Big Bug IV (The Static Fly Paradox)

AS THE IMPENDING HEAT DRAGGED IN the closure of June, I found myself attaining the completion of not only a significant painting, but conclusively a series of paintings which I conceptually began in summer of 2012. Immersed in the rising temperature of summer amplified within the confines of my studio-garage, my activated sweat attracted a buzzing fly as I finalized the last of the Big Bugs series. I was appropriately accompanied by this fly perched delicately on my leg as I applied the last stroke of paint to Big Bug IV at 2:30 PM, June 29th, 2016:

582 Big Bug IV
Big Bug IV / 2016 / oil, acrylic, and India ink on canvas / 44″ x 44″

Simply put, The Static Fly Paradox is a representation of (what I describe as) the quantum (meta)physical idea that something can be both flying in the way of continuous motion, and also fixed–static. Static takes on its own paradoxical double meaning in that it describes something fixed and also something which is in constant, undifferentiated motion (as with T.V. static). The latter form of static literally flies through the air, invisible until it is properly received (much like ideas which are invisible until are ‘received’ into an art-form), and appearing as a substrate of wriggling dots until it is organized into recognizable form. The fly is static in both senses of the term: it is in constant, repetitive yet aimless motion while simultaneously appearing as a fixed, unchanging yet functioning form.

Here are some pictorial anecdotes as to how I channeled the invisible static of pure ideas into a paradoxical static fly:

celeste-m-evans-fly-1celeste-m-evans-fly-7 celeste-m-evans-fly-6celeste-m-evans-fly-2 celeste-m-evans-fly-3 celeste-m-evans-fly-4celeste-m-evans-fly-8582 Big Bug IV

And more fly-spiration:

“Wait a minute, wait a minute! I’m having a fly experience here! Look at this!“:

See the other three Big Bugs here

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