Where Are the Tomato Hornworms When You Need ’em?

THIS SPRING, I built a wooden 8′ x 16′ garden planter, and filled it with home-made compost and decent planting soil. That’s a pretty big canvas for a garden, but not even my life-long plant-growing experience could have prepared me for the monster jungle that has ensued! I am left to inquire: where are the tomato hornworms when you need ’em?

I illustrate the reasoning behind this question with the following photographs:

Isn’t there room for all of us to feast in Paradise?

eggplant flower eggplant squash flower squash

A living cornucopia! Fit for a……….hornworm? As I impatiently await their arrival, at least I have this painting to be fondly reminded of them:

Big Bug I (detail) / 2014 / oil on canvas / 84" x 24"
Big Bug I (detail) / 2014 / oil on canvas / 84″ x 24″

It’s a monster of its own invention

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