who don’t get vaccinated could start having symptoms from the high-frequency millimeter waves in addition to microwaves. Apparently this gets the golden award for “the worst kind of fake news” (that article ironically actually being the fake news, as it provides zero real information, instead reporting “this happened and he/she said…”), even though real investigations reveal otherwise. 5G is such “advanced” “new” “technology” (funded heavily by the Pentagon–not just the “telecommunication” corporations!) that it is not an upgrade of 4G, but rather an entirely different beast that needs its own infrastructure. Mysterious symptoms won’t be coming from other humans or gross paper money–but from a totally new (totally unnecessary) global infrastructure made of possibly up to 42,000 satellitesthe perfect totalitarian surveillance and control net that will not “save the world” as this moronic Forbes article says it will. While the whole world is currently “shutdown”, 1000’s of million-dollar Starlink satellites are being launched into orbit (as of writing, the last launch on 10-6-2020 featured 775 satellites). These are developments which simultaneously have been, are, and will continue unfolding. Connect the dots to see the whole picture. Open your eyes, ears, and mouth. Stand up. Wake up. “You got to wake up / You’re in the presence of your future / Wake up, see what you’re doing in our sleep” (lyrics).

Take back your mind. Seek to overthrow the ignorance that is within yourself. Generate your own thinking processes by freeing yourself from dogma. Speak with your unique voice–and don’t heed those that try to censor you because of THEIR fear. Say NO to what you don’t believe in; don’t let anyone control what you do with your life or body. We’re all on this planet at the same time. No one’s gets off this space ship easy. Time flies as a spiral, and melts like a Mobius strip.

This film will fill you in on some American history that you didn’t learn in school (and there’s a reason why you didn’t)

This film will help you understand how Media and Entertainment is an occult mind control operation directly tied to the American government. UPDATE 10-15-2020: That video is no longer available because it was CENSORED by the system trying to hide the TRUTH. WOW its getting more obvious day by day. The censorship makes it clear that there is something really important being revealed. You can watch it here and here.

This short film explains how “collectivism” is used for social control

Justice, from the Hermetic Tarot

If you LOVE: if you LOVE planet Earth, people, children, animals, plants, freedom, individuality, creativity, and being alive, you would not support what has been brewing–from the Holy See (all-seeing) to Hollywood Babylon–and fermenting in the bowels of the occult elite. The Devil is the oldest trick in the book. Forgo mentally slovenliness. There’s a reason they are censoring people exposing what they are doing. If the higher ups weren’t doing lowly things they wouldn’t need to censor or hide anything. DUH. It’s obviously not good. Be a courageous lion. Be Love, Fear not. Cast off your ignorance now. Don’t just “follow”: educate yourself. Justice is coming.


“He may flee from the iron weapon,
But the bronze bow will pierce him.” –Job 20:24

Read Job 20: “The Triumph of the Wicked Is Short”

“Cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ Vanity asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But, conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one’s conscience tells one that it is right” –The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

“The time is always right to do what’s right” –MLK Jr.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” –MLK Jr.

“Produce your own dream…. It’s quite possible to do anything, but not to put it on the leaders…. You have to do it yourself” –John Lennon

The world is an oyster. The shell is made of lies. It must be pried open to reveal the pearl of truth.

Every human being has a unique voice and every human being can and should say what they have to say.

(updated 12-21-2020)