Venus Goes Forward

IN THE FINAL DAYS OF the 40 days and 40 nights period of Venus retrograde in Scorpio/Libra (transpiring October 5th to November 16 this year) I came across this YouTube upload of a 1990 interview with the fantastic ever-prolific British music artist Toyah. Decades ago she spoke from a personal perspective on many relevant topics: from childhood bullying, teenage rebellion, and parental issues; spirituality, faith, and religion; and finally on being a career-oriented female in the world. These are themes which have been rendered so sensitive in the global warming of the hot war of American “media” today as to make snowflakes melt in the cold light of truth. Thus: what she said in 1990 is even more relevant (revealing) now in 2018. What she didn’t say was anything overtly #political–and yet, all she said is–in some messy for(u)m or another–politicized (i.e. used/abused for political agendas) at this point in history. Her personal words shine specific clarity within the “confused” realm of gender “issues”–without using the “f” word (namely, “feminism”–a term/label which deserves the alternative (fact) definition of fallacy–or rather, phallacy, for those members of the movement with penis envy). Serious joking aside, this is 15 minutes worth watching: