The Eclipse of the Feminine

The Sun is blocked in the Star of the Water Bearer while the Moon is eclipsed in the jaws of Leo the lion

ON THIS NIGHT OF THE SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON there will be, is, and finally was, a full lunar eclipse “visible to millions” at max darkness at 12:12 am EST. On the West Coast of America it eclipsed now at 9:12pm on Sunday, the day of the Sun, on 1-20-2018. In the Zodiac the Sun was stationed at zero degrees in the 2nd-to-last water-bearing Aquarius, while the moon was opposite at zero degrees in Leo the Lion, king of beasts. A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth gets in between Sun and Moon, blocking solar rays (source light) from reaching (mirroring) the lunar face which normally lights up the night (darkness). The light we do receive from this “blood moon” in which the “whole moon turned blood red” is simply light refracted from the Earth’s atmosphere (a reflection of a reflection…). At this time I can’t help but ponder the human implications of solar light from the humanitarian sign Aquarius being blocked from reflecting off the moon of solar-powered Leo the Lion at the zero degree. Just as currently “there is a growing humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border” (as trumpeted by someone whose rising sign of outer appearances is at the last degree of Leo), there is an eclipsed (hidden) humanitarian crisis on the border dividing the genders. However, this situation is not what we are being told it is–for the skin of surface appearances has not yet been shed.

The moon above, earth between, and sun below. The eclipse (will be, is, and then was) at max darkness at 9:12 PM PST at double zeros Aquarius and Leo
Like how the moon’s illumination is actually a reflection of the sun‘s rays, the image above diagramming the principle of as above so below demonstrates that the reflection is upside-down (not what it seems). The reflected image is also not the source of the illumination, but rather more like a shadow. Image:

Although the moon is most commonly associated with the feminine side of man, there are ancient histories of lunar deities being masculine, most notably in Sumerian and Islamic tradition. This shouldn’t surprise anyone since the flag of the latter features a star and crescent moon. The roots of Egyptian legends feature the resurrected god Osiris as a moon god while his feminine counterpart Isis was solar. It wasn’t until centuries later with the rise of imperialist Greco-Roman Paganism that Isis and similar appropriated goddesses went lunar. This light-switch from solar to lunar was not totally impractical however, since the biological feminine menstrual cycle is tied to the moon. However, this association is perhaps reflective of Eve’s fall from Eden as she became condemned within the body to painfully bear children, thus becoming chained (and fallen) to her biological rather than spiritual rhythms. Such is the fate of mortal woman? Whatever the original origin may be, in this day and age, pop religion culture has the moon being feminine.

The moon split in two? These two biologically female rabbits look like the moon with dark and light sides–which also reflect each other. The reason for this is that they were made that way. Nature is already perfect!
In Chinese folklore there is a white rabbit on the moon which mixes up an elixir of immortality. So where’s that rabbit? Image: wikipedia

The lunar eclipse happening now is especially intriguing considering the recent news in which the Chinese Chang’e lander along with the Jade Rabbit 2 made the “1st-Ever Landing” on the “dark side” of the moon on 1-3-2019.  This “side” of the sphere which is half the moon isn’t actually “dark”–we just can’t view it from our Earth-bound perspective because of a seemingly magical and mathematical synchronous rotation called “tidal locking“. It is notable that this is not totally unlike how women on Earth are locked to their menstrual cycle which is also locked to the tides of the moon.

As depicted in this worn 16th century triptych at Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois in Paris, Eve and Adam had a pair of pet rabbits in Eden. We are commonly taught that Eve who came from Adam caused original sin. However, as she was nai-eve, that might actually represent the lesser part of the problem–as it was the “talking serpent” who first disobeyed “God” and who was then “cursed above all the livestock” and cast out onto Earth to “eat dust all the days of your life” (Genesis 3:14)–deceiving humanity until the end. Note: that serpent is not human

Now that there is planted but not growing evidence that humans have landed on the unknown side of the moon, and on this day of the super blood wolf moon eclipse, it is time to land below the surface of the popular image of the feminine in contemporary culture.

Which came first: the Moon or the Death Star? With so many “new” missiles, maybe the new 2019 version of the old 1983 Star Wars initiative will finally shoot this mystery down!

After all: things are really coming up for revealing now, as certain so-called “conspiracy theories”  regarding the 1969 American moon landing might be coming true. And just like how the photos from China’s landing are not actually the first glimpses of the dark side of the moon, the images of pop culture have been showing us the dark, purposefully subverted side of the feminine principle for quite some time. After all: the Devil hides in plain sight! And what better place to do that type of hiding than on the big screen (of your personal handheld illuminated device, no less)!

Screenshot taken 1-17-2019 of Wikipedia page for “List of most-followed Instagram accounts“. Isn’t it ironic that while mainstream culture is hectically promoting “gender equality” in music, politics, education et al, Instagram–a major “social media” platform used for self-promotion–via Wikipedia has boxes that are stereo-typically pink for female and blue for male? (If you are “gender neutral” you just get marked with a – ). In the top 20, F outnumbers M 2:1
In “The Devil” tarot card, both women and men are chained to the rhythm. While women were wiped clean with the face of a paper towel in the “Who’s Your Shero?” campaign, most recently men got the razor by getting shaved off, as explained in this Forbes article. Image:

Popular culture” is a mirror by which we can reality-checkmate what feminine values and characteristics are actually being promoted and programmed en masse today. The most artistic arm of the pop culture machine reaches out to you from the depths of the mainstream music industry, and which, like politics, uses not-so “social media” as a propagation tool–a tool which can also be read like a thermometer or Geiger counter. Taking a reading of the women at the top of the most-followed Instagram accounts reveals they are primarily labeled “Musician”, with some as “Actress” and others “Reality TV personality”. As of today, #3 on the list (#1 being Instagram itself and #2 a male Portuguese footballer) is 26-year-old @selenagomez–whose name Selena means moon, Gomez meaning man–with 144 million followers. Most recently (3 months ago) she was “ft.” in a music video (“Taki Taki“–a meaningless phrase meaning many things) with DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Cardi B. The video also features a Range Rover, brand new sneakers, red leather jackets, lingerie, an illuminated neon coiled serpent, and DJ Snake giving the hang ten sign (because he wants you to turn down for what). Selena’s appearance in the video is a far and painful cry from the wholesome, humanitarian female character she appears as in most of her Instagram posts. Overall, “Taki Taki” is aesthetically “Satanic” (I guess they just want to celebrate Halloween all year long!)–something which, as will be revealed, is a common spiderweb threading (nearly) ALL top pop music acts today. In a completely different vein, This video (which starts off with the word “VIDEO”–because you’re that stupid, right?) released 7 months ago features an entirely different (opposite) Selena who is age-regressed to a fictional teenager in fake scenarios demonstrating her fake emotions. It is almost as if she has multiple personalities (or spirit possessions?) I wonder why? 

At #4 in the Instagram race for cult followers and idol worshipers is 25-year-old @arianagrande with 142 million. Her most recent video–a Christmas special called “thank you, next“–starts off with fake stereotyped contemporary high schoolers expressing how they have been (negatively) affected by the pop singer. However, since they are ironic about it, they don’t seem to care–and so neither should you! Thank you–on to the next! However, this latest entertainment product is incredibly weak musically and thematically in comparison to her hit “God is a woman” released July of last year. Rather than be redundant in the already redundant-verse the interweb, the reader can read this article for starters. And yes, like all top pop puppet stars today, she blends in with America’s pop politicians, as can be read about here. In another type of blending, in May of 2018 she was pictured looking “bleached” (to make her look more Aryan, as one meaning of her name refers to?) on the cover of “Next Generation Leaders” TIME magazine, with her crescent moon neck tattoo in prominent view. After all is said and done, do you actually believe God is a woman (or give a damn)? If so, she’s a dangerous woman (but certainly not a free one!). But no matter, because she’s got no tears left to cry and a net worth circa 50 million. With that much money, she her producers rigged up a benefit show less than two weeks later for the allegedly Islamic extremist-motivated terrorist attack at a show of hers in Manchester on May 25th, 2017 in which 23 (including the bomber) were sacrificed killed, and 139 wounded, more than half of them children (–out of 21,000 audience members. TIME magazine (in partnership with Rolex) took advantage of the happening and released this unrelated meaningless propaganda video. Queen-of-England-owned news website delivered some of Ariana’s “personal” messages, like: “We will never be able to understand why events like this take place because it is not in our nature, which is why we shouldn’t recoil” (recoil…like a snake!). Understand this: There is another deeper reality just underneath the skin. This is probably why ranked her #1 in “The 45 young stars who will one day rule Hollywood“. It could also be because of her performance at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. She also has many videos on the the list of 35 best music videos of 2018 (#1 being a violent racist video called “This is America” starring someone who demonstrates characteristics of a lunatic. So…that’s America, folks?). The “most talked about cultural moments that defined 2018” according to from around the world had a dark vibe (like an eclipse) to say the least.

Moving on to #8 with @beyonce with 122 million blind and gullible followers. Her hit from 2011 which runs like a broken record–“Run the World (Girls)“–features, among many peculiarities, a woman on a black horse, a woman in a cage, and even a woman on a wooden cross–and a real live lion too! It doesn’t stop there: aesthetic and political propaganda is packed into scripted videos featuring live performances as well, like this one of “Run the World (Girls)“, featuring a digital geometric vomiting lion head and an army of fake clones of herself (#herlifematters!). Even though Queen B promotes herself as being a girl who runs the world, a year earlier on CBS she did a militaristic yet sappy performance of “If I Were A Boy” in which she screams she would “be better man”. This is probably Sasha Fierce talking. And although it may seem on paper that the Beyonce’s band is “progressive” (not rock however) by having itself a black female drummer for the past 7 years, there was recently a real (censored now dismissed) court order against Bey for some really spooky things. Plus: It has to be too obvious that mainstream entertainment and politics are inextricably intertwined when listed President Barack Obama’s #1 favorite song of 2018 as APES**T–a song and music video which I properly flushed down the toilet last year in this article.

So now are you “…Ready for It?“? #9 @ 114 million, @taylorswift wants you to look dead because she died in “Look What You Made Me Do“–a jingle which she performed Live at Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball in 2017 in a show featuring a not-so-merry-go-round and lots of slithering creatures–especially a ginormous cobra snake that is basically a copy-cat of Jafar from the End Game of the 1992 Disney animated film Aladdin. However apparently the game didn’t end yet, since in recent times the 29-year-old has been swiftly swept up into the political left-right game as her image “appears” to be being used to sway voters. I wonder if it was her appearance as the dead that brought this to life? No matter however, as the President at that moment put a nail in the coffin by declaring he likes her music “25% less now“. At the end of voting the day, this video from 2017 with over 12.5 million views as of today puts it all to rest.

More currently, we can watch @nickiminaj–who is in “Good Form” @ #14 with 98 million followers–talk $h*t on the current government shutdown via She however is not shutdown, and is using the opportunity to promote herself. Duh! Plus: as she says, “the country is in a hell hole” (so she must feel right at home!). Taking into consideration her latest nightmare “Barbie Tingz“, we should all be listening to her babbling–right? Of course she did do a jiggly jingle paying homage to the “Anaconda” (another giant snake!). (Addendum 2-2-2019: On 1-31-2019 she released her latest and most nightmarish video “Hard White” in which she says she’s “‘Bout to cop Neverland, Michael up in the tree” among other things). To make up for lost time we can just skip over #17 @jlo with 85.1 million followers (her songs are and always have been and always will be an incredible bore) to #19 @mileycyrus with 80.4 million fall-o-wers. Back in 2013, 20-year-old (S)Miley was portrayed as a wreck on a “Wrecking Ball“. And yet…where is @ladygaga in this Instagratification race with her fake guitar playing and “Million Reasons” for being “a holy fool” for “being in love with” “Judas“? She comes from a Roman Catholic background (check) after all! Yet even though she “won” some award recently for A Star Is Born and sang shallowly in “Shallow” that “ain’t in hard keepin’ it so hardcore” with only 32.2 million followers as of writing, she doesn’t instantly make the list. Sometimes that’s just what happens when you “Marry the Night“, for as she explains: “the lie of it all is much more honest”.

My personal favorite of all these female “personalities” lying in plain sight (lies which have many personalities–the opportunities are endle$$!) is #20 @katyperry (or as I like to call her, Kat Dog, perro being Spanish for dog), with 75 mil. In 2013 she released a video for her hit song “Roar” featuring a tiger and an annoying vocal track that I suppose is supposed to be her roaring but which sounds more like DJ record scratching. One of her most popular and far-out music videos features her posing as a kitschy version of the Egyptian Goddess Isis (mentioned earlier as originally being solar) while singing about being herself being a “Dark Horse“. This Christmas she had some Marylin Monroe inspired posts done up for her on Instagram–an all-too-obvious nod to the fact that M.M. (whose moon is in Aquarius and who (like Trump) is a Leo Rising with Sun in Gemini) was much more than “the most iconic figure in American culture“. Basically, Katy Dog is promoting 1950’s wo/men’s values. Even if you weren’t currently alive then (as I wasn’t) it should be noticed that 1950’s American culture was not an era of female empowerment. (In fact, it was the opposite!). She also did a stint with Oprah (cause we all want that celebrity to be President, right?) and also got a shot with “Bitch I’m Madonna“. Related to that, Kat Dog got major publicity on 4-28-2018 when she got a picture taken with “His Holiness @franciscus”. Everyone–especially the Pope–knows about the concept of an anti-Christ–but did anyone notice the Anti-Madonna who at age 60 led a full-on black mass ritual at the 2018 MET Gala? That was almost as high art as the fine art event that occurred on 11-12-2011 for the 2011 MOCA GALA, a dinner performance hosted by a fake but present artist featuring things you only want to see when trick-or-treating: severed heads, corpses, skeletons, people in doctor’s coats, and a host of many Hollywood Babylon celebrities. If Kat Dog wasn’t there, it was because she was busy serving herself up in her own “Bon Appetit“.

One official thing all these “Musician” women have in common is their American citizenship (United They Stand!..until they fall). I suppose T. Swift’s video “Bad Blood” from 2015 sums up the situation. Plus: I already tied together some of these (falling) “stars” in this article. But isn’t it just terribly ironic that these women–who are pons for entities in power–who supposedly represent female artistic success dress up like Marylin Monroe resurrected for a kitsch 1950’s style Christmas-themed Thanksgiving (last) supper? (Can it get any lamer…next year?). We’ve all seen the bombshell icon breathlessly singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to a laugh-track as if she’s a work of art, and which meager 12.6-mil-followed @lanadelrey did a cover of in 2012 in the video “National Anthem” (while reclining on a lion-skin rug singing “money is the anthem of success”). I sincerely wish upon a twinkle twinkle little star that this is all just fun, games, and entertainment…but even in the “real” yet secret (eclipsed) world of the Central Intelligence Agency–as of this year–“in a historic milestone for gender equality”…”Women now control all three directorates of the CIA” ( This “sisterhood of spies” (spi…ders?) featuring a trinity leading the CIA which is “now almost 50% women” might be okay if the newly-appointed Director wasn’t a cold-blooded torturer ( Is the female empowerment being promoted in Media and Politics simply entertaining post-modern irony–or is our eyesight being eclipsed by something more sinister?

And so it emerged from the depths: the all-seeing eye of global surveillance, robotic artificial intelligence, and total control approaching the quantum. And yet that cartoon is from circa 1984!

“The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist”        –Charles Baudelaire, Le Spleen de Paris, 1862

In the days leading up to this eclipse–like being paradoxically asleep and awake at the same time–the American government is still “shutdown” ( ( and many people are doing the opposite of being shutdown by taking themselves to D.C.’s privately-owned streets in the form of a Women’s March (where was (anti)Madonna wearing her devil-horn beanie like she did in 2017?), the annual 46th March for Life, (Pandemonium‘s here!”) an Indigenous Peoples March and–after the eclipse–a  scheduled Martin Luther King March. Agree or disagree, like it or not–ready or not here they come: this is all voices of the mountain, coming home to roost.

Screenshot from Pocahontas | Colors of the Wind | Disney Sing-Along (youtube)

Are We Not Men? Certainly we are not “Savages”!

Addendum 1-23-2019: This report reveals much regarding the contemporary manifestation of these voices

As for any Brain Damage so-far incurred, The sun is in tune but the sun is eclipsed by the moon

Listen to this, its a Total Eclipse!

To bring back the light as the super-blood-wolf-moon eclipse eclipses itself, I’ll serve a rockin’ music video from childhood which serves as representation of a re-renaissance of things much needed. After all: these green super mutants had nothing better to do than emerge from the Sewer System of Satanic Society and set things right (again?). This is how they (metaphorically and paradoxically) came out of and into their shell:

(From the intro to the 1987 cartoon) An intelligent but artificial mutagen leaking into the sewer nuclearly blasts the ordinary turtles, transforming them into humutants (i.e. super heroes)
…And they ascended in an illuminating rapture…
But alas: They still find themselves living in the systemic sewer of a society they don’t fit in to. Plus: now that they are upgraded and have become “heroes in a half-shell”, they are named after some serious artists from the past. “And they’re green!”

Note: the NT theme song starts with the image of a non-eclipsed moon

It is still turtles all the way down. This…remains good art:

The original Donatello didn’t so much do machines as he used tools to make sculptures. The originals were flesh and blood people! Sculpture from the Loggiato of the the Uffizi, Florence, Italy
Like the sun, the moon, and an eye. Doni Madonna by Michelangelo circa 1507 features the Holy Family trinity in a circle
St. Michael Vanquishing Satan by Raphael from 1518, currently at the Louvre, needs no explanation
Unlike this contemporary art fakery, the painting above was painted by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1517 and in 2019 is at the Louvre. St. John the Baptist knows what’s up and points the way