Renegade Reflections…

I FIRST STARTED this blog in May of 2016. I don’t recall where the initial inspiration came from; I believe it sprung from an impulse to write out and share what was being processed through my mind regarding, initially, my art making. This expanded into including some experiences and illuminations, as well as piecing together all the seemingly disparate and nonsensical manifestations of “reality”–this Wild Wild World–as I was receiving it. Through writing, I have traversed diverse psychological territory through my own consciousness as it was overlapping and interacting with collective consciousness unfolding. It has been an integral part of my own process of unplugging from the “matrix”: the anthropocentric world made up of illusions and delusions, the encrusted layers of societal programming, and the old timelines of history–etc.

Across these 4+ years of discovering, researching, compiling, and writing, my perceptions and conceptions of how “reality”, “truth” and “self” are understood and experienced have changed and developed many times over. I keep these pages online–mainly because some inexpressible instinct tells me to do so. Maybe something within these pages will be intriguing to some, helpful or at best inspiring. I write this post as my last.

Through my experiences, explorations, seeking, creations and destructions, beginnings and endings, I finally got to the bottom of it all. I got to the Foundation of Everything, upon which everything else rests upon, springs from and also returns. It is Love. The energy of Love creates and maintains existence from the inside out. It is the glue which holds Everything together–it is the Axis which keeps the balance. It is the Alpha and Omega–and the OM: the Sound which is all sounds as One. Love is the universal unifying Essence which exists eternally within and throughout Everything, no matter how large or small, base or corrupt, mutated or manipulated something may appear to be. That which is not an inner embodiment and outer expression of this Unconditional Love has simply temporarily deviated from this original energy which creates All. All came from Love, and through time, All returns to Love.

–Celeste Evans 8-12-2020 (final revision 8-31-2020)