May A-sense-ion Be With You

Ascended Jesus stained in glass at the Church of Saint-Severin, Paris

MAY 10th THIS YEAR MARKS LE JEUDI DE L’ASCENSION: the Day of the Ascension (of Jesus as Christ going back up to the heavenly abode), celebrated as the Feast of the Ascension. In countries like France its such a big deal/meal that this day is what is known in the USA as a federal holiday. Since there is no French Fed, its known simply as a “national holiday”.

Ascension Day with Agnus Dei at Saint-Eustache
Apparition of Jesus to the Apostles on Ascension Day at Notre-Dame

In terms of old/new Biblical cosmological architecture, Jesus ascended/rose from the Earthy atmosphere, penetrating the planetary firmament, disappearing into the eternal heavenly city. Within architecture on Earth the firmament above which separates Earth from the waters of chaos and also the “heavenly realm” is reconstructed as the domed ceilings of cathedrals, sometimes painted indigo with golden stars.

The upper chapel of Sainte-Chapelle with star-studded firmament above the many-petaled lotus rose window, through which the light of the heavens filters in as a psychedelic kaleidoscope
Fleur-de-lis studded firmament unfolding: the ceiling of the lower chapel of Sainte-Chapelle upholding the heavenly realm with the eight legs and webbing of an octopus

Much like the Great Pyramids of the ancient Egyptians (who were also fond of indigo/lapis and gold), domed and stained glass architectural forms of Christian cathedrals can function as a vehicle for healing and transcendence. However, in this world where “you shall know good and evil”, the power of architecture (especially under the supervising all-seeing eye of the Church) can either be a vehicle of ascension or a prison of control. Ultimately in this post-2012 era, the choice is yours.

Lapis and gold star-studded Nuit arched above the eye. Perception / 2015 / tempera, acrylic, sharpie on wood / ~7″x9″/ C.E.

May Ascension be with you