Beyond Two of Swords


AS THE STALEMATING GAME OF MID-TERM ELECTION DAY comes up for auction Tuesday, 11-6-2018, there is a better future timeline which is within the grasp of those willing to go beyond the blind dichotomy of the two of swords. The caveat: it requires you, as a sovereign individual to see beyond the red and blue charade (exchange your bipartisan blindfold for a pair of 3-D glasses!) and just say no to the false Democrat/Republican binary code generated to program Americans into unthinking robots who get to “vote” in a system that has become like a convoluted sewer treatment plant. You’d be more successful directing the outcome of elections by generating memes.

Another Brick in the Masonry / Nov 2018 / oil on raw canvas (photographed on concrete) / C.E.

In arrogance and haughtiness:

“Bricks have fallen—

We’ll rebuild with dressed stone;

Sycamores have been felled—

We’ll grow cedars instead!”

–Isaiah 9:10, JPS Tanakh

Your ballot which you might think is a bailout is packaged by the principles of DIVIDE AND RULE. This isn’t suggesting to skip voting–please do vote–but try checking (yourself) outside the black-and-white checkered boxes of Us vs. Them. PLUS: the 45th President recently came out of the closet about being a “Nationalist”. Short of waiting for the 44th President to come out and admit to being a “Socialist”, we might as well add the two up in an ideological oversimplification: What do you get when you combine the votes of Republicans and Democrats? Could it be National Socialism? Could there be an element of Good cop/Bad cop in the chemistry of the nation? It doesn’t take votes being rallied and tallied up to know that both sides are being duped. Party sides are only the side dishes to the main course being dished out anyway. Call this a party-pooper attitude, but when the poop is hitting the fan, is it appropriate to feel otherwise? It’s not exactly wise to throw more poop at the fans just because your “opponent” is having a hay day doing so. But since this seems to be a tactic of the times, is this evolutionary proof that we are descended from apes? However: you can’t fight fire with fire. When the problem resides within politics itself, the only effectual solutions are going to come from outside the realm of politics (i.e. outside of the problem). In other words: whoever it is you vote for–whether it is “experts” who have been in politics for decades, or some fantastic guru like Santa Claus–they aren’t going to fix your problems.

Affiliating singly with one political “side” numbers you another robot cog in the gears turning the Beast of politics (divide and rule). You are being manipulated both ways. The candle is burning at both ends. At the end of the voting day, only you can free yourself. A blue, red, white, black, or (somewhere over the) rainbow Government is not going to do it for you. Think. About. It.

Arise! You’re not dead. Image:

Blinded by the two of swords: Lyrics to Politicians in my Eyes

One thing should here, O mortals, be established by us, that God hath decreed to the world before her end, which presently thereupon shall ensue, an influx of truth, light, and grandeur, such as he commanded should accompany Adam from Paradise and sweeten the misery of man: Wherefore there shall cease all falsehood, darkness, and bondage, which little by little, with the great globe’s revolution, hath crept into the arts, works, and governments of men, darkening the greater part of them. Thence hath proceeded that innumerable diversity of persuasions, falsities, and heresies, which makes choice difficult to the wisest men…

–Chapter VII of The Confession of the Rosicrucian Fraternity (link)

The Archangel Michael / 1490 / Juan de la Abadia. Image: