Living in the A.D. : Independence and the Abomination of Desolation

FROM TRUMAN TO TRUMP, it’s been 70 years since the U.S. Government “recognized” the State of Israel, a country which was invented on May 14th, 1948. The claiming of part of historical Palestine–the Holy Land to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike–as a self-proclaimed (and yet backed by Great Britain and the U.S.A.) autonomous Jewish state transpired in the nick of time to nip in the bud the scheduled ending of the British Mandate for Palestine, a continuation of sorts of the Balfour Declaration (written up by Walter Rothschild, Arthur Balfour, and a few other British statesmen) issued by the British government in 1917. These official measures essentially usurped the 400+-year-old grip the Ottoman Empire had on the region of Palestine, the torch now in Britain’s grasp. Since that WWI era declaration, the continual British involvement in Palestine through an increasing series of control-oriented mandates has escalated tension between Arabs and Jews in the area, as both ethnoreligious groups claim rights to the territory. When the UN in lieu of the expiring British Mandate tried to implement a territorial partition of the area to officially separate Jews and Arabs, civil war resulted. As the initial partition “plan” did not exactly pan out, it was instead transformed into the Israeli Declaration of Independence, officiating the State of Israel on May 14th, 1948. The very next day, armies from Egypt, Jordan, and Syria invaded the new state, beginning the First Arab-Israeli War–the start of the Arab-Israeli conflict which continues to this day. A great kick-starter to the start of a nation, no?

The Apple Cart That Upset Itself (Auto-Upsetting Apple-Cart) / 2018 / oil on wood / ~7″x9″/ Celeste Evans. America’s red mixed with white shopping cart upset by Independence Day fireworks in the void space of elliptical ideology. The fruit cart’s discontents include star-studded blue billiard balls which are playing the game of being grocery store apples. The auto-upsetting apple cart is also a true representation of “political correctness”. An aside question: how does this relate to the upset cart which the Ark of the Covenant was transported by?

Much like how the United States was created 242 years ago on July 4th, 1776 with a Declaration of Independence–irregardless of the Native Americans who had been living there for “thousands and thousands” (to use one of Trump’s favorite phrases) of years–Israel was created with an agenda which (however implicitly) excluded other ethnoreligious groups which also share over a thousand years of related history in the area. The creation of Israel on May 14, 1948 precipitated the Nakba–an exodus of 700,000 of Palestinians which has never been resolved. After the creation of America but before the Civil War (1861-65), the Government’s desire for control of more land coupled with the belief later known as Manifest Destiny led to official measures as the Indian Removal Act of 1830, a government-mandated exodus (i.e. genocide) in which thousands and thousands of Natives–and the African and mixed race slaves which lived among them–were forced from their ancestral homelands East of the Mississippi into other areas which would become Reservations. These “death marches” resulted in the extinguishing of thousands and thousands of Natives, the true number of which cannot be known, but a compilation of various internet searches reveals it to be between 10,000-20,000. In less than 10 years, 5 tribes totaling 46,000 Natives had been “removed” (

Map of the “death marches” implemented through the Jackson administration between ~1830-1842 Image:

This “removal” happened despite the fact that these particular Natives had been recognized by the Government as the “Five Civilized Tribes” and were considered autonomous nations. With the Indian Removal Act the Government got their land, and the Natives, African slaves, and mixed-race peoples that were left over got their new placement through displacement. This had been made possible by the massive Louisiana Purchase in 1803, in which the U.S. government “bought” the center territory of America from France, an area which had changed hands from France to Spain to France in the preceding centuries. Today, Midwest territory is solidly “American” pocketed with designated (segregated) islands of Indian Reservations. These Reservations are known to offer living conditions “comparable to Third world” ( and many are funded by revenue from culturally white but Native-run gaming casinos ( Under the Trump administration, the whole of America is undergoing another though different round of Government mandated re/displacement, this time involving the ‘returning’ (or detaining) of undocumented immigrants back across the U.S.-Mexico “border” to where they are “native” from. And yet ironically, weren’t the original European settlers (colonialists) of the “New World” essentially “illegal” immigrants?

Natives forcibly turned immigrants within their own land? Trail of Tears / Robert Ottokar Lindneux / 1942. Image:
“Depiction of William Weatherford surrendering to Andrew Jackson after the Battle of Horseshoe Bend” Image:

North, Central, and South America became known collectively as the “New World” to the Europeans of the 15th century and beyond. The New World that became the United States was as a country which would–in theory and law–be autonomous from its parent country Britain. It became a designated homeland for European immigrants seeking a new or better life under the auspices of “freedom” “liberty” and “justice”. The original founding motto of the United States was E pluribus unum: “Out of many, one”, with the phrases Annuit Coeptis (“He approves the undertaking”) and Novus ordo seclorum (“New order of the ages”) appearing on the Great Seal.

A colonial drummer drumming E pluribus unum on Bicentennial coinage. Image:

The phrase “In God We Trust”, which appears in Judaic, Christian, and Islamic texts, made its first appearance in America on a now non-existent two-cent coin in 1864. This phrase did not replace E pluribus unum as the country’s official motto until 1956, after which is began to appear on paper money. In 1954, “one Nation under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance. These seemingly small changes/additions are worth noting, since “Out of many, one” was essentially replaced by “Many under One”, or “One under One”. The implications of these ideological shifts are to be speculated.

Comparatively, the modern state of Israel was from the beginning created “Under God”, as it was (in part) made to be a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies regarding the “Promise Land” which would be granted unto the lineage of Abraham, the grandfather of Jacob (renamed Israel by God), who was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. Notably, Abraham is considered to be the Patriarch (father) of Judaic, Christian, and Islamic faiths. Bible aside, the Jewish lineage and faith is “one of many” that considers the area now known as Israel a spiritual and cultural homeland, and is “one of many” ethnic groups who have been exiled and persecuted in human history. Constitution aside, what is now known as “America”–the melting pot–is now considered the homeland for “Americans”–which, realistically consists of many ethnic groups originating from around the world. Previously, the territory had been the homeland of Native American groups (tribes). In both histories of America and historical Palestine, we see the play of “tribes” having been “lost“.

Comparatively, the installation of Reservations as semi-autonomous nations where displaced Natives could resume a life retaining some sort of cultural identity while being surrounded by a sea of European immigrants, would not heal or erase the war, conflict, and genocide which had occurred since the “discovery” of the Americas. The modern state of Israel was justified to be a location where the Jewish people–who had been persecuted throughout history in their own land as well as extensively abroad as the lost 10 tribes–of the 20th and 21st centuries could return to live as a connected ethnoreligious group in their Holy Land and have a collective identity again. With the atrocities of the Holocaust, the creation of Israel immediately following WWII must have seemed like it was sent by the Hebrew God for the Jewish people. However, pre-WWII mandates such as British Mandate for Palestine and the Balfour Declaration, culminating in the post-WWII “independent” state of Israel, did not prevent, erase, or heal the Holocaust–or any of the previous centuries crimes against Jews. Nor has it healed or prevented the same type of exile and genocide so many other ethnoreligious groups in the Middle East have faced over the centuries–and are continuing to face in worsening situations. In America, the blatant destruction of Native American way of life and culture was not healed through the creation of semi-autonomous Reservations, in which Natives essentially became exiled refugees on their own continent. Now in 2018, humanity is experiencing the worst worldwide refugee crisis since WWII ( There are now millions of humans from many ethnoreligious, political and economic backgrounds being homeless on their home planet. How does this make sense? Kind of like how in America it stands that “security”=”freedom”, we seem to have an oxymoron going on.

Since its official inception in 1776, over the course of 242 years, the United States of America has had 21 war-free years (p. 490; see following citation). All the other 221 years have been times of war, civil or abroad. And sorry to remind the >144,000,000 American voters of both “Right” and “Left” teams: GWB may have “started” the “War on Terror”, but Obama continued and advanced its agenda (i.e. terror on terror) full force through two solid terms. If America is actually the democracy it says it is, then it can be deduced that ALL Americans indirectly support War. Just as how the “War on Terror” is not, has not, and will not reduce or stop “terrorism”, not many “American” efforts for “freedom” “justice” and “liberty” under the Constitution are panning out to be fixing alleged “problems” within or abroad. Nor are political and governmental efforts healing any of the collective “melting pot” trauma Americans bear, genetically, psychologically, and otherwise.  As succinctly stated in the recently published book Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told (2017) by “conspiracy realist” David Icke, a volume I picked up last week and finished reading just in the nick of time for Independence Day, “The process of replacing tribes with nations and nations with superstates has largely been achieved through war“and “Major wars are not spontaneous” (p. 451). (Side note: I recommend the book based on the Funkadelic reasoning from 1970: Free Your Mind…And Your Ass Will Follow). Upon comparing the notes of historical events and facts, the modern state of Israel–not to be conflated with the House of Israel of the Old Testament–was created by men in positions of worldly (governmental) power. Though the United States apparently collectively trusts in God (individually every time an American spends a dollar bill this is confirmed!), the nation is being functionally run by men in positions of (govern-mental) power. Voting in this 242nd year masquerades as being functional when functionally speaking it is ceremonial and symbolic at best; at worst it is “rigged” (by God perhaps?). The true intentions and resultant effects of both countries govern-men-tal efforts is highly questionable, to say the least. As is implicitly and explicitly mentioned in the New Testament, Satan is the god of this world.

Upon becoming President, Donald Trump had a time-period oil painting portrait of Jackson hung in the Oval Office. Image:

Up to the present day, both of these governmental inventions–The United States of America and Israelhave implicitly and/or explicitly instigated repetitious war, conflict, and division among its peoples and outside their “borders”. This has continued across the superficial borders of 45 presidencies which America as a collective has “elected” to “serve” within a mostly bipartisan (divided) playing field. And yet–unlike words in a text book– ‘history’ is not linear: Upon taking office in 2017, 45th president Donald Trump hung a historical portrait of 7th president Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office. The newly minted President declared himself to be an admirer of Jackson, stating he was “most like Andrew Jackson with his campaign” ( Trump touted his belief that had Jackson been alive at the time, he could have prevented the Civil War ( By simply considering Jackson’s treatment of Native Americans and black slaves, one can deduce that what Trump meant by this is that Jackson would have prevented the Civil War by executive enforcement of the continuation of slavery and genocide of Natives (hence preventing war over the issues). In the case of Trump, his inspiration from Jackson seems to be manifesting in his implementations of new immigration policies, such as the “zero tolerance policy“. With the barrage mirage of “Fake News Media”, its seems near impossible for anyone who is not physically involved at the scenes of the crimes (i.e. anyone who isn’t at the warehouses detaining captured undocumented people) to actually know what is going on. Searching for information from various new sources yields reports ranging from thousands of children being kept in inhumane conditions and going missing ( to reports that these stories are false (

Come on America, she’s just exercising her First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech! Image:

(Addendum 8-26-18: In globalist all-seeing eye scope, perhaps what Trump is most poignantly referring to via the Jackson reference/reverence has less to do with racial slavery and more to do with financial slavery. The attempted assassination of Jackson in 1835 was due to Jackson’s attempts at assassinating America’s central banking system with its ties to England et al. Lincoln and Kennedy weren’t so lucky on that avant garde).

Whatever the case(s) may be, on June 20th the President signed an Executive Order “designed to halt the practice of separating families at the border and tamp down the rising international outcry it sparked” ( The very next day,  First Lady Melania Trump visited a children’s detention center in Texas, in which she wore the $39 jacket as seen in the photo pictured left. As the First Lady’s spokesperson stated, “It’s a jacket. There was no hidden message” ( No $#*% Sherlock, the writing is on the wall/jacket. Leave it to an official “spokesperson” to state the obvious. However, the meanings and implications of this message are yet to be revealed. For some insight, perhaps we can look/listen once again to ever-relevant Funkadelic:

Vinyl cover of the 1972 Funkadelic album America Eats Its Young. Image:

And yet who are America’s young? After all, America–like Israel–is a comparatively young nation. Within America’s and Israel’s borders and beyond, it appears the conquering efforts of “discoverers” and Colonialists never actually ended. Not accidentally, both America’s and Israel’s declared “independence” was supported and instigated by British influence. Though the creation of “America” was a declaration of independence from the British mainland mainstream government, the Founding Fathers were British. The Founding Fathers (America’s Abraham, or Father(s) of us all) essentially invented not only their own country and government, but their own people–now known as “Americans”. Those who were in the Americas before the Colonialists (immigrants) showed up in 1492 became erroneously known as “Indians” (because the Colonialists thought they were going to India!), but are now more commonly (political correction?) called “Native Americans”. Since that label is basically defunct in 2018, does having a Social Security number constitute your citizenship as a “native” American?

Invented August 14th, 1935
Invented November 4th, 1952. Is that eagle gripping one of the Keys to the Kingdom?

(As a side question: what is real relationship between the SSA, which is an “independent agency of the U.S. federal government” and the NSA?). With the recent expulsions of non-social security card carrying people, it appears that you only belong on American soil if you belong to the American government. Or, if you have enough official Native American blood, you can have dual citizenship to your tribe’s designated Reservation–areas which, according to wikipedia, are a “legal designation for an area of land managed by a federally recognized Native American tribe under the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs rather than the state governments of the United States in which they are physically located”. NOTE: the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs is managed by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Talk about having your cake and eating it too…so why not frost it with some Native American butter?

Is this where it all began? Ironically, Native Americans did not eat butter, as it was a European invention
Is this where the buck stops? Logos 13 (Land O Lakes) / 2018 / acrylic on canvas / 40″x40″ / Celeste Evans

A few generations ago: in Americathe other promise land–President Truman, after recognizing Israel de facto on May 14th, 1948, was doing his job behind his “The Buck Stops Here” sign in the Oval office:

President Truman making a triangular hand gesture at his four-word sign in 1959. This sign served as a marker of his moralistic standpoint while in office between 1945-1953. Image:
The hands of President Trump are seen making this shape in over 100 photos. By the image of Truman above, it looks like the inverted pyramid hand gesture is not new. Image:

Fast forward to the present President and this moment for a moment:

Soon-to-be sworn in Donald Trump (s)wearing his four-word moralistic standpoint on his head while pointing (campaigning) at the public in 2015. Image:


Does this banner constitute campaigning, advertising, a new brand of foreign policy–or all of the above? One of many flags totaling a cost of $100,000 hung along the streets of Jerusalem. Image: As reported by Times of Israel, coffee shop goers in the U.S. feel uncomfortable about this painting







At age 71, the 45th President of the United States moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv on the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel–or, from an alternate view, on the anniversary of the Nakba.  Previously on December 6th, 2017 Trump de facto recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, declaring that  “‘This is nothing more or less than a recognition of reality'”. In Reality: “Mr. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem isolates the United States on one of the world’s most sensitive diplomatic issues” which could “unleash a wave of violence across the region” ( The Embassy is now operating in a temporary building in Jerusalem while a new building is set to be erected in 2019 ( These are all bold, swift, and unusual moves for the new President which seem to be going against 70 years of policy with Israel–moves which are proving a tightening of relations between the two nations. In the same breath, these sweeping maneuvers are gasoline on the fires of conflict already raging, because in reality “moving the embassy to Jerusalem won’t make it easier to achieve peace, as Trump has ludicrously asserted” ( That’s easy enough to see. So who’s actually benefiting from these moves involving two “independent” nations? Who has been and is benefiting from the creation of America and the very recent creation of Israel? When both Israeli and American forces are contributing to violence abroad, it remains unclear what America is promoting. Why are Israeli and American armed forces training together, as if they are being set up to go to war together?

A house divided? The Dome of the Rock is the current temple which was erected over a sacred rock (, and which has replaced previously destroyed temples going back to Solomon’s Temple circa 500 B.C., which was said to have housed the Ark of the Covenant. The surrounding area which is part of Jerusalem shares significance and history within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Image:

At this juncture it is worth mentioning the 70-week prophecy of Daniel, among other Biblical apocalyptic texts. explains: “The 70th Week of Daniel’s 70 weeks is a seven-year period, which begins with the agreement between the prince who is to come, a descendant of the Roman armies, and Israel allowing the Jewish Temple to be rebuilt…Before a Temple can be built, the people need the will to build a Temple.  Presently the Dome of the Rock stands in the way of a future Temple.  Over 1.2 billion Muslims hold this location sacred, believing Mohammad ascended up to Heaven from the top of Mt. Moriah in 622 A.D. The Muslim world has already threatened World War if the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, and the Muslim world is braced for such an event.  The building of the Temple will cause a world wide conflict pitting Muslim nations and their allies against Israel and her allies.” Could this scripture reveal something about Israel’s and America’s alliances with each other against Muslim nations? Aren’t we already witnessing the escalation of such conflict? Could the planned U.S. Embassy building actually be the plan for the new Temple? If this is so, we could be seeing the Abomination of Desolation in the near future. From “In Luke 21:20 Jesus told His disciples what would be the last sign of the imminent destruction of Jerusalem. He said, ‘And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.’ This text does not indicate that the armies are the abomination, but rather that the armies were the instrument to cause desolation”. We further find out: “The 26th verse in Daniel 9, introduces us to the prince who is to come and his descendants who destroy Jerusalem and the Temple.  The prince who is to come is a descendant of the Roman Empire.  In addition, Daniel informs us the individual will make a covenant with many for seven-years.  We know from the context of the verse, the covenant will regard a Jewish Temple, the Third-Temple…This individual will at the end of the 70th week period, lead the nations of the world against God, by gathering the world’s armies to the land of Israel. The gathering point is the hill of Megiddo and known as Armageddon”.

But to bring it back home: Since the conflict between Israel and the rest of Palestine appears to be at its roots religiously fertilized, one has to wonder what a supposedly secular-founded (non-denom-i-nation-al?) nation such as the United States has to do with any of this. Oh whoops…how could we be so naive when the writing is on the dollar bill?

In short: if you notice that the foreign policies of America–most specifically the involvement of America with Israel–constitute breaches of the Constitutional separation between church (religion) and state (government), you hit the nail on the head! Additionally: If you believe the church (religion) and state (government) have at any point in history actually been”separate” at home or abroad, you are missing the writing on the bill!

The many nations of the Holy Roman Empire under the double-headed eagle upon which Jesus the Jew is crucified as illustrated in this elaborate insignia from 1510. To an alien from outer-space, wouldn’t this look like the emblem of a death cult? Image:

At the end of the day, WHO is “independent” from WHAT (and vice versa)?

…detail of a painting currently as of writing in progress…
Freedom and Liberty under the constitution of planet Earth and the surrounding planetary solar system. The Greater Seal (detail) / 2018 / acrylic on canvas / 40″x40″ / Celeste Evans

As an individual, who am I to be talking about any of this? I’m just one of an excess of 300 million who was given an American birth certificate upon exiting the womb, a SS# which allows me to pay taxes from my relatively small income, living in a small town in a Democrat state on the West coast of the country. In regards to this article, I’ve never physically been to a Reservation, Israel or Palestine. I wasn’t born Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, nor have I converted to any of those faiths. Culturally, I was raised as a 1990’s middle class “American”–whatever that happened to be (fastfood eating cartoon watching Radio Disney listening public school attending allegiance pledging mixed-race Thanksgiving celebrating social security card-carrying citizen?).

Classic 1990’s small town 4th of July parade

One thing being an American unquestionably involves is the annual celebration of American Independence on July 4th, which revolves around community parades in the day and at night fireworks to fantastically represent or recreate the “bombs bursting in air” as mentioned in the National Anthem. The other notable All-American holiday is the annual celebration known as Thanksgiving.

A paper-costumed Pilgrim circa 1998

I still remember my second grade class reenactment of the “First Thanksgiving”, in which half of the class dressed up as Pilgrims and the other half as Indians. We didn’t get to choose which one we would pretend to be; I got picked to be a Pilgrim, and so thus got to wear a white paper hat and matching paper bib, and sat across from someone who wore a brown paper headband with faux feathers glued on. All the “Pilgrims” sat on one side, and the “Indians” on the other, and we “traded” paper cups with some sort of edibles in them (probably leftover Halloween candy

A celebratory mingling of disparate heritage and tradition. I suppose I was just practicing for upcoming Thanksgiving

corn).  After the meal I just felt alienated (as usual) and even more confused about the whole shenanigan. Whose side of the “Thanksgiving” and also “Independence” should I be on when I have ancestors from all three major colonizing powers, as well as Native American and African ancestry? I was left feeling divided against myself. However, its actually all OK because I had already leveled the playing field by dressing up as an Indian previously for Halloween.

Within this supposed “melting pot”, what will America’s last supper cook down to? I can’t imagine the details, but I’ll probably be wearing the following hat:

OK, Everyone! Put your thinking caps on! There’s a hat for both sides of the political hemisphere. Ideological Cap / 2018 / acrylic on raw canvas / 10″x10″ / Celeste Evans

As history continues to pile up on itself, I find myself swirling within an ever-fractalizing bureaucracy of questions. It seems like the only recognizable connection I have to all of the chaos beyond America’s “borders” is that I am legally registered as “American”–because, to quote Lady Gaga, I was “Born this way“. In the song of that title, Gaga goes on to say “Me amor vuole fe yah. Same DNA”, which translates to something like “My love needs faith”. She is obviously talking about her family ties, which beyond “American” is Italian Catholic. Though not everyone can relate to the that, “Same DNA” is applicable to all of us, for we all have human DNA–and yet how much the “same” it is is up for interpretation/investigation. There is a general consensus currently in genetic research that North, Central, and South Native American genetics are basically the same. However, religious texts like the Book of Mormon seem to have a different idea about the origin of the Native Americans (and yet how many Mormons are Native American?). If I take the genetic route of belief: does my Native American plus Iberian genes qualify me being genetically Mexican (as the current Mexican ethnicity is predominately a mix of Native American and Spanish genetics)? (This article has some interesting viewpoints). Do I qualify as a minority African American because sometime in the 1600-1700s an undocumented black slave interbred with a Native American who was to bear a mixed race child whose genetics would be carried along the Trail of Tears and end up as my own (#doesmylifematter?)? And it goes without saying that my white ancestors were once immigrants in this country. I know that if I ‘convert’ to Catholicism, I will be allowed to eat the wafer (I’ve always wondered what those taste like!). If I become a Mormon, can I claim to be an original Israelite? If I marry someone who is Jewish and subsequently (oops I meant preemptively) convert to Judaism (as Ivanka Trump did), could I get citizenship to the State of Israel? If I am found reading the Koran on a Kindle, will some faction of the U.S. government put me on a suspected terrorist list (although its probably already too late for me in that respect)? If I get abducted by aliens into a spacecraft identified as a UFO in which non-human entities infuse some of their DNA into my own, and/or give me a passport to outer-space, will I be a legal alien? Can I then finally claim independence from the human race?!?!?

Unidentified Art Object / 2018 / acrylic and paint pen on wood / 6″ diameter / Celeste Evans

2.5 weeks ago I had a dream: I was in a large outdoor concrete plaza which was identifiably in Israel, since nearby street signs were in Hebrew. The area was full of people–as I found out, some several million extending out beyond the plaza–who were all casually milling and mingling about among themselves. They were people of all races and creeds, and I could identify some Muslim women by their burkas. I like everyone else just happened to be there, but for no particular event except just that: being there. I turned to the lady next to me, who was also American but was no one I recognized, and at the same time, as if talking to a mirror, we said to each other: “I wonder what this would look like from outer-space?”. We laughed at the thought and also that we had said the same thing at the same time.

This dream brings to my mind the passage from Exodus 3:14 in which a burning bush tells Moses: “I AM THAT I AM“. In my dream, everyone in the plaza and beyond was as they were in each others presence. No one was asserting themselves, protesting, segregating themselves, conforming to each other, fighting, or even organizing anything in particular. It was simply the act of all being present there as “I AM“.