Not So (fair) Brawny®!!!

Logos 12 (Brawny) / 2018 / acrylic on canvas / 40″x40″ / by Celeste Evans

IMAGINE A WORLD IN WHICH PEOPLE can go to their latest supermarket, buy a package of paper towels for $6.66, and go home thinking and feeling they are supporting women’s rights.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

 To celebrate Women’s History Month during March and International Women’s Day on March 8th, you can support Brawny’s “Who’s Your Shero?” campaign supporting women’s rights and recognition by buying a set of limited edition paper towels!


But wait…something’s not quite equal here…

On, a package of 6 large pick-a-size rolls featuring the original Brawny man on the packaging costs $6.47 (clearance price, was $7.67, you save $1.20). A package of 8 large pick-a-size rolls featuring the *new* Brawny woman costs $11.97 (3 cents per square foot). At first glance this seems *fair* because the most expensive package does have two more rolls than the former (and through, both offer FREE Grocery Pickup!). However, a little rudimentary math can reveal if this is indeed a *fair* deal or not:

$6.47  for 6 rolls = $1.078333 per roll

$11.97 for 8 rolls = $1.49625 per roll

What a deal! You get to pay $0.417917 more for your paper towels with a picture of a woman rather than a man on the packaging!

Even at the original non-clearance price ($7.67) of the original Brawny paper towels, you still get to pay $0.21791666 more for the female towels.

And at least with both genders you can PICK-A-SIZE!

But wait…he’s got 50 feet more! Not fair! And 8 so does not = 16!!!

Not so (fair) Brawny®!!!

But I was told all paper towels were created equal! (they sure all look and feel the same!). Cause, you know, paper towels weren’t assigned a gender at birth.

Original pine tree image from wikipedia; original paper towel image from You can get pine trees at to go with your paper towels

As for trees…well…it doesn’t really matter once they are pulverized into paper pulp. Cause you can’t clean up “tough messes” with trees…right?

Or can you?

And as for shaving down forests, the Brawny man’s gotta maintain his shadow:

“The Brawny® AmerICAN initiative is an extension of the Brawny® Stay Giant® campaign, which encourages and honors Americans who triumph over adversity” (or is it…trump over diversity?)

 And I know it costs more for a pink razor than a blue one (such adversity in diversity!), but at least you don’t have to shave that shadow off your face every couple of days.

“Who’s Your Shero?”

(there is no paper towel…)

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