Down in the (Tr)(d)umps: Post-Rez Hangover/ups

Kicking the bucket: Two weeks after the Resurrection, the only remains I could find of Easter at VONS was this dented metal Peeps bucket next to a bag of Halloween cobwebs on the 50% off rack in the middle of the ice cream aisle

Now that majority America has had 14 days to recover from the annual Easter candy sugar/resurrection high/hangover, here’s some post-Easter eye candy worth re-consuming:

(DISCLAIMER: I don’t claim to know what these images “mean”. However, I feel the impulse to resurrect them–as some images just shouldn’t die for good or bad)

Are we gonna resurrect America great again or what?

P. Francis looking down in the dumps while P. Trump stands beneath the risen Christ during his visit to the Vatican on May 24, 2017. Image:

It’s worth noting that in the canon of religious painting, Hell in the majority rule appears at the bottom of the painting (i.e. under heaven i.e. One Nation Under God). So if I made a painting of the above image, would the idea/message be more obvious?

Not photo-shopped: The First Lady looking negatively necrotic with positively solid black eyes. Image source:

The exception to this vertical hierarchy can be seen in triptych altar pieces, an exceptional example being Hieronymus Bosch’s early Netherlandish Renaissance masterpiece known as The Garden of Earthly Delights:

The Garden of Earthly Delights / 1490-1510 / Hieronymus Bosch / oil on oak panels / 87″x153″ Image: wikipedia

Betwixt heaven, purgatory, and hell, there’s bound to be at least a dozen Easter eggs and a few bunnies too!

As (rabbits) above…

so (rabbits) below…

Fast-forward several centuries to Judgment Day:

Presidential husband and wife standing before The Last Judgement as painted by Michelangelo between 1536-41 in the Sistine Chapel. Could they be having second thoughts about the second coming? Image:
Buff and ripped angels shredding on final trumpets. Image: from the book Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican (2013)
Alleged Americans, legal aliens, fake Jews, and/or suspected Freemasons standing before the altar. Image:

Is it too far fetched to suggest that the Roman Empire never fell and the Inquisition never ended?

(DISCLAIMER: as with the images above, I don’t claim to know what any of what I present below “means”. However, fyi, resurrection goes around comes around)

As an aside dish: to poke a needle into some controversial veins worth re-remembering:

Initially, when Pope Francis took office on 3/13/2013 after Pope (eggclesiastical) Benedict XVI resigned, it seemed that–contrary to all historical and hysterical logic–various Freemasonic fraternities openly expressed support for the new Catholic pontiff ( What caused this about-face of heart on behalf of the powers that are is at first beat not behooving. Although this unusually warm welcome could have been reciprocated by the newbie to the scene of the Holy See, as of January 2017–immediately after D. Trump took to his Presidential perch, and only four months before his visit to the Vatican–Pope Francis pulled a classic Papal ban of Freemasonry via “expelling” Freemasons from the near 900-year-old Roman sovereign entity known as the Knights of Malta, while in the same breath asking its elected-for-life Grand Master to resign ( Four months later in May 2017, it became clear from press photos that Pope Francis was not stoked to have President Trump pay him a visit so immediately in his term:

Could the Pope’s “stoned-face” have to do with the President’s suspected ties to Freemasonry? Image:

So what does the Vatican have in common with future America?

HINT: the writing is on the Wall

An opening in the wall surrounding the Vatican

HINT: it’s in the mint

Rock and Roll call: it’s all OK, because this year the White House had the Easter Egg Roll

But wait…what if…