Satan 2.0: The Law of Karma and the Epoch-Elliptic

A post address image alteration: Vladimir Putin looking spiffy on stage sporting Jafar’s hat. Russia’s double-headed eagle wears it too!

NOW WITH THE NEWEST NUCLEAR NEGOTIATION NONSENSE PLANNED CANCELLED UP IN THE AIR DROPPED and finally gotten over with as originally scheduled on June 12th between the United States (featuring President Donald Trump) and North Korea (featuring Dictator Kim Jong-Un), it’s all too easy to forget about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nuclear warhead “technology” revealed in his state of the nation address on March 1st. The hour-long address included a 1 minute video featuring real-life footage of nuclear testing and also a 20 second animation demonstrating how his nuclear warhead NATO nicknamed Satan 2 can encircle the globe. The animation ends with an animated image of warheads reigning down on the state of Florida. And yet all of this bravado is supposedly for a “reliable guarantee of peace on our planet because it ensures strategic balance in the world” (

Granted, the mentioning of this 3.5 month-old “news” is perhaps like beating the zombie pale horse of the apocalypse–BUT, in light of the recent explosions of nuclear narking between N. Korea and the U. States, I feel its about time to point out a major flaw in Putin’s globe-encircling nuclear power. After all, why does it seem like Donald and Kim are leaving Vladimir out of the most recent dramas of the nuclear dickhead game?

AND GOD CREATED THE WORLD IN 6 DAYS, resting on the 7th…because… he blew himself up???

The 6 images above illustrate what would actually happen if the so-called Satan 2 nuclear missile was launched, based on the universal principle of what goes around comes around. This is the Law of Karma: the real “strategic balance in the world”. Even though the name “Vladimir” according to some means “universal ruler”, that doesn’t actually mean you get to rule the rules of the universe, bro.

“Not so fast, Jafar! Aren’t you forgetting something?”

To bring it back around to more recent “news”: today is President Donald Trump’s 72nd birthday. In 2018, the President of the USA hasn’t got a mind-body-soul manipulated suicidal blonde bombshell pin-up character singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President”–but maybe that’s because he is a pinned-up blonde bombshell mind manipulator of sorts. After all, the very first sentence of this Telegraph article reporting on the June 12th Summit with its “Hollywood-style video” says it all in seven words (of creation?): “Donald Trump, the former reality television star…“. Do we really need to read any further between the lines?

The nuclear warhead
The blonde bombshell









To drop some aside image dishes:

Which hairdo looks best on Marilyn? Marilyn in 10 screen prints from 1967 by Andy Warhol. Image:
Which hairdo looks best on Mao? Mao in 10 screen prints from 1972 by Andy Warhol. Image:
After Warhol did the Marilyn screen print series, but before the Mao series, photographer Philippe Halsman created this composite photo titled Marilyn-Mao in 1967. Image:

All hairdos aside, at the summit on June 12th Trump revealed to Kim a propaganda film ( which was supposedly about nuclear weapons and “peace”–kind of like how Russia’s nuclear capabilities are supposed to be about a “reliable guarantee of peace”. But really this film–supposedly made by “Destiny Pictures”–is about America Making North Korea Great Again:

Though to ordinary civilians of both countries this video may appear to be a proposal of peace between nations, it is actually just a proposal from one boss to another. Unlike Triumph of the Willthis film is not meant for We The People of a democracy, nor does it demonstrate America being made great again. It is meant for Kim and the “small number [who] will leave a lasting impact, and only the very few [who] will make decisions”. Sounds like a toast to the forming of an inter-continental 1%! The video is Trump’s bravado way of wooing the Korean dictator into bed with the United States. But why? After the summit meeting, Trump tells the truth to the news: “They (North Korea) have great beaches. You see that whenever they’re exploding their cannons into the ocean. I said, ‘Boy look at that view. Wouldn’t that make a great condo?” ( Yes that makes a lot of sense that that view would make a great condo.

Notice there is nothing mentioned in the film about getting rid of nuclear weapons or even practical disarmament as was “talked about” in various news outlets. In terms of nuclear weapons, what the film is actually implying is that North Korea should combine nuclear forces with the United States. A give away phrase deployed in the film is “new world”. At this point in “history”, anyone left on planet Earth who thinks a “New World Order” plot is a “conspiracy” is as asleep as Sleeping Beauty after she pricks her finger on the needle of a spindle (a spinning wheel of wool). In other words: you’re a sleeping fool if you can watch the above film, hear the words “new world”, and pull the wool over your eyes and refuse to prick your ears up to what is being spun. This “Destiny Pictures” film is a trailer for a fake movie about a New World colonization (so American!) in which North Korea is absorbed into the American Empire. What that would actually look like in the real world is yet to be seen. In the spoken eyes of Donald Trump, it seems to appear as a beach Boardwalk and Park Place lined with Trump-themed real estate: beaches studded with gold-gilded Trump towers and probably hotel casinos where you can gamble away some kind of new global currency. Don’t forget there is a “Luxury Tax” in between those squares of real estate!

But what about all those nuclear weapons? Do you think Russia will donate its Satan 2 towards America’s pursuit of Iran’s oil–or will they side with Iran, whose nuclear deal is now old hat and blown to smithereens? And do these maneuvers drill down even deeper–perhaps to the roots of human civilization, much of which traces back to the region now known as Iran? Is it a coincidence that Satan 2’s Russian name is S-28 Sarmat, named after the Sarmatians who were an Iranian confederation that existed from the 5th century B.C. to the 4th century A.D. (wikipedia)? And as deep or shallow as America’s founding roots may be: Whether or not Trump is a Freemason doesn’t matter too much after all, because at the end of the day it appears that President Donald Trump is “enlightened” to the nature of the World from the human perspective. He knows and perceives what’s up, what’s down, what’s left, and what’s right (wrong?). And with 72 years on his physical existence, he knows how to play the game of reality on the real (reel) world stage. This doesn’t mean, however, that he is using his “enlightenment” (which is ultimately what the 33 degrees of Freemasonry walk you up to: to the top of the pyramid and the eye which sees all) for the purpose of good. It is more so a case of entitlement with a service-to-self-at-the-expense-of-others agenda. As we all know, Darth Vader was also enlightened with the nature of The Force (i.e. universal energy)–and he chose to use that awareness and power for “evil” (control, domination, the growth of the Empire etc.). Remember: the name Donald means “world ruler”. But do we really want the world to become a Trump-themed and owned amusement park, which includes everything from casinos where you can gamble your life away to gambling with life on the greenbacks of nuclear missiles? Of course, if you are Mexican or Middle Eastern you won’t be allowed in: instead you will be detained in warehouses ( or just have your homeland be a war zone.

HOWEVER: perhaps the most notable element of the propaganda film is at the end, in which the narrator announces: “FEATURING: President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-Un”. NOTICE: the featured stars are announced at the END of the film, not at the beginning. Meaning: the actual movie hasn’t even started yet. Because essentially the “promotional video” is actually a “promotional trailer” advertising the “movie” that is “destined” according to this “picture” to be released on Pandora’s 3-D screen. Our reality television star President Donald Trump is using all the tricks of his trade to produce and star in this show. Most unfortunately, such game shows are creating previously unseen and unnecessary suffering on planet Earth that is turning out more and more like an apocalypse now ( Is this the epoch-elliptic?

“WHAT IF: The future remains to be written”

But wait…didn’t Daniel’s prophecy already reveal what is already happening?

Happy Birthday Mr. President, your 72 weeks are up!

He’s got the world in his hand: The archangel Gabriel, who delivered to Daniel the 70 week prophecy, depicted on the ceiling of the Église de Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris holding the world sphere marked by the cross of physical existence