Make America…Again: (Unveiling) Black Magic in 2018

One face of the new U.S. Presidential challenge coin. Is this symbolic of the current symbolic currency? This presidents a challenge to be revealed. Image:

BLACK MAGIC, and the practice thereof, is largely perceived in the 21st century as a superstitious art of less-evolved ages long gone. Both the “left-hand path” and its contrary, the “right-hand path” of White Magic, have been cast as actors into the fictional and entertaining cauldron of Harry Potter. The 21st century human (a la human 2.018), being advertised as the most educated and developed yet, and armed with the highest advancements in science and technology, shrugs off any incantation of “magic” (which involves, among many things, a wielding of forces from unseen and immaterial realms), in favor of what can be proven materialistically (via hard, evidence in the physical). Ironically, this disbelief prevents us from perceiving how our day-to-day use of invisible “technology”–such as wireless communication and networking–constitutes some form of “magic”. The practicing of “magic”, though stemming from the non-physical, can involve the use of physical objects, such as talismans, appearing often as medallions or coins infused with “magical” properties. Within America, the Presidential challenge coin presents itself as nothing less than a modern-day talisman.  According to Wikipedia, a challenge coin is “given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale”. (So if you ain’t got no coin, you can’t play the game, ya dig?). Though the use of challenge coins probably began in the Roman Empire, they first became a trend for American presidents starting with Bill Clinton in the 1990’s (  Since then, every president has had a standard challenge coin made with the Presidential Seal on one side and an image of the White House with the president’s name and signature on the other. However, at the close of 2017 we see two new faces (a new Janus?) on the Presidential talisman.

The seal has been broken: the other face of the coin as revealed at the winter solstice of 2017. Image:

The Materialist perspective which dominates 21st century American culture (and upon which I suggest the philosophy of Capitalism–hence, the American economy–is built upon) won’t perceive the Trump Administration’s new token as a challenge or threat that could have any real effects on the physical world (after all, its not a REAL coin, as you can’t buy anything with it. Oh, and as for that imagery on American money–that’s just counterfeit insurance, right?). But alas, to exercise my First Amendment rights, I plead to differ.

In The Secret Teachings of All Ages, philosopher, author, and mystic Manly P. Hall defines Black Magic as “not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art” (Hall 326) . Published in 1928, this hefty tome, which tracks the foundations of ancient wisdom across the globe, was compiled at a time when the study and practice of occult teachings surfaced in Western society after having been underground for centuries. Esoteric knowledge had been the subject of vigorous centuries-long condemnation and suppression, subsequently being “veiled” or hidden so as to insure its survival in a necessarily “underground” environment. This “veiling” was also used to prevent its misinterpretation and misuse. At the turn of the 20th century, much of this knowledge was brought forth by day and compiled (“unveiled” so to speak) by various individuals and practiced by groups and organizations in the Western world. This was not simply material of children’s books. Some used said knowledge for expansive (“good”) purposes, while others for controlling (“evil”) purposes.  It is the use of such knowledge, coded within the language of images and symbols, which renders it Black or White. Black Magic must distort preexisting hierograms for its own self-serving purposes as it “has no symbols of its own” (326). Both sides or both coins, depending on your perspective–black and white–can be forced (and forged) underground, later to resurface at a time better for its respective survival. To quote Hall, black magic has merely passed through a metamorphosis, and although the name be changed its nature remains the same (318).

The original design was perfectly good–why the change of appearances?
Emblem of the Third Reich

It doesn’t take a second glance to notice that the Presidential challenge coin got an entire makeover for 2018. When taking a closer look however we can see that some very specific and drastic alterations were made.  The 50 5-pointed stars representing the 50 states have been removed, leaving only 13, which were originally 9 above the eagle’s head and 4 behind it. The 13 red and white stripes were already there to symbolize the original 13 colonies–but what’s with the four lines on the blue part of the shield? Need I mention that its not even round (not even even!) (can it still be considered a coin?). The classic round “coin” element sits on top of a banner bearing the name of the President. The original banner clasped in the eagle’s beak waving the motto e pluribus unum (out of many, one) is missing. The eagle is now depicted with spread, wide-open wings rising out of a banner bearing the President’s signature; it’s head is now facing to it’s left (East). One look at the Third Reich Eagle emblem makes you wonder if there is a connection.

A basic example of a positive symbol altered for negative means. Image:

And another elephant in the room: the inclusion of the Trump campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” (is that the “challenge”? He’s on a mission, for sure). By the example of the new challenge coin it seems that the Trump Administration is practicing American government in ways which are not usual (to put it simply). Given the definition of Black Magic by Manly P. Hall stated earlier in this article–even if we don’t know the explicit meanings of these alterations–Trump’s new currency feels a lot like the work of left-handed sorcery. Welcome to making America again in 2018.

Were ALL of these swastikas used to denote left-handed governments? Of course not! Image:
Is this symbol inherently “evil” (as may be purported by certain “conspiracy theories”)? Or, like the fate of the ancient trans-cultural Swastika in grip of Nazi agenda, has its original purpose been misinterpreted and perverted in contemporary American culture?

Within this centuries-old cob web of interconnected imagery which weaves humanity’s spiritual DNA, it is, to say the least, a challenge to extract some pearls of Truth. Elements of exchange (i.e. symbols, language, energy)–like the very Force in Star Wars which both evil Sith and good Jedi harness–can be used for good or ill. It becomes a battle in and of itself to separate light from dark, to perceive which usages of symbols represent and promote “goodness” verses “badness”. So it is with money too: it is free energy (no–pun intended!) to be used for good or ill ends. In this same vein of logic, there are two ways to use the spirit of “illumination”, represented in American culture by the All-Seeing Eye of Providence on the dollar (singular) bill. The singular eye, being symbolic of the one singular Force, is “the light of the body…if thine eye be single” (Matthew 6:22). However, within the world of duality appears two opposing forces–two ways to use Magic, classically represented by dark and light.  In this sense it can be posited that there are two forms of “illumined” consciousnesses: light and dark illumination. And I suppose mixing the two creates grey–a sort of confusion and obscurity.

Simple graphic of the original ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus. In black and white terms, this was not an “evil” symbol.
Gaga’s gone grey in her video for “Poker Face”.

So how exactly does this apply to the American “people” for which this democracy was established, aside from the obvious “politics” already mentioned? How does dark illumination overshadow the minds of culturally “educated” Americans? By appearing in their homes on the screen of the false light in the image of entertainment. See what I mean?

Katy Perry in “Dark Horse”. If you really want to find out what’s behind that giant Eye of Horus, look no further than here.

But don’t worry, because Katy assures you in the video for the hit song “This is How We Do” (2014) many times over that “this-is-no-big-deal”. Because apparently, that is how they “do” IT–by assuring the audience that IT (what they “do”) is no big deal.

Youtube screenshot taken at 10:30 am on 12-31-17

So if all of this really is “no big deal”, why did (the makers of) Katy Perry go to such great lengths to create such a clever, elaborate, colorful, catchy and clearly high-budget video? Just to demonstrate that it’s no big deal? That it’s just entertainment, right? Is it also no big deal that the Trump Administration has totally redesigned the Presidential Challenge coin–it’s just a symbolic object, right? It’s not even real money! Money being reala real big deal–right? All of these questions trickle down to one: WHY are these huge organizations–namely, the American music industry and the American government–undertaking endeavors which ultimately utilize specific (and ancient) symbols, images, and objects? Short of opening up another can of worms: in short: imagery functions as a form of programming which influences the spiritual DNA of humanity. And both the music industry and the government know this.

A split-second subliminal shot of DNA in space towards the beginning of Katy Perry’s video “E.T.”
Katy emerges 30 seconds later not exactly looking like a benevolent alien
Katy goes through many transformations (evolutions), none of which look too nice. Here she’s rather reminiscent of the White Witch in the Narnia, don’t you see?

However extravagant and excessive the creators of Katy Perry may get with their occult references, it ultimately does not require foreknowledge (or acknowledgement even) of occult imagery to be influenced by it (the collective unconscious is a starting point of investigation into this logic). Though it is essentially eye-opening to see behind the symbolism of the All-Seeing Eye and its subsequent pervasive perversion in pop culture, an unveiling of the dark side can be had even more simply. Since eyes are considered to be “windows to the soul”, you can potentially see a person’s nature in their eyes–a nature “which remains the same”. Yup, you don’t even have to know about all this “Illuminati Eye” stuff to see the picture:

An all-seeing Argus Tower, in no particular hierarchical order, yet starting at the top: Katy Perry, Melania Trump, Lord Voldemort, Vladimir Putin, Aleister Crowley, Adolf Hitler, Bashar al-Assad, Pope Benedict XVI, Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Emperor Palpatine.

So why is it that Evil is so distinctive looking? In opposition to Materialism, and inline with occult teaching, I assert it is because spirit informs matter. The living, physical manifestation is a shadow, reflection, and result of the invisible the immaterial Force which is inhabiting the body. “Don’t you realize, Evil, lives in the m-f*#%ing skin?” Soiled again!

Skin on skin contact. Dictator Bashar and President Vladimir look really pleased with themselves back in 2006. Btw is that clock solid gold? Image:
Presidents Vladimir and Donald shaking hands in front of a blue bouquet in Hamburg, Germany on 7-7-2017 Image:
Bashar and Vladimir shaking hands over a red and white bouquet on 12-21-17 in Sochi, Russia. Bashar gestures: one moment while we go upstairs and phone Donald. Image:

To bring it back to ever-relevant  and ever-revolving politics for 2018: turns out the friendship between Bashar and Vladimir is over a decade in the making. Both rulers met at the end of November this year to essentially discuss their relationship (setting such a good example!)–and, as various general news sources state, afterwards included Donald in on it via telephone. But wait, what about those missile strikes America launched at Syria on 4-6-17, a move which Russia allegedly condemned? Yet with the headline for an article published 12-11-17 at being, “Trump to Let Assad Stay Until 2021, as Putin declares Victory in Syria”, it’s clear they made some significant real-world progress in solidifying a threesome. After all, what’s better than (a beast) with two heads? One with three! It takes two points to make a line–but three to make a triangle, the triangle being the most basic geometric form for the beginning of a unified creation (need I mention the Eye of Providence again?). As we shall see below, all of this could be configured into some example of the Dragon giving power to the first Beast, who then the second Beast gives breath to (0ver the phone?) in Revelation 13.

The Egyptian goddess Isis. Image:
Katy seems to be giving some kind of breath to some kind of “Dark Horse”…and wait, why is she posing at the goddess Isis? Image:

But wait, we can’t continue without bringing it back to ancient Egypt and contemporary America again in the name of Isis. Before it became known as the acronym for the jihadist militant group (which has now been “politically corrected” to be the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, nee Syria) the name Isis referred to one of the primary goddess of ancient Egypt, out of which a multiplicity of tomes (tombs?) of history, information, and wisdom can be unearthed (meaning, too much to unveil at this point). Exoterically speaking, she is the heroine in the Osiris saga, and is generally considered as the universal mother goddess of magic and wisdom (wikipedia), worshiped in various forms from Egypt, through the Roman Empire, across England to Afghanistan ( In short, her rule has been long, large and wide. Yet all of this sounds a far cry from the ISISI mean ISIL–more commonly known today–could this be a subversion and perversion of the power of the former? And speaking of Egyptian deities in current times, what ever happened to Operation Anubis? The power of a name–a type of “Word”–should not be underestimated.  A superficial Google search on the meanings of the first names of the respective rulers of Syria, Russia, and America yields the following results:

Bashar: bringer of glad tidings; Vladimir: universal ruler; Donald: world ruler

As an imaginative exercise in apocalyptic reasoning, these three rulers could be placed in triangle formation to represent a configuration of the Dragon, the First Beast, and the Second Beast of the end-times trinity. It’s hard to say who would play who, but its worth noting when each of these persons became heads of their respective empires: bringer of glad tidings: 2000; universal ruler: 2012. world ruler: 2017. So now we begin?

This is just one of many configurations that could be imagined if we are to literally interpret Revelation 13 a la 2018. The Middle East, including Syria, is certainly an ancient origin of civilization (if not the origin in this most recent timeline–and that’s not even to mention the oil). Russia certainly has extra-terrestrial “involvement” (to scientifically say the least).  America is…being made great again! (to reiterate the challenge). What about (made in) China? And nuclear North Korea? It looks to me that at this point these nations are the lesser bullies on the playground (and with just the thought of a-bombs, this isn’t a fun or fair playing field). And many might wonder: dude, where’s the Church? Certainly the Papacy has to be playing hopscotch? Certainly, but we can’t forget that the end-times threesome goes against the Holy Trinity which the Church upholds–the Pope has the keys to the kingdom, remember? As Manly P. Hall states when discussing the perversion and subversion of the wisdom of old, the “black magicians…seized the reigns of spiritual government…and began the systematic destruction of all keys to the ancient wisdom” (Hall 315). Even though Trump had a friendly visit with Pope Francis early in his Presidency in May of 2017, this didn’t come across necessarily as a gesture of alliance. A few days before visiting the Vatican, Trump notably paid tribute (notice the note!) to the Western Wall (he really has a thing for walls) in Jerusalem (as can be watched, over and over again if one likes, in this video). Likewise, I don’t perceive the planned construction of the US embassy building in Jerusalem in 2018 as being in unveiled reality a peaceable alliance with Israel, as is advertised. Isn’t there something about a temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem in the 70th week of Daniel–which denotes the time of the end?

With 2 seconds left, is this “The End”? Are you #speechlessinamerica2018? But wait, to “bring the beat back” and quote Katy: “Ha, not me”

What this article has lightly touched upon and aggressively grazed through (perhaps exhausting in its references) is by no means exhaustive of what needs to be unveiled. When taking a peak at this year’s astrological birth chart, the signs that 2018 is going to be a magical year are written (word) in the stars. Because, after all, what has always been “on top of the world” to constantly be watched as a video into the future? The heavenly constellations, of course!