The E-State of the Dis-Onion

The variety of nationalism that will make you cry. National Onion / 2018 / acrylic on canvas / 8″x10″/ Celeste Evans

READING BETWEEN THE LINES of a political speech is like trying to see all layers of a whole onion at once. Seems impossible–but–since political speeches are not solid onions (but rather prerecorded history stream-lined from a teleprompter), it is possible to see all hands of cards on deck, and all sides of the challenge coin, at once. As with the case of the 2018 State of the Union address enacted on January 30th, the real news is not so deeply embedded in the fake news as to make it too difficult to extract, and is hidden within plain ear shot. What is spoken in the Capitol Hill theatre is to be taken seriously word-for-word and to be interpreted. To interpret layers of the speech, I desire to peel back the script and reveal the true meanings, motivations, and intentions within the onion.

Before diving in to shredding it up, I think it’s important to state what the address actually is supposed to be. According to wikipedia, “The State of the Union Address is an annual message presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress, except in the first year of a new president’s term. The message includes a budget message and an economic report of the nation, and also allows the President to outline their legislative agenda (for which the cooperation of Congress is needed) and national priorities”. Also of note: “It is one of the few instances when all three branches of the US government are assembled under one roof”. The first public address was instigated by President

Wear your words on your face: President Woodrow Wilson with computer-generated native American inspired “war paint”

Woodrow Wilson “to rally support for his agenda” at the beginning of his first term in 1913 (the same year the Federal Reserve Act was passed, establishing America’s central banking system). Wilson is quoted to have said that “The presidential office is not a rosewater affair. This is an office in which a man must put on his war paint”. (Sounds a bit racist for a country established by waging war on the (native) originators of war paint, don’t you think?).

105 years later, I’d like to tele-promptly re-phrase some wording with a little post-historical editing of the headlining act to be: Estate of the Disunion–or, E-State of the Dis-Onion. A breakdown courtesy of of the deviated terms estate and disunion are:

Even before his campaign to Make America Great Again, Mr. President Trump has invested a lot towards the union of his real estate. The cards of his Presidential “agenda” handed out in the address are delivered from the same deck of cards as his official “real estate portfolio” for The Trump Organization (which can be viewed at What makes his “agenda” really unified is obvious: it’s One Estate Under Trump.

(Disclaimer: The bones I have to pick with the State of the Union address will not scavenge or avenge the entire carcass of the speech. I only offer up the bones which stick out to me the most. For instance, an entire article should be written about the occult significance of the proposed “Four Pillars of Immigration Plan”, but this is not my current jurisdiction).

Screenshot of the Fox News animation at the beginning of the movie of the address as seen on Youtube
One second later the word “STATE” magically appears in front of the developing Presidential Seal
Another full second later and the full headline is delivered

(Disclaimer Addendum: The FULL 1:45:36 Fox News Special Presentation of the 2018 State of the Union Address can be watched on YouTube here; this is the video from which I dissect the un-onion).

AND NOW: without further stag-nationalism: to peel back the E-State of The Dis-Onion by reading between the dividing lines of the middle finger of America…

After a boring eternity of minutes of clapping and cheering, the gavel is raised and lowered by “Mr. Speaker” Paul Ryan. He begins to “speak”–and yet–after only 19 words belted–he trips up on his words when he claims his “high privilege…of preven–of presenting to you the President of the United States”. The very first line of the script is already botched (could this have been prevented? Was he just too excited at his most “high privilege?”). Still, the announcement is met with raving applause and cheers from the “audience” of government officials and other real live props, as shall be revealed.

@ 14:57 Donald Trump reiterates his “righteous mission to Make America Great Again”, met with a second round of applause. He wastes no time in reminding the audience that “We have endured floods, and fires, and storms. Though this is true history (as I can attest to in personal account here), the use of the word “We” positions Donald among those who have “endured”. I cry wolf: It was not the President who “endured” any of these disasters, as the President was most likely watching the fires, floods, and storms unfold as told by Fox News in the safety of the White House. So then why would he mention natural disasters which are essentially outside of the President’s personal and professional control, experience or agenda? It involves a tactic which is utilized again and again throughout the speech: re-in-stating experiences of personal and collective trauma. Trump doesn’t hesitate to jog our collective memory of highly charged incidents such as recent natural disasters, the Las Vegas shooting, gang violence, and general terrorism. These reminders act as psychological triggers deployed to get people’s emotional brain fired up. This effectively puts individuals into survival mode, in which higher-thinking capabilities are overtaken by an emotionally-activated fight-or-flight response. The uniquely human ability to think logically as an individual is overshadowed by a false sense of the need to survive as a herd of animals. It is in fact a simple mind manipulation mechanism utilized to keep people in a state of fear. This state of unionized terror–coupled with other negative human emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, and loss–acts as the foundation upon which the President can “rally support for his agenda”–an agenda which ultimately rallies even more fear for the future.

Remember the “War on Terror”? Don’t get too fired up, Bush-haters: Obama was in office for two terms during this “war”. We can infer from the wikipedia screenshot above taken 2-15-18 that Terror on Terror is still part of the American agenda

After the trauma trigger has been pulled, heroic stories of survival and triumph are deployed to lasso and tether a sense of victory (winning!) for the American people. Donald lets loose a slew of heartfelt anecdotes–from the Navy saving hurricane victims; to “strangers shielding strangers on the Las Vegas strip”; even drily saying @ 18:06 “to everyone…everywhere…we love you”. To further advance the home-front of grave sentimentality, a real-life Coast Guard and firefighter are put on display as living testimonies of the greatness of American individuals in times of hardship. Donald continues the rant with mention of “a guy [Congressman in the audience] who took a bullet, almost died”, the police officers, doctors, nurses and paramedics etc. etc. Though their acts of bravery and goodness are completely real, their experiences are effectively being used in politics by the government as tools. By presenting these real people with their real stories of bravery and triumph, an emotionally-derived sense of “unity”–a type of nationalistic solidarity–is engendered. And so, now that we feel so good about America, it’s people, and about making it all great again, who wouldn’t want to support the Government’s agenda, whatever it may actually be? (Don’t Ask Jeeves, ask Uncle Sam!).

Now that people’s hearts are opened up to the greatness of the American people for which its government which was “elected to serve”, the President can unfurl the Administration’s various agendas. Trials and triumphs become conveniently and convincingly interwoven with the efforts of Government. Though I posit Trump as speaking in the manner, this psychologically manipulative political speak has been a mainstay of mainstream American politics throughout many presidencies. The first State of the Union address aided President Wilson in bolstering the perception of his Presidential power. And yet, like Trump, his statements contradicted themselves, hopping back and forth across sentiments of peace and war. Delivered by a Progressive or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, orthodox politician or businessman billionaire, these speeches all sing the same lyrics, just with slightly different tunes. I sigh: it’s not all about Trump. (After all: did I hear him say something about “Opama”?).

The President pronouncing the word “four” in “four-thousand dollars” (i.e. “a lot of money“)

However, to keep it personal, it is convenient to bring it back to Donald and his livelihood. Being run by a born-and-bred American businessman, the current Administration hasn’t hesitated in making slashing reforms in the business sector of America. @ 27:30 “we slashed the business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 21% so American companies can compete and win against anyone else anywhere in the world” (followed by applause and cheers). So apparently, it’s Business America vs. The World. But Donald justifies his calculated maneuvers in explaining that “These changes alone are estimated to increase average family income by more than four-thousand dollars: A lot of money“. NOTE: this is a billionaire emphasizing that $4000 is “a lot of money”. In light of the fact that $4000 is a lot of money for many Americans (myself included), this statement, rather than coming off as a gratuitous gesture from a filthily-wealthy tax-paying/exempt social-security-card-carrying citizen to the “hardworking American”, is in reality a mockery of the American people who are bound to America’s economic ecosystem–the same system established in partnership (LLC?) with the Federal Reserve the year the first State of the Union address was given in 1913.

@ 48:07 Trump calls on Congress “to produce a bill that generates at least 1.5 trillion dollars for the new infrastructure investment that our country so desperately needs”. No one claps at the point, and Trump goes on the explain that “Every federal dollar should be leveraged by partnering with State and local governments and–where appropriate–tapping in to private sector investments to permanently fix the infrastructure deficit–and we can do it“. As, unlike the President, I do not conveniently have a degree in Economics, I do not quite understand what this will amount to–let alone WHY there is a federal deficit to begin with. This article helps shed some light on why the deficit is “out of control”; The first reason of four being the “War on Terror” initiated by the 9/11 disaster.

Building gleaming new roads: something Hitler also aspired to do

This is significant due to the fact that–even simply in the burning reality of steel-strong physical infrastructure–9/11 was orchestrated by the American government. Just as it was faster to “pull” WTC7, wouldn’t it be faster (as Trump mentions “fast infrastructure”) for the President himself to dump his 3.1 billion net worth (real time as of 2-17-18 (Forbes)) into the Economy to “fix the infrastructure deficit”? And to “rally support for his agenda”, he could get the other billionaire club buddies to (blue) chip in! But since America is “a nation of builders” (is this a nod to a Freemasonic allegiance?), we are going to build America great again with “gleaming new roads…all across our land…with American grit(Is he talking about the Fox News reality TV show?).

Make your breakfast great again

Economically, things have gone really well since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. Without going into historical details (I don’t want to recess: it’s too greatly depressing!), we can just skip to the present mo’ with a screenshot of debt in America, courtesy of

Screenshot of real-time US debt clock taken February 19th, 2018 (President’s Day) at 5:55 am PST

Hey, with the power of technology, even I can “fix” the deficit by freezing the numbers on the clock! Is this what a government shutdown looks like?

Screenshot of same debt clock taken 6 minutes later

Over the passing of 6 boring minutes on President’s Day 2018, the National Debt increased by $3,062,658 (is 3 million dollars “a lot of money”?). Federal spending is up 138%, and the “federal budget deficit” increased by $688,136. Won’t it be ironic if the Economy crashes under the first-ever billionaire President (who has a degree in Economics)?

Especially relevant to my efforts of removing the layers of the disunion dis-onion, a major theme throughout the speech is removal (elimi-nation). It is declared @ 39:48 that “In our drive to make Washington accountable, we have eliminated more regulations in our first year than any administration in the history of our country”. Even though this statement is met with immediate applause, it is in effect an oxymoronic state-ment: eliminating (removing) regulations could actually allow Washington to get away with more! This isn’t rocket science: simply by removing “regulations” (i.e. laws which bind people to consequences), various people in various unregulated ways will be less at fault in the court of law. As elaborated @ 39:18, members of the Cabinet are now allowed to “remove” federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people”. In other words: anyone within the Government who speaks out against the Government (which represents the American people) can be “removed”. And to make sure the elimination goes as smoothly as possible (this is starting to really smell): all previous court judges have been removed and replaced by new ones who will @36:26 “interpret the constitution as written”. How that statement is to be interpreted as written is up for interpretation. And let us not overlook the elimination of an “especially cruel tax”: the repealing (re-peeling?) of the”disastrous Obamacare” (@27:01 pronounced “Opamacare”). There are too many mentions of removal in the speech to cite them all–so many, in fact, you might think that America is being completely disemboweled.

From the hypothetical 2018 America-themed Monopoly game

Already weary of all this elimination (I’d rather just say P.L.U.C.K. it), the enema-worthy removal efforts are cleaned out later in the address with even more fervor. Unconstipated and anticipated, Trump finally lets loose the immigration (i.e. deportation) “issue”. Mid-elimination, and after a hefty session of emotional triggering (involving more real-life traumatized props), Trump assures the audience that is OK, because as stated @1:00:00 the U.S. has sent thousands and thousands (a phrase he used two days after 9/11 when speaking of his ground-zero experience, as can be seen in this video news footage) of MS-13 horrible people out of this country OR into our prisons”. Though the horrors of the MS-13 gang are real, what Trump has actually done with members of this gang does not measure up in the “thousands and thousands” (this article has some insight into this issue). From a dead-letter perspective, besides the educated use of the adjective “horrible” (a more appropriate term for shitholes?), a key word here is “or”. In this statement, “or” could suggest that the “horrible people” have been removed by being added to our already over-populated prisons within our borders–OR–sent to off-shore to Americanrun prisons (Guantanamo Bay?). Because logically, by simply sending these people back across the border, they could hop right back over like Peter Rabbit after being chased out of Mr. MacGregor’s garden (or perhaps Adam and Eve tossed from the garden salad?). @ 1:18:00 Trump states that “in the past we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous terrorists” (at least its not thousands and thousands!). This foolish release is being alleviated by a “promise” mitigated by a (presumably executive) order he “just signed prior to walking in…to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in Guantanamo Bay” (met with supportive hoots and clapping).

The President, with slightly-frowning Vice President on his right and slightly-smiling House Speaker on his left, pronouncing the word “facilities”

Trump concludes by assuring us of the future of the horrible people: “in many cases, for them, it will now be, Guantanamo Bay”. Even though there are currently only 41 reported prisoners detained there now, it costs annually more than $10 million dollars per detainee (other relevant statistics as of January 2018 can be found here). Will the extra costs to detain all the hundreds and hundreds of horrible people be covered by the $800 billion+ military defense spending budget? Or will that money be going towards building the Great American Wall (as if Wall Street wasn’t already enough of a real-estate investment)? What an epic piece of (shithole) real/fake estate that’s gonna be!

But to bring it back to people NOT (yet) in prison inside/outside American borders: @43:10 it is stated that “Last year, the FDA approved more new and generic drugs and medical devices than ever before in our country’s history”. This sweeping approval appears as adjunct treatment for one of Trump’s declared “greatest priorities” for the year: “to reduce the price of prescription drugs” i.e. “fixing the injustice of high drug prices”. Not only is this apparently his replacement strategy for “Opamacare”, but could it also be his cure to the “War on Drugs”? If the FDA (a federal agency) can issue new drugs left and right–especially with less regulations–the Government, not the evil drug lords, will be the ones with the goods, right? The healthcare establishment-induced opioid epidemic (not mentioned in the speech) will just vanish, right? And to further the American agenda of personal freedom, patients with terminal illness should have access to “experimental treatment immediately”.

Don’t expect to see a headline like this anytime soon: Now that Americans have “the right to try”, there’s no need for secret programs dedicated to “experimental treatment”. Image: “15 Secrets Behind the CIA’s MKUltra Project

Trump declares boldly that this is essentially giving “these wonderful incredible Americans the right to try” (can this be added to our Bill of Rights?). The President has given his consent for an un-selective re-uptake in unregulated medical treatment. And the American people, with their newly given “right to try” new drugs and new medical devices, can now be willing guinea pigs. (In reference to “experimental treatment” in the personal sphere of American government, lets not forget Rosemary Kennedy).

@45:55 it is announced that “The era of economic surrender is TOTALLY over”. (PHEW, so glad that’s oves–and that the “deficit” is going to be “fixed”!) Being a quaint well-meaning middle-class-born American citizen–who did all the usual things like go to college and contribute to debt in America in the form of “student loans”–I was so blissfully ignorant that my country was in an “era of economic surrender”. I also was unaware of the concept of a “war on American energy” (is this because I don’t drive a Prius?). But that doesn’t really matter, because as stated @ 40:18 “We have ended the war on American energy, and we have ended the war on beautiful clean coal”. So I guess it doesn’t matter that I don’t drive a Prius, because apparently we are going to have coal-fueled cars…But wait, not so fast! All this war-ending is actually leading up to the fact that America is “now very proudly an exporter of energy to the world”. So any of the “energy” we generate is actually going to be driven out of the country (like illegal aliens?) and outsourced (to China?). If in the universe everything is energy, and if in this economy money is everything, then we can deduce that money=energy. So: there is no more economic surrender–AND YET–there is surrender of our “energy” to the world. And to further throw a loop in the holes, I ask: How does this loop back around to Business America vs. The World?

HOWEVER, it turns out that even though these wars on the home-of-the-brave-front have been eliminated and removed, War is still on the table of the American banquet. @ 57:00 we are assured that our military is being “fully funded” (which can be verified by the proposed 2018 military spending bill of $874.4 billion–a record high set to be beat in 2019 by $886 billion ( We are to modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal”. This statement was met with HUGE applause. But the real sentiments behind that motion can be inferred in the following statement: “Perhaps someday in the future, there will be a MAGICKAL moment, when the countries of the world will get together to eliminate their nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, we are not there yet, sadly”. What faster and more effective way is there to “eliminate” nuclear weapons than to detonate them??? And what faster and more effective way to bring the “countries of the world” together than to instigate global war?

A colored pencil drawing I did in 2002 depicting the reflection of a mushroom cloud in the eye of a multi-species animal

Business-as-usual America vs. The Worldeliminated–I mean, brought together!–under the All-Seeing Eye of Nuclear War

@ 1:19:33 Trump assures us that “Our military is no longer undermined by artificial timelines, and we no longer tell our enemies our plans”. (Is “artificial timelines” a political code term for false flag operations (i.e. 9/11)? Or is this a reference to something more “spiritual”, such as false timelines and the Global Separation of Worlds? That would certainly be a dis-union!). And since “our enemies” are perfectly capable of watching the State of the Union address on the World Wide Web, don’t expect the Administration’s actual plans to be revealed in the address! However, Trump does go on to inform us who some of “our enemies” are (mentioning a few of the classic Axis of Evil regimes), the most evil of all currently being “the cruel dictatorship in North Korea”. He warns us that “North Korea’s reckless pursuit of nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our homeland”. (Yet…take a look at who’s talking! Are American’s short term memory capabilities so fried from unrelenting social media updates that we just forgot that just 25 minutes ago Trump declared that America was to “rebuild our nuclear arsenal”?) And to go back on his word just spoken 3 minutes prior about “no longer telling our enemies our plans”, he declares that “we are waging a campaign of maximum pressure…” on the North Korean nuclear threat. Sounds like a plan! But since earlier in the year Trump was “misquoted” in various media outlets saying that “I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un”, we really don’t know what the status of their relationship–personal or political–is. As to whether he has negotiated with Kim, Donald retorted “I don’t want to comment on it—I don’t want to comment, I’m not saying I have or I haven’t”. In other words: he’s saying that he’s not saying anything: he’s commenting that he doesn’t want to comment. Like any American citizen, he’s exercising his freedom of speech.

The final emotional trigger button is pushed during the last 10 minutes of the speech with the traumatic retelling of two stories of victims of “the depraved character of the North Korean regime”. It is not necessary to reiterate here the

Reverse of a CIA challenge coin

gruesome details outlined by Trump of the true stories to understand that the inclusion of these real people who were brutalized under North Korea will only infuriate the 30-something year-old dictator. And yet, as can be skimmed from Kim Jong Un’s New Years Day address, the U.S. and North Korea have a lot in common, not the least being what Trump states @ 1:28:08, that “what the Regime fears the most [is] the Truth”.

Earlier in the speech @ 32:32 Trump pointed out the quaint fact that “We all share…the same great American Flag. Now, at the closing of the speech, Trump conjures one of the founding spirits of America: Freedom. He brings our imaginal attention to the statue standing on top of the dome of the Capitol building: the Statue of Freedom. He declares the Capitol building “is the monument to the American people”, a statement which is followed by fervent chants of “USA! USA! USA!” from the audience (Is this a sports game?). The sheer mention of the National Anthem previously had been followed by some of the wildest cheering and applause of the night. I was surprised the audience didn’t at that moment break into a unified chorus. Instead of actually singing (which would involve too much coordination for a bureaucracy), Trump mentions in closing the virtuous fact that “Americans fill the world with art and music” (thanks buddy for finally mentioning something relevant to me! Too bad your daughter has an absolutely terrible art collection). In the first half hour of the speech he had mused: “We know faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the center of American life”, then declaring with a raised voice, “The Motto is: IN GOD WE TRUST”. 

Trump speaking the word “GOD” while pointing upwards
Statue of Freedom: detail from a soon-to-be-released painting

And yet: WHO is it that is up above the Capitol building? Not God–but the Statue of Freedom, standing upon a globe on which it is written E pluribus unum  (Out of many, one). This was the original motto of the United States; it was replaced by “In God We Trust” in 1956; a year later it was printed on our paper money. Trump cleverly left out E pluribus unum from his newly designed 2017 Presidential challenge coin, which I wrote about here. In 1954 “God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance–a “pledge” which public-school-attending citizens like myself, from elementary through high school, were required to stand and recite, hands over our hearts, every morning–to read “one Nation under God”. It now seems that Out of many, one, has been swapped for Under One, many. Though from a quantum perspective this is like the wave-particle duality (in which both perspectives can be correct), as an agenda coming from an individual in power, this feels more like the Lord God in Genesis usurping the power of the God-Force to build an Adam of clay as a soul-less worker exiled from the Garden. And don’t act like you don’t know what I mean, Donald, because according to your wikipedia page, “Nothing beats the Bible”.

In conclusion we are informed:

“And it is the people who are making America great again”

Because–in theory–in a Democracy, We The People are in control of our situation. So…remind me why we need a Government? We trust in God, don’t we?!? And, being a nation which is around 70% Christian, this majority must democratically ask: What Would Jesus Say? John knew it, and Durer drew it: