The following statements may be TRUE, FALSE, TRUE/FALSE, and/or FALSE/TRUE
At time of writing I believe they are mostly TRUE

  • Art existed long before money and will continue to exist after it
  • Money need not be concerned with art just as art need not be concerned with money
  • It is up to the individual artist to decide what they are to do; it cannot be dictated by any monetary incentive or need
  • Money disappears as soon as it is exchanged for something tangible. The artist disappears once they make a tangible art form. Art outlives the artist
  • Artists aren’t interested in making money because they are money. Like money, they are nothing in and of themselves–they are only a medium of transference
  • People think they want artists just as they think they want money. Both of these assumptions are delusions. What people want out of money is what it can buy, and what people want out of the artist is art
  • Money can’t buy everything, and the individual artist can’t make all the art in the world
  • Artist and money are simply the means by which what is desired is manifested
  • Money is limited and is meant to be spent to its end. The artist is limited and will live their life to its end
  • What is money if it is not exchanged for something better than itself? What is the artist if they do not create something beyond themselves?
  • Money is only good if spent on good things
  • Artists are only good if they make good art
  • Money and artists are useless as ends
  • Money and artists are useful only as means to ends
  • The end is art

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