The Day Luke Found His Father

The first:

When Luke first begins skywalking on the journey towards finding his real father (it’s not like he likes the Empire!):

The last:

The first time Luke finds his father is also the last:

The first:

Portrait of George Washington / by Gilbert Stuart / March 20, 1797 / oil on canvas / 28.9″x24″. Image: wikipedia

The last:

Image: wikipedia

The first and the last together:


But wait, what about the middle?

The expert (Jedi?):


(To slip in the middle a controversial idea:) What IF the youngest son is not only the last Jedi, but also the reincarnation of the first President? Of course, we have to take Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey from 1890 into serious consideration.

To remedy all of this first and last history, in the middle it is wise to get Kool with Doom:

The first (“May the Force be which you”):

The last (“This is the intro”):


Open your eyes: tell me why can’t you see?
Why are you hating the player?
Why can’t you see that your fakin’ is weak?
Open your eyes: tell me why can’t you see?

WHY? Your exaggeration perpetration levels are at exaggerating full speed

WHY must I answer to you evil monsters?

“Hey Keith: we, are the official Haters
And you have sunken into the official Hating zone
In which you witness the most salt shaking
Behind your back speaking
Record criticizing cock blocking
In the club costume jewelry wearing
Valet parked Lexus renting
Undercover, star-struck
No game-having fake Versace shirt wearing
Motel hell living
False muslim being, jungle fever having
Pork-eating demon people.
Our purpose here on your planet is to bring you down
If you can evade this evil, you will be the man”

How do you find your father on Father’s Day?

You’re The One! / 2018 / C.E. / paint pen on mirror